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Glasgow - PGDE Primary Interview.....EEEEEKKKKK!

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by petitshorty, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Oh well thats a bit more promising for me! Hopefully I will get some news once this next lot of interviews are done!
  2. Just a quick note to say congrats. I was a student on the post grad a few years ago...I wasn't interviewed until March/April and pretty much the same routine.
    Relax, smile, be yourself. If you don't get through just try again. We all have bad days and there is a lot of competition...it isn't the end!
  3. hi,
    i am just planning my lesson for 5min activity for interview for pgde primary in glasgow and i am wonderng if anyone knows where i could get objectives for planning my lesson. Something like a planning template for the CfE?
  4. I'm going crazy not knowing if I've been successful or not. Had my interview on 24th Feb and some people have been finding out "unsuccessful". I'm trying to stay possitive that no news is good news. But the waiting is killing me!! Argh
  5. Have many people from the 24th been told unsuccessful so far. I am going crazy waiting. I emailed Vicki Stewart asking her if she had any idea when we would find out. She just got back to me saying she hasn't been given any information so far today and she thinks it would be tomorrow at the earliest.
    JSmom how did you find the interview process. I think I look stronger on paper, I came across very nervous I think during my lesson and I have been kicking myself thinking of all the things I could have said at the interview lol! If they are taking this long to decide then I am hoping they are taking everything into consideration, such as our degree, experience etc and not just the three parts of the interview.
  6. FAB NEWS!!! I GOT IN!! Unconditional! Soo excited - won't sleep tonight! Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  7. Me too!!! I am absolutely delighted! I thought by 530 last night that I wouldn't hear anything until Monday and at 5 past 11 last night my application was updated, don't think I've ever been as nervous. Well done USmom on getting in also.
    Laura [​IMG]
  8. I had my interview on the 24th of Feb. I found out last night at 12am that I got in. I AM SOOOOO HAPPY [​IMG]
  9. good luck everyone who was there [​IMG]
  10. Congrats to everyone who got in!! I got an email alert on Friday night to check GTTR but I haven't received any papework from St Andrews confirming offer - has anyone?
    Does anyone know when we start? Timetables etc...?

    Looking forward to meeting you all!

  11. dondons... where did you apply to? Was it Glasgow? I am waiting for a reply from Strathclyde at the min.
  12. Yeah! Got all the official paperwork today from the Uni! Still so excited!!![​IMG]
  13. I have a interview in about two weeks and I was wondering about the mini lesson. In your letter to say you have a interview did it say about the mini lesson? I never knew anything about it and panicking like mad now
  14. Hi Peppa94,
    They have changed the interview process since last year,
    we dont have to do a mini lesson in our interview!
    RELAX :)
  15. Can I just confirm that Glasgow no longer ask for a mini lesson during PGDE Primary interviews. I'm about to apply and just want to make sure.

    Many thanks

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