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Glasgow - PGDE Primary Interview.....EEEEEKKKKK!

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by petitshorty, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Hmmm.... maybe have more places available than initially thought? I would've thought that the 24th will be the last lot of interviews......(although I think they said at my interview on the 6th that there were only 5 or 6 sessions happening over 2-3 weeks?!) Ah well, I suppose it doesn't matter what the circumstances are really - congrats on getting the interview!!
    Best of luck Vik! If you're anything like me, you might kinda enjoy it - easy for me to say now that i've done mine and got a place I suppose! [​IMG]
    Let us know how you get on!
    It'll be nice to know a few folk on the course before starting it!! I'm Kirsty by the way! [​IMG]
  2. Congratulations to all of you that have a place!!
    I've got an interview on the 24th Feb 9am so getting really worried since spaces are now being allocated!
    Maybe someone can let me know, were any of the lessons you saw similar? I'm worried they think I've copied someone elses, especially since maths games can be similar.
    Some of you mention the evaluation and that you can take in notes, I don't understand what the notes would be for since you're evaluating what you've just done. Can anyone explain that?
    Hopefully I'll get through and meet some of you next year - fingers crossed!!

  3. Hi USmom,
    In my group, nobody else even did maths as a topic. You'll probably find that people will be really keen to try and think outside of the box so will tend to stay away from things they might find too obvious. But I did a maths game and it went really well. The likelihood of somebody in your group of 5/6 doing exactly the same lesson idea as you is pretty slim I would imagine.
    The evaluation isn't just to critique your performance - you also have to write about your preparation etc.....I think that's maybe where people took notes in. That bit is by far the easiest bit of the day!! :)
  4. reading all these posts im worried that most of the places will be filled!
    just wondering in relation to lesson plans what is the format in scotland?

  5. Congrats to all who got a place. Just wondering how they work it out when there are still interviews to be done. Oh well I suppose I can only concentrate on my interview. Good to know there are others going on the 24th Feb! Maybe there will only be a few of us on that day, hopefully!!!
  6. Two of my mates that went on the 11th have been offered! I went on the 6th and still no news! Their surnames start Mc and mine is C, maybe they are doing it backwards alphabetically!
    Congrats to all who got places!
  7. Any news yet, Peewee1981?
  8. This waiting is driving me mad! I thought that more people would have heard today.
  9. Nada! Have managed to keep away from track most of the day as my 9 month old is ill with a flu bug, up all night vomitting etc. Been to the docs with him so I know hes going to be ok. I stink of baby sick! I'm shattered. Got college tonight for INT2 Maths and soooo cant be bothered. Got a two year old that needs occupying too! Argh!
    A wee bit of good news would be nice. Will keep you posted!
  10. Think I've checked track about 20 times today! I had my interview on the 6th and wasn't expecting to hear back for a few weeks but I'm now really worried since people have been getting their offers through.
    Does anyone know if there is any order in when we'll hear back?
    Well done to everyone that got a place[​IMG]
  11. Well, it's any help - i had my interview on the afternoon of the 6th and got the update on track at around 11pm on the 18th........someone suggested that there might be an alphabetical order thing going on?! My surname is McCreath though so i'm not sure if that's right.

  12. Hmm I think there must be as anyone I have heard of getting updated are all M surnames! (im a C surname). I emailed the administrator at the uni this morning to basically beg for an update! She got back to me saying that she hasnt got the paperwork back from the academics yet? Strange though as someone who was in my group at the AM session on the 6th has had her unsuccessful already. Maybe I am in a 'maybe' pile? [​IMG]
    Who knows! I was hoping not to be biting my nails all weekend but it looks like I am going to be!
  13. Hey everyone.. If it's any help to you guys my surname begins with B and I got my offer through on the 18th so maybe rather than it being in order it could be at random? ... Not sure but just thought I'd let you guys know. Oh & my interview date was the 11th of January!

    Lots of luck again to you all [​IMG]
  14. It might be that they have told a small number of definite "yeses", all the definite "No's" , and will let the "possibles" know after they get their final numbers from the Scot Exec decision in Feb? That would mean that at this stage no news is good news? Either that or its random!
  15. I think you are probably right.....my interviewer told our group that you are graded for your mini lesson, evaluation and interview. They total the points and you are either highly suitable, suitable, a possible or a definite no. I think that no news at this point is good news. I also think that UWS waits until Glasgow and Strathclyde have theirs out the way.
    Good luck everyone who is still waiting!

  16. I think that might be right, definate yes and no find out early. Remember there is still the third round of interviews on the 24th Feb. so might wait to do all the final yes students at the same time. Def think no news is good news.Does anyone know if there are any other dates for interviews scheduled?
  17. Not sure about other interviews. People who were asking for advice.....I was very nervous but they really put you at ease. It is not a painful experience. I did a phonics lesson which involved a game. Remember to introduce yourself to the class and tell them what you are going to do. Lots of praise and encouragement. My game was really simple and I got a place. I was very upbeat and smiled a lot. The evaluation you can prepare for by writing your evaluation up to the point you critique the lesson. The individual interview is not bad. You should know...
    Why do you want to teach?
    What skills you can bring to the job?
    Challenges that you might face?
    I can't remember the rest...bit of a blur....but nothing really on current educational issues. I studied loads of CfE, inclusion, AIFL etc, etc but only touched on it briefly. I would say my best advice would be to try and make a connection with the interviewer. As a teacher you need to make a connection with your class...seemed to work for me!

    Good luck,
    ps hi to everyone else....and see you in August!
  18. Thanks Angela, that is a lot of good advice! Hopefully I will get a place - fingers crossed!!
  19. Hello,
    I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the PGDE Biology interview at Glasgow? Or any other secondary subjects for that matter.

    (With regards to how many spaces are going, 80/90 depending, is that specifically for Primary?)

    Was anyone asked about their degree/dissertations?

    I've got my interview on the 26th. :D Apprehension!
  20. Hi everyone... I was told the same as Angela... Your graded on each part of your interview & then your put onto a group as to how suitable you are, therefore this is why I think it could be all the 'yes' & 'no' told sooner! Hope all you guys that still haven't heard get the news your looking for [​IMG] ... a teacher gave me this advice for my interview: think & act like a teacher from beginning to end! I did & I got a place! Best of luck!

    Ps. Angela I think you may have been the lady I got the lift with & sat next to? ...I had blonde hair and a navy blouse on. My name was Laureen? If so congratulations & see you in august! [​IMG]

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