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Glasgow - PGDE Primary Interview.....EEEEEKKKKK!

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by petitshorty, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm doing mine tomorrow too. I'm a bit of a bag of nerves at the moment but I'm guessing we all are.
    Best wishes to everyone too. Fingers crossed for all of us.
    P. x
  2. Hi,
    Sorry to make you worry! No they just asked three things within the one sentence so that by the time I had covered the first item I'd forgotten the other two things and had to be promted. It was what are your skills abilities and experience. That just killed me off right away! Know I have flunked it, just waiting on my rejection! At least I know its coming!
    Good luck to all of you going tomorrow.
  3. I had mine yesterday too, and Angela is absolutely right! Its all abit of a blur now. It was all very relaxed and I enjoyed it. I was really impressed by the lessons I sat through but feel I stuttered and raced through mine. The interview did not involve anything on Cof E or current educational news and I had spent weeks researching. I have no idea how they will choose, as everyone seemed articulate, confident and well prepared. I met some lovely people too. Good Luck to everyone!
  4. Hello
    Yeah Shesav im the same. I came out happy enough most people were great and so little places. Just want to know now.. ha driving myself mad.. did they say yday when ye would know by?
  5. I had mine yesterday too. Think it went pretty well.too. I was a bag of nerves going in but calmed down quickly.
    In our session yesterday they said it would be around 4 weeks before we hear anything as they're still awaiting confirmation of exactly how many places there would be. They said that they expected it would be around 95 though which is more than I expected.
    Good luck everyone.
  6. Hi Lorna....not sure how the interview went at all...but apart from the nerves it was an enjoyable experience! Fingers crossed and good luck everyone...

  7. Hi everyone,
    I also recently had my interview for Glasgow PGDE Primary - has anyone heard anything?
    I know they indicated around 3-4 weeks before we had heard anthing but looking at other forums I see that in previous years; some people found out a few days after their interview. As well as my friend who is on the course this year - she was interviewed on the Tuesday and new by Friday.
    I am so anxious - I suppose we're all the same eh?
    L x
  8. Yes im defo the same.. Trying not to be obsessive about checking track ha but still manage to log in twice a day just in case... Would love to just know.. Been a week since my interview now so assuming another few weeks.... The suspense is killing me.. Just wanna know either way ha!!
  9. Me too!! I've been logging on when I can, just incase! Exactly what the tutors told us not to do, I suppose it shows how much we care?!

    Does any of you guys have any idea how many places there is? I don't remember anyone telling me at my interview.

    L x
  10. Has anyone heard yet? I know that they said one month but I think if they really want you they tell you as soon as possible! I am starting to think I messed up the interview.....there were some really great people in my group! Oh well.....there is always next year! [​IMG]

  11. Hey ANGELAJANE72 no I've not heard anything yet. Have you or anyone else?? That will be a week past tomorrow my interview was. They did indicate like 3-4 weeks but I thought we would have found out much sooner. Oh fingers crossed for us eh? Do any of you guys know how many places there is? I wasn't actually told at my individual interview & have seen so many different things. Hopefully hear soon as I'm checking gttr constantly! Ahhh!
  12. Hi,
    I havent heard anything yet either. I am checking track ALL the time. I feel so pathetic as I know I havent got in! I even checked last night! Just want to know so I can move on! Read things on here saying people found out within days.
    My interviewer said there was going to be 95 places but they were still waiting on confirmation of that. Not sure when the goverment decides on the places as I guess when that is officially released to the public then the uni will make their offers.
    Does anyone know where we can find out that info? Just phone Holyrood or something?!
  13. Oh no heard of 2 ppl who got in..
    Mine still says interview..
    Not looking good..:(
  14. My friend heard she got in this morning. I cant take this!
    I emailed the uni to ask how long before they had updated GTTR and she said that they now have until 14th Feb to update it. I'd have thought it wouldnt take 6 weeks to update 200 odd applications? I thought they might have had a smarter system where they input all the info and then it updates all at once instead of doing it in dribs and drabs.
    Oh well!
  15. No way.... Oh no.. yeah im on edge now.. ha im assumming cuz first round offers are been handed out its not looking to good...
    Yeah in fairness its hardly gonna take 6 weeks I wonder can they tell you over the phone?
  16. Oh god, I just logged into track and the bit that is normaly bright red saying reply to offers is light grey, like the link has been disabled! What does that mean!!! Still says interview.
    Im going insane!!!!
  17. Just checked my track and same as you guys still says interview. I'm freaking out, the process is so long! Have any of you phoned? L x
  18. Im not going to phone. If they have 200+ applications sitting in no particular order then I guess they wont be able to tell you over the phone easily. Aw man!
  19. I know.. I think i need to step away from the computer and come back tomorrow.. ha dont feel attaching myself to the computer for the next couple of weeks.. :(
    Havent rang might in a couple of days if i havent heard.
    Light grey.. maybe that means they are processing your application now..
    Has anyone heard of people gettin unsuccessful offers back?
  20. Yeah true! Is the applications in a particular order or do they simply work through them? I think that's a hood idea iregirl lol I'm gonna do that - I've got the link up constantly on my phone! Ugh I really hope I'm successful! I've not heard of anyone having an unsuccessful responce - I only know of 2 people being accepted simply because of checking this, I don't personally know them. Do any of you?

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