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Glasgow - PGDE Primary Interview.....EEEEEKKKKK!

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by petitshorty, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    Looks like everyone's been busy preparing! There's not much we can do now but try and relax.

    I'll be there in the 9 o'clock interview. I'm wearing a purple dress - I did try and find something professional and serious looking, but it's just not me!

    Good luck everyone and try and sleep well!

  2. Good luck to all of you! You all seem well prepared and the 6th of january is a lucky day it is the epifinia.....fingers crossed!
  3. Im not wearing polka dots now! Its a grey jumper for me!
    Ooh, hope its lucky for all of us!
    Off to bed now, to TRY and sleep!
  4. how did everyones interview go? I thought it went okay but feel I could have added a lot more in the interview and got a little tongue tied at points. I was dissapointed to hear that there may only be 80 places again this year.
  5. Mine was rotten. I am not hopeful at all. There was so much i didnt get to say. I thought the questions were rubbish. The first one was three in one! I only managed to mention i had two skills! I have loads! I did a load of waffling. Really disappointed my nerves got the better of me. Oh well, at least its over!
  6. Might not be as bad as you think. I'm terrible for putting myself down after interviews. I always remember all the things I should have said.
    I've got mine on Tuesday. I've been studying it for ages but really nervous about it. Do you have any tips? Did they ask lots of stuff about CfE or teaching trends? It's my biggest bugbear at the moment. The information on it on the websites is very dry and hard to digest. It's driving me crazy trying to take it in [​IMG].
  7. I am sure it wasn't as bad as you think.....what do you mean 'three in one' as in mind, body and soul or is this some concept I have never heard of....now I am really worried!!!
    What questions did they ask? Could you take in notes to the lesson evaluation....I am really nervous....mine is on Tuesday!!
  8. Hi again,
    I'd be interested to know how long the interview part lasted too if anyone can help.
  9. hey everyone..

    I have my interview on tues...im so nervous about sick at the thought of it!!i would also love to know how long the interview is and what kind of questions they asked!!

    agggh im scared :(
  10. Hi everyone
    I had my interview thursday 1pm
    It was actually grand so dont worry. The staff are all really lovely and once your in and see everyone is in the same boat you'll relax.
    Teaching activity is fine.. Just make sure you time it to within the time frame cause one girl in my group went over and she just stopped her.
    How did everyone else find it?

  11. Thanks for that Iregirl. Do you know how many folk were being interviewed in your time slot?
  12. Oh i flew over so I dunno ha..sorry.. let me know how everyone gets on..
    Fingers crossed i'll be seeing you in August.. :)
  13. thanks "iregirl" puts mind at ease a bit...
    cant believe there is only 80 places!!!

    best of luck ne ways :D
  14. Ok thanks anyway....so can I ask another question then?? What about the individual interview....was it tricky? And the lesson evaluation....how long did you get? Can you have notes for it?
  15. Yes what a nightmare right enough....3 or 4 weeks!
    I am quite looking forward to Tuesday and the interview....what will be, will be eh? There are only so many places and they have to make a choice so there is nothing we can really do about it...I am constantly answering possible questions out loud in the supermarket and things....and practicing my lesson! Have used my two children as guinea pigs....they could probably come and teach the lesson for me on Tuesday!
    Petit shorty really girly question but what did you wear?
    Anyway good luck everybody!

  16. Thanks for everyone's pointers. It helps!
    Angela, regarding parking, I park around there from time to time as my hairdresser is on Woodlands Road. I think with most of that area you have a maximum of three hours on the meter. For that reason I'm not driving in case we go over that time. I don't want to be flapping about a parking ticket during my interview.
    Good luck and maybe see you Tues morning. I'm wearing a suit style dress.
  17. Thanks Lorna....I think my hubby is going to drop me off as I am not the best of parkers and apparently it's difficult to find a spot! How is your studying going?
  18. Reading up on CfE at the moment! Bought a TES yesterday. How about you?
  19. Trying my best but keep getting distracted by facebook[​IMG]
    CfE...there is so much info on it...that it's overwhelming! How much are we actually expected to know? What do you think they will ask?
  20. I wore a chiffon sleevless blouse thingy and a dark grey tulip skirt - with my signature whacky tights (black with white lovehearts!) There was a real mixture of how folk were dressed though. i think i saw a woman wearing crocs!

    Don't sweat the CfE stuff too much - during MY interview anyway, it wasn't specifically mentioned! I assume it's good to bring it up seeing as it's a huge deal within Scottish Education but I wasn't asked to list the 4 capacities or anything. As long as you're fairly up to speed on the state of the current Scottish Education system and any major issues at the moment, you'll be grand. All the rest is just why you want to teach and basic things like that.

    But honestly, the interview bit is really fine - totally laid back and just like a chat! And the written evaluation thingy is absolutely nothing at all - I think they just want to see that you're not delusional about your performance and that you can write in sentences! :) The lesson bitty was the thing that stressed me out most - think petrified multiplied by 734! But looking back on it, it's all a blur now to be honest! :)

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