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Glasgow - PGDE Primary Interview.....EEEEEKKKKK!

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by petitshorty, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Anyone else slightly petrified by the prospect of their interview?!?!

    To be honest, I really didn't expect to get an interview so terrified levels are high, I repeat, terrified levels are high!! :s

    Words of wisdom anyone? Moral support? :)
  2. Anyone else slightly petrified by the prospect of their interview?!?!

    To be honest, I really didn't expect to get an interview so terrified levels are high, I repeat, terrified levels are high!! :s

    Words of wisdom anyone? Moral support? :)
  3. I just found out this morning I have an interview with Glasgow for Primary after logging into track for the first time! Then my post arrived and I read what to expect! I am so excited as I thought I wouldnt get to this stage but also very nervous. Got my thinking cap on already!
    Words of wisdom would be simply to prepare, prepare, prepare!
  4. Hi, I found out about the interview a couple of weeks ago, so have had two weeks of biting my nails down to the quick...We'll just have to be nice and supportive to each other, especially during the mini lesson. When is your interview and is it the morning or afternoon session?
  5. Congratulations!
    Mine is the morning session on the 6th Jan.
  6. I think my biggest worry is the mini lesson.......it would be so rubbish to have other people in your group do the same idea!!!!
    I'm the 6th January in the afternoon - look out for me, I'll be the short blonde girl with a trembling bottom lip!! [​IMG]
  7. Hi,
    Congrats to you both. My interview is on 11 Jan in the morning. The worrying thing is trying to fit a lesson into 5 mins that incorporates everything the interviewers are looking for and actually teaching something. I think the lesson is first so it'll be good to get that out of the way. From what I've understood, we then need to write about our lesson??? Keep in touch over next few weeks for moral support!
  8. Congrats to you all getting word about interviews.
    I am still waiting to hear.
    I sent my application mid Nov and was quite quickly asked for my transcripts to be sent which I did by end Nov. I still haven't heard anything. When did you send your application in to have heard about interviews? Getting really nervous!!
  9. Hi USmom, I sent my application at the beginning of November. Maybe the delay for you is the transcripts. I didn't need to send anything as I'd already studied at Glasgow and they had all my details. I'm sure they must be interested if the've asked for transcripts. Keep in touch and good luck!
  10. Thanks very much. This is a great help.
  11. That's fab - thanks GlasgowGirl! I help out with a local Rainbows group and in a local Primary school so I'm fairly used to presenting to wee ones......but i'm pretty sure it'll be a different kettle of fish doing an exercise on adding up to 10 with 5 or 6 twentysomethings! [​IMG]
    The timing is a bit of a worry for me, because I'm a chatterbox extraordinaire (even more so when I'm nervous!!!) But I think I have my exercise idea sorted out in my head....which I guess is a good place to start! Need to sort out my resources too - I wish I could have a glamorous assistant to help sort out my props (maybe Zac Efron or someone inteligent looking like that! [​IMG])
    It's tricky to know what you're allowed to assume - I mean, I'm doing my exercise aimed at First level, probably the latter half of P1/P2 and I know from my work with wee ones that adding up to 10 is something that the majority can do at that age......Does anyone know if it's ok for your "learning experience" to assume that the kids have prior knowledge, or do you have to actually TEACH something entirely to them?
  12. Hi Petitshorty,
    I think it's really hard to teach something from scratch in five minutes, so I'll certainly be making assumptions that they've prior knowledge of what I plan to teach. I think I'll mention that at the beginning of the lesson as well as the age I'm targeting.
  13. Good luck everyone that has their interviews tomorrow! I have mine on the 11th....let us know how it went.....
  14. Hi,
    I have mine on the 6th at 9am and I am just sorting my lesson stuff. My laminator is in a clear box at the bottom of the wardrobe with a hundred other things on top! I can see it but cant reach it! Argh! Guess I am going to have to empty it out! Boo!
    Does anyone know if you can take notes into the written excercise? I have written my evalutation up to the point I deliver the lesson but also have notes on areas I want to cover in my evalution of the lesson itself. Hoping I dont have to memorise them as it would be nice to be able to take them in, just bullet point type stuff. What is everyone else doing?
  15. Hi!

    I have my interview tomorrow morning aswell at 9am. I'm so nervous about the mini lesson, I'm doing it on edinburgh castle aimed at about primary 4/5 I think. Im just worried that this isnt the kind of lesson they are looking for, but nothing I can do about it now. What are you oing for your lesson?

    Also trying to get a coherent answer on curriculum for exellence put together as I suspect that will come up! And its the one im most worried about!

  16. Hi,
    Im doing a health and wellbeing lesson to primary 2 (I think) on sorting different foods into red amber green. Im going to lead into it assuming my 'class' and I spoke about new year resolutions the day before and that one we chose was being more healthy. Just doing my visuals just now, so nervous and havent slept for days. I really want this!
    Someone told me on another thread that they never asked about CfE!
    I really think the topic as such isnt as important as how you deliver and interact and communicate with the class. Edinburgh Castle sounds good - I dont know anything about it!
  17. I thought they might ask Cfe in conjunction with current educational issues - "What are the current educational issues in Scotland type question" but if they dont that would be amazing. What do you reckon the questions will be like then? Just the why do you want to teach etc?

    Your topic sounds amazing, I was going to do something similar on fruit and describing words but changed my mind at the last minute. Im basically giving a lesson on Edinburgh castle, and then going to get the pupils to stick on labels to the corresponding part of the castle, like where the guns goes etc!

    Good luck, might see you tomorrow!
  18. Hello,

    I have my interview tomorrow (6th) at 9am as well. Pretty nervous as I was in london for a week there, and kinda left all preparation till last minute. I didnt actually prepare for written exercise which is slightly worrying me now. Didnt really know what i could prepare. Any tips on what you have done??
    I am doing times tables in my lesson. gonna get to play some times tables bingo and stuff!! was hoping to use flip chart, but hope that i will get time outside 5 minutes to write things on it. Read up on CfE, but not to knowledgeable on other recent educational issues.

    Think at the end of the day, you just have to show a degree of confidence and ability to stand up and interact smoothly.

    Hope to see you all tomorrow. Good luck
  19. If they dont ask about what we know of it directly then I guess we can show our knowledge of it in the example question you gave.
    I think general stuff like why you want to teach, a good and bad teacher you have had, what skills you have, how to control behaviour. I'm just writing down answers to any question I can think of so that if asked I can remember writing them down as so I can give a sensible answer rather than trying to think on the spot.
    Oh thanks, its pretty basic but it gets accross what I want to show about myself.
    I wondered how you would involve the class, that sounds fun and interactive.
    Yes, good luck to you. I think I am going to wear a cream with black polke dot top, so look out for me and say hello!
  20. hi!
    Times tables, I am rubbish at them! Good going with a maths topic though, sounds like fun with the bingo thing. Yeah I am sure they will give us time to 'set up' our class (I hope they do!)
    I have only prepared in so much that I have written a structure based on the points they said we will be assessed on in our interview letter so at least I know I am attempting to cover all the points.
    Yes confidence, enthusiasm, communication etc etc.
    Good luck to you too.

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