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Glasgow PGDE 2012 interview

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by susanr01, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you all :) and well done to those who have heard....looking forward to meeting you all in September
  2. i just looked at the gttr home page as well, echristie. HOW ANNOYING!!! i feel quite resentful that i now have to wait 3/4 days to actually hear! you'd have thought glasgow would just send out their offers in one go, not scatter them here and there. im quite upset really, i've been dying to know and it's kind of unfair to now hear that loads of people have their answers, but we have to wait a bit longer to hear! :( :(
  3. just had a thought - and i'm not sure anyone will know the answer, but - are the emails sent by the GTTR about a change in your application automated? i'm hoping that just because nobody is in the gttr office today, glasgow can change your application online or something, and then an email might be automatically generated?
    clutching at straws ! :/
  4. Hey kittynest, i'm thinking that the emails sent must be generated from info Glasgow Uni feed into the system as they are being sent at random times in the day and night. Hopefully then the fact that the office staff are out today won't hold back your reponse as another weekend waiting is awful! Good luck....:)
  5. Well, there I was preparing for another weekend of endlessly playing out the interview in my head and thinking of a plan B when I just received an email from the GTTR and lo and behold I'm in! Conditional upon getting 'a degree'...didn't say what classification but I suppose it'll be based on my predicted classification.
    Anyway I feel very privileged to be in the 90 selected. Yay. Can't wait to start now! Will look forward to meeting all of you in Sept. :) x
  6. Me too! So glad not to have to wait until Monday!
    Does anybody know when the course actually starts? I thought it was August, but there are a lot of Septembers floating around on here! Just wanting to check so I can sort out some summer work!

  7. I just got an e-mail too, conditional offer, so happy, see you all in august!!! xxxx
  8. well done everyone.....glad the wait is over for most of us! For those of you still waiting, hopefully it will not be too long now!
    See you all soon,
    Pauline x

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