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Glandular Fever - blood test results

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Linda555, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Linda555

    Linda555 New commenter

    Yes my daughter (17) had glandular fever last year. They didn't call us and wouldn't give the results to me, because my daughter is over 16, and she was nervous about ringing for the results herself. If you have it, you are likely to feel very tired for a long time, and need to make sure you rest whenever you feel tired and really take care of yourself. She was in the 6th form which was good, because she could sign herself out and go home when she needed to, but bad because she missed a lot of work. Brace yourself for the fact that a blood test is not necessarily conclusive, if they do it too early, it won't show, if they do it too late, it also won't show[​IMG]. Eventually after 2 inconclusive blood tests, the GP decided that she did have GF, which meant they could issue appropriate sick notes to the school and exam boards. Good luck - fingers crossed for you.
  2. Thanks Linda. The doctor did say the test might come back inconclusive. Hope your daughter is better now.
  3. Yes I had a nasty bout of glandular fever that has never quite gone. They phoned me as soon as the results came through for the mono spot. X
  4. Thanks for your reply Rokens. What is the mono spot? Is that the standard blood test for GF? The doctor didn't mention that.
  5. Took me years to get over glandular fever, in fact I still think I am affected by it. Nasty business!
  6. I had it before my A levels and was really ill for many weeks. Not nice. It then recurred when I was in college but not so badly.

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