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Given Up Teaching - Getting rid of resources

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sparrowcat, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    After a traumatic year of anxiety and illness I have given up teaching - I am in the process of listing hundreds of resources as job lots on Ebay, if you would like to have a look ( or make me an offer) please contact me. Not expecting to get too much for them, but have to find some money to help us out as we are in severe financial straits now.

    My Ebay User name is Hicce.

    Thanks for reading this,
  2. Hi sparrowcat.
    Sorry to hear that you're giving up teaching.
    I've had a look at your listings and was wondering whether you would prefer to wait to see how much you can get for the books on auction, or whether you'd be prepared to accept an offer for all of them.
    I'll be starting my PGCE at Brookes in September so am keen to get as many ideas for activities as possible.
    Sarah x
  3. Another plea to sell them seperately/post them - I'm in the west midlands (so not a hundred miles away) but know we can't really afford the petrol to come pick these up, and would be interested in several of the titles.
    I know its a hassle, but you would get more from them if a) you split them up a bit and b) listed them all out (plus you can make a little on the postage as well if you are set on going through Ebay).
    Can you let us know what you would want for a BIN for the History bundle, might be able to squeeze some money out of my head, as I've just taken this area over in school, and it's pretty poorly resourced at the moment.
    Let us know :)
  4. I've stuck them all on my watch list. Not too far away so will keep an eye on them.
  5. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for looking - If anybody wants to make me an offer, please send me a message and I'll consider it. Alternatively, email me on sparrowcat@ntlworld.com

    The reason I am selling them in bundles is because, emotionally, I need to get this all over with as soon as possible, so don't want them hanging around for months while I list them individually. Those of you that are interested, but live too far away, I am sure we can sort out a courier - haven't sold much on Ebay before so need to work out how to organise one!

    I have added a few more bundles today including a load of Belair books and will put the rest on this evening.


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