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Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Lilyofthefield, May 13, 2010.

  1. That sounds better. Hope it helps keep your head up through the next little while.
  2. Hi Lily,
    I don't know you (but think I killed a thread you were on, one rioja'd night recently, :D). Just wanted to add to the good wishes. The bit between knowing something's up and treatment starting is definitely the worst - once people start 'doing stuff' you go with it. Sounds like your 'team' is on the ball. Probably too late to say "Step away from the Internet!!!" but...remember that you aren't a statistic and everyone is different.
    People can struggle to cope with news like this and don't always behave as you'd expect - I lost a couple of 'friends'. Others have been really great. Don't get bogged down in it if it happens (tho feel a bit daft suggesting that to you!). They'll come round. Or they won't.
    Chin up and take it a step at a time (cancer is great for dusting off the cliches!) - try not to let your imagination run away with itself.
    Take carex
  3. [​IMG]
    OK but it doesn't taste very nice.
    Hahahahahaha couldn't resist.
  4. That's not such a bad idea lily - but the handwipes. hospital toilets are sooooo dirty. I had a private room once and had constant diarrhoea. I saw the cleaning lady do my toilet, then my sink with the same jey cloth.
    someone brought me in jif wipes and I'd do the whole lot after she was gone.
    When I had to use the communal tpilets, I used handwipes as soon as I got back to the bed, before I could touch it, or any of my own stuff.
    Will you be able to eat afterwards? I'm not quite sure what they are doing to you - have they told you yet?
  5. No, Wednesday afternoon I should know more.
    When I was a student I had a job cleaning a large teaching hospital in Leeds. One shift pattern involved laying and serving the patients' breakfast, clearing up after, doing the bedside cabinets and water jugs, taking the tea trolley round, clearing up after it and then on to cleaning the toilets, the kitchen area and buffing the corridor. For those duties, one cloth was provided. On the second day I asked my supervisor where the cloths were for cleaning the toilets and she indicated that I had received my cloth allocation. I pointed out that ahe couldn't possibly be expecting me to use the same cloth for the lavatories as the kitchen and she called me her little Princess, and told me to make sure I rinsed it out well in hot water and disinfectant between jobs.
    That was 1980.
  6. No it wasn't, it was 1978.
  7. That's a bit of a wait to find out what they are going to do with you - so you've no idea how much they're taking out, or how long you'll be in for.
    Have you got a load of nighties/PJs?
    Don't forget flip flops for the shower.

  8. Or antibacterial hand gel....
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    For my last couple of trips to surgery - and for my son's stay and my daughter having her son etc etc - I've packed antibacterial hand gel, antibacterial wipes for humans and flash wipes (or similar) for surfaces.
    I consider them to be essentials now for hospital stays of any sort but crucial for any stays involving surgery. The last thing you need is a hospital based infection.
  10. Good thinking, team. After feeling mildly cheered yesterday, I was mildly gutted today to discover that Tuesday is the benign clinic and Wednesday is the cancer clinic. Was rather hoping the appointment was going to start "Well we've had a closer look at the biopsy and it seems it's just a harmless lump of fat after all......"
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Other requirements...
    ipod ready loaded with music you find particularly relaxing - I don't own one but I borrowed my daughter's when I got my hip done (both times). She very kindly loaded it up with music she'd never listen to, although she did find that she rather likes Jack Jones. :-D The headphones are handy for masking the bedlam that is a hospital ward at any time of the day or night - once your compos mentis it will drive you nuts
    a couple of REALLY easy read books - you can't concentrate on them before the op and it'll be a wee while before you feel up to reading them but reading the same first page repeatedly gives you some indication of progress as you'll know you're getting a wee bit better when you're ready for page 2
    easy access nightwear - okay you have the hospital gown initially but with them poking you around after the op you don't want to be hitching and pulling the wrong pjs or nightshirt
    moisturiser and hand cream - the bloody starch in the sheets plays havoc with your skin, as does the heat and get the more intimate of your visitors to rub cream on your heels!
    eye mask!!! Once they wean you off the drugs that knock you out it's a pig of a job getting to sleep when it's NEVER dark! It also signals 'sod off, I don't want to talk' to the ward gossip.
    If you're a coffee drinker take some with you - my hospital only provides tea and hot water, no coffee at all.
    Unless you tell me to button it I'll post more suggestions as I think of them.
  12. bloody hell - how could I forget the eyemask? Best bit of kit.
    I also had one of those v shaped pillows that you see old people reclining on in sunday supplements, because hospital pillows are shi.t.
    What about some dry shampoo and facial wipes?
  13. God no, all brilliant suggestions!
  14. Sorry if this has already been suggested, but when I was in hospital, all the pillows had rubber casings under the linen and made me unbearably, weepingly hot. I couldn't move due to c-section and complications, so it felt like I was actually in hell.

    Therefore, take your own pillows!
  15. joli2

    joli2 New commenter

    You're not allowed to now due to bringing in possible infections.At least in the hospital I attend.
  16. Can't take own pillows into my local hospital either- couldn't take flowers, cards or food in either.
  17. Really?? Good grief. Rubber pillow hell it is then.
  18. You can't take pillows but you can take a hand towel to slide between plastic nastiness and pillowcase... that's how I survived.
    Baby wipes are great to freshen up when you can't get to the bathroom.
    You can use the end of bed alcohol swab and tissues to wipe over surfaces.. or get a visitor if you are worried.
    If you don't like hospital water to drink.. take some squash... they always seemed to want me to drink gallons and it makes it less yeurgh when its been standing for a while.
    A cheap mobile phone and credit.... sneaky texts can be sent... the ward I was on actually let us use phones.. and on a previous ward mum was on having spent ages watching nurses chat on the phones i gave her my phone.
    Be careful with flip flops if they make you wear those highly un sexy hospital support socks toe post can be hard wear.. so maybe some rubber soled slippers. I also find a small torch helpful if i dont want the blaring bed lamp when rummaging.
    The air is really dry so some 'suckable' sweets might be useful.
    A bottle of perfume or small spray boottle of febreze.. just in case you are next to the little old lady that uses the commode regularly and is determined to get her moneys worth.

  19. [Lily consults savings account to consider private room with air-con]
  20. Urgghh just got letter with "Fast-track" printed on the top of it and advice that as surgery might be immediately indicated to bring along the stuff for a pre-op assessment. I daresay it's a standard letter but still grrrrrrrrrr.


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