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Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Lilyofthefield, May 13, 2010.

  1. Huh! Just when you think your day can't get any crapper, your period starts!
    Although I was rather hoping for a duodenal ulcer and a packet of pills, it does make me slightly relieved that I wasn't imagining this not very painful pain. Because it didn't fit the profile of the usual common complaints e.g. when I press on the area, it feels like the organ underneath is bruised - if you have an ulcer on the lining of your stomach, it feels definitely "internal", whereas this derives from the muscle layer and pokes out as well as in IFSWIM; and it doesn't hurt at the times you'd expect an ulcer to hurt, I think the doctor thought I was making something out of not much.
    Moral: don't neglect stuff that doesn't go away. I could kick myself now for not having the endoscopy last October when he offered it. I thought I'd try the less unpleasant blood test, pills and scan first!
  2. I think most people would do the same -it was an unusual result, after all. And you might well find, like I did, that a delay made no difference. I beat myself up well and proper for not having checked myself better, managed to completely overlook a big lump which symmetrially just wasn't right -just thought it was part of me... but in the long run it didn't matter.
    I'd never heard of GIST. Looks like you have it young, so you should recover quicker than usual. I imagine your first reaction was to remember Elaine- she had the most incredible run of bad luck, that is NOT what normally happens!
    too bad about the HRT! I hope they let you keep it. Perhaps you can get it in a patch instead? I was starting to get very envious of you.... It'll be free now, see the very worried thread for recent info on prescriptions (ask for full receipts for a startoff) -it's an ill wind....
    I won't say 'don't panic'. As I've said before, you visit a lot of dark places at first before logic and a measure of common sense returns. Must be survival instincts that make you do all that for some reason. But that feeling of being out of control does recede once wheels start turning.
    Best of luck for a quick and efficient sort-out of your innards, Lily.
    non x
  3. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

    Gosh, lily, sorry to hear about this, and,as another poster has noted, after all the crapola surrounding the HRT. Thinking of you, and all the very best. (sympathetic yet chin-up emoticon).
  4. Thanks all. I have calmed down a bit today!
  5. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    Have another firm handshake Lily


    You can fight this off and be back to Weight watchers in no time :)
  6. I'm not worried about fighting it off. I'm worried about it coming back with some of its big mates :)
  7. joli2

    joli2 New commenter

    One step at a time Lily.
  8. lily i don't know what to say, what a shock. i had never heard of this before; i hope they get it sorted for you soon.
  9. Neither has my GP. At least he admitted it.
  10. angel09

    angel09 New commenter

    Sorry to hear this L. Just want to give you a big (((((hug))))).
    From experience I think it is better to know what it is and it is not in your head! Still not pleasant but share your ups and downs will help. x
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Sorry to hear about this, Lily. What a bloody nuisance. You do seem to have had a cartload of ailments to put up with. I do sympathise.
  12. If I were a car I would have taken myself back to the garage.
  13. Doglover

    Doglover Occasional commenter

    If you were a horse they'd have shot you :p.
    Seriously though Lily, take care of yourself. x
  14. (((Lily)))
  15. Hi Lily. Just wanted to jump on the banfwagon of well-wishers and I hope things get better. x
  16. Is a banfwagon a Canadian horsedrawn carriage??
  17. Lily,
    I havent checked these pages for ages. I am so sorry to read this and offer the above mentione dfirm handshake ==##==.
    I am sure you will tackle it with your usual gusto and a big measure of humour and commonsense. I really am sorry this has happened to you an dhop to make you smile inyour threads the way you kept me grinning like a nutter.
    Give yourself time to accept and cope. Macmillan have a phone line.. I've copied the info below... much better than google for accurate info.
    Questions? Call free on 0808 808 00 00

    Our cancer support specialists are available Monday to
    Friday, 9am-8pm. Calls from landlines and mobiles (3, O2, Orange,
    T-mobile, Virgin & Vodafone) are free.

    Thinking of you and will choreograph you into my christmas cartwheeling display. Take care.

  18. Hahaha been there! Spent Friday ringing support lines for frantic fretters with hardly any information! No, no commonsense at all - spent ages on the internet frightening myself to death and felt sick and shaky ever since. I'll be glad to get back to work.
    [Administers sharp slap to self]
  19. joli2

    joli2 New commenter

    You daft b*gger. While I'm of the belief that knowledge is a good thing, when it's you with cancer you can only take in a bit at a time.
    In time, you'll be able to go back to the same sites that gave you a fright and read the same information without it sticking you in the guts (if you pardon the pun).

  20. How many times have I suggested to other posters that it's a dumb idea???

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