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GIS lessons

Discussion in 'Geography' started by iheartgeography, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. I'm trying to think of some GIS lessons which can be embedded in already existing schemes of work. Using bing and Google maps would be fine. I have some ideas of what to do but want to try and learn some new simple GIS techniques that can easily be passed on to pupils
    Anyone have any ideas for using GIS for KS3?


  2. We produce maps by creating 3D bar charts in Excel and then changing the base of the graph to be a section of OS map. You can then input data spatially be working out each cells position relative to the map and inputting the bars into certain cells. We do this with GCSE.

    WIth A level we create layers in Excel, save them as picture files and then add them to Google Earth, fixing them with the coordinate system.
  3. Hello

    Have a look at www.arcgis.com and http://www.arcgis.com/explorer/

    It is a a free web based GIS that will allow you to easily map fieldwork data, create your own maps and link to other data sources such as live earthquake information from the USGS. You can also easily create charts and embed images on the map. Let me know how you get on.


    Jason Sawle
    Esri UK Ltd
  4. Have you looked at this?


    Sorry, chrome doesn't paste links properly.
  5. There's some good stuff here that I've used before

  6. <font face="Arial">Try this website and then S</font>elect GIS Missions from the menu bar at the top. Then hey can complete the &lsquo;Flood control&rsquo; mission. [/URL]

    Pete N

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