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GIS for KS3 and KS4

Discussion in 'Geography' started by Geography_85, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Hello all

    I am keen to start using some GIS with both KS3 and KS4 in my school as I have heard that it is fun and useful but havent the foggiest idea where to start with programs etc

    Any one got any tips on GIS for either key stage?


  2. Hi
    I am in NI - we have NINIS www.ninis.nisra.gov.uk/ - i use it with KS 4 to investigate origins of migration for NI. On the CCEA website - geography microsite -there is a fully downloadable work booklet to use it.
    hope thats a start
  3. Look at the online course from Philip Alllan. It should be just the job. www.philipallanupdates.co.uk
  4. Thanks

    Much appreciated

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