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Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Tom_Bennett, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Tom_Bennett

    Tom_Bennett Occasional commenter

    You are absolutely the right person to carry out the sanctions in the first instance. This will reinforce the idea with your class that YOU are the authority (and a very present one) rather than the Head, who will be, by definition a more remote presence. It will also lead to a closer correlation between the events as you describe and justice being applied.
    While the boy needs to learn to control himself a bit, I think I can sympathise with the poor wee man who keeps getting wound up by this girl (my Dad always told me they were trouble:)).
    As they're in Reception, separation is the key. Make it explicit that she is NOT to communicate to this boy, and if she does then she will be in BIG trouble. Big trouble at this stage meaning excluding her from group activities, outside play, sand pit time, whatever floats her boat. Tell the boy that the same applies to him too, but if you feel he's been getting rough justice you can be a bit nicer about it.
    Some kids just switch off when they're getting told off (especially if they're used to worse at home) so it's not always particularly effective. The kid can just sit it out and wait for it to finish. Don't even get me started on the 'Whole School Assembly as a way to solve a behavioural problem approach'.
    Good luck
  2. Thanks everyone! Common sense has gone out the window!!

    The first thing I always ask kids when they come to me with a 'he hit me' story is... "What happened? - Tell me everything!" It doesn't take long to figure out whether an injustice has been done or not!!

    They had a nice story in assembly this morning, coincidently so it should all be sorted now! HA!

    I plan to speak to the girls asap. This boy is not 100% innocent, but it's obvious should the tormenting stop his hitting will stop. He has never another child who didn't push him very hard, verbally. He is actually a gentle, kind boy and it pains me to see him forced to resorting to this behaviour. Still, it's good to see him standing up for himself!!

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