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Girls participation in P.E

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by pe_pgce_girl, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Hi just after a little help if you have time. I have an interview at birmingham next thurs and need to do a presentation so have chosen to do it on how girls dont participate as much as boys in pe and possible ways to overcome this. If anyone has any experience of this i would be greatful for any help. thank you
  2. anyone? i would be very greatful
  3. Things like looking at the kit they have to/can choose to wear can have an impact on participation. Also options in more individual activities such as aerobics and fitness rather than traditional games. There are a lot of new activities around now - dance mats, rockitt ball - lots of variety. Hope these ideas help.
  4. If you can get hold of a NIKE girls in sport folder there are loads of ideas in there. It was an initiative a few years ago aimed at getting more girls involved.I think it was run in conjunction with Youth Sport Trust. Youth Sport Trust website worth a look and also some of the QCA investigation work has been around this area.
  5. our SSP (school sports partnership) worked with a local gym, they came in and did a few sessions to KS4 girls, and then gave them flyers for reduced rates. worked real well.

    in general, at KS3, i have found that by dividing gender up, and keeping lessons single sex, boys dont spend time showing off, and girls try harder in the knowledge that there wont be comments about them sweating or being butch lezzers or something like that. Kids can be very cruel - so efforts should be made to snub out reasons for non (or half-hearted) participation.

  6. Thanks very much guys thats really helped ill look into all of them thanks again!!!
  7. if you put your email address on i will try and send u my assignment from my pgce on girls participation at my placement school - will have lots in the intro that may help.

    Good luck for the interview - birmingham is brill - i was at uni there but the interviews my friends went through were tough, u have to present - some turn up with resources, powerpoints etc so bewarned- doesnt guarentee u a place but so u know what to expect. You have to do a written assessment - mine was on the place of pe within the curriculum, and you will have an interview with a panel of peeps - well thats what was reported back.

    Good luck

  8. Hi that would be great if you don't mind sending me your assignment i would appreciate it, every bit of info helps. my email is N0064165@ntu.ac.uk thank you so much and for the interview tips
  9. Hi

    Just seen your email on Girls Participation

    Things that have worked for us at Parkview Academy

    Regular open forums on what they what to learn - takes place each term - 2 representatives from each class - the main activities tended to be Trampolining, Dance (turkish dance), Aerobics, Badminton, Netball, off site Swimming and use of the health suite.

    We have a kit policy in place at our school. I have tended to relax the kit to make sure pupils are involved. All girls in Year 10 take the entry level certificate to keep them involved and working towards a target of learning about 3 different sports + HRF, yr 11 girls take part in a recreational PE, choosing what they want to do each lesson, i.e week 1 Netball, then next time choose something else.

    We also use to have 1 hour lessons in KS 4 each week, due to our new two week timetable, they have PE once a fortnight for two hour, the advantage, learning taking place, more relaxed lessons, able to do two sports if needed by swapping each hour, disadvantage if they dont bring their kit and 2 hours of painful work sheets and discontent.

    I hope this helps

  10. Hi,
    I know it was a while ago but I am looking to do my assignment 2 on girls participation in P.E also for my PGCE, just need some ideas as to what I am pacifically going to look at.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Hey I work as a cover supervisor based in a pe department. As girls head into ks4 there is a noticeable tail off in their active participation this can be attributed to a number of issues. Click on this link and there is a journal article detailinh some of the issues and how their study aimed to combat these issues, this is a great article and citing it helped me to get onto my pgce
    http://www.teachingexpertise.com/articles/new-curriculum-girls-pe-4969 good luck x
  12. this might be useful: the World Health Organisation review of girls participation in sports:


    Richard Bailey


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