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Gingerbread man activities

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by timetogetup, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. hey, i am planning to do the story of the gingerbread man next week as part of our traditional tales topic. Does anyone have any tried and tested activities that they would like to share?
  2. We did thios as one of ours too....we dressed up and did the story outside as drama and made a whole class book which is now laminated and in the book corner, we made gingerbread men, we made paper dolls and decorated them and had an open afternoon tea party for our grown ups (we sold the biscuits and drinks), we had a traditional tale 'read with your child' afternoon where adults were invited to the setting to enjoy reading for the last 20 minutes of our school day, we cut out gingerbread men outlines and decorated them as people...then we found 'number friends' and paired them up (differentiated: some friends to 10, some friends to 20, some to 100), tes iboard also has some nice sequencing/storyboard/magic books, we also set up fairy tale crime scenes: received a letter from the secretary from the local police asking us to help solve crimes. Crime 1: 3 bits of evidence in ziplock bags...some black fluff (cut off a teddy) a hair net and a photograph of a ruffled bed with the pillow on the floor. We then wrote that the evidence had been found in a house in the woods and that the police had searched it because neighbours were worried the door had been left open. The police asked us to see if we could help think of who may live in the house and where they could get hold of them to check they were ok. Our children went crazy emailing and writing letters to the police telling them about the evidence and that they should look at LRRH's house as it is her Granny's house. Crime 2: 3 bags again - 1 with the same black fur, 1 with straw, 1 with sticks......oh yes.....that wolf is still on the loose! Etc. Great fun all round and some lovely independent writing to boot!!
    Good luck :0)

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