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Gingerbread man activities

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by timetogetup, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. hey, i am planning to do the story of the gingerbread man next week as part of our traditional tales topic. Does anyone have any tried and tested activities that they would like to share?
  2. Hi

    You could download lots of lovely activities from a site called 'mychalkface'. It does cost 10p a copy but it's yours for keeps and to print off as many times as you want! We got the school to pay for the downloads and we now have a lovely bank of resources.
    We also made gingerbread men (PSRN)
    Wrote recipes
    Changed endings to the story
    Problem solved outside- how could the gingerbread man cross the river without getting eaten? Excellent for problem solving chn built bridges etc
    Hope this helps!
  3. sadika

    sadika New commenter

    How many words can you make from "gingerbread man" - I send this home as a challenge ... with the letters so that they can be cut up and used several times ... there are quite a few 2 and 3 letter words that most reception children can read and write at this time of the year. One of mine actually "found" grandma (she's in my top group!!!)
  4. I always use this story at the beginning of the year as a way of introducing the children to some key staff around the school.
    We make and bake the gingerbread man and while he's baking he "disappears" and leaves a note in the oven 'Run, run as fast as you can etc... try looking for me in the ....(principal's office, library, front reception, first aid room etc).
    We go to visit each of these people and are introduced to their role etc. They need to describe him and the children look around for the gingerbread man who happens to have a left another note which leads us to the next person. He usually ends up in a cupboard of the groundsman with a broken arm or leg and we take him to the 1st aid room where he lies on the bed for a while.
    I have this going for 2 days as the children love going home telling mum and dad all about it.
    I also allow this activity to lead us into making a lost poster where the children draw him, describe him and we hang them around the school.
    We take photos of our journey and turn it into a class book.
    Watching their faces, reactions and problem solving abilities is just amazing!

  5. Love your problem solving ideas for the children to think of ways to get across the river! X

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