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Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by mrjack, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. mrjack

    mrjack Occasional commenter

    HI All,
    I have seen a post in Ghana, anyone worked there or have any info on the place ?
  2. coxy15

    coxy15 New commenter

    I taught as a volunteer over there in a small village school. As a country I couldn't recommend it highly enough. It was an incredible place to live and the people are very friendly. Obviously being an African country the living conditions are not great, but I didn't mind it too much. There are occasional power outages and lack of running water at times.

    I found the students I taught to be enthusiastic, although class often had a wide range of ages/abilities, and a severe lack of textbooks/paper/pens etc.

    As a volunteer I was living in a house with other volunteers and we were cooked for and helped by Ghanaian maids/housekeepers. I imagine the experience is quite different for paid teachers so I cant comment too much on that.

    I loved my time over there, and would certainly recommend visiting. As for working, my experience is quite different so Im not sure how relevant it is. But if you do go I hope you have as positive an experience as I did!
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  3. SPC2

    SPC2 Occasional commenter

    I've been watching this thread waiting for someone to reply, just out of interest!

    A few years back I went from Accra to Takoradi via Cape Coast and thought that coastline had a lot of tourist potential. With the discovery of off-shore oil, Takoradi was tipped to become a bit of a boom town for that industry, no idea if that happened.

    I was only there a week but always felt safe and quite liked the place.
  4. 576

    576 Established commenter

    That's pretty standard in the African country I'm in.
  5. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    pretty standard in most non European destinations. I prefer to not have live in maids though: I don't want to be walking around the house in my boxer shorts, or less, and keep stumbling across the maid (my current one being in her 50s). Better to have the ones who visit. Likewise with drivers: they're very useful at times, but occasionally I have the need to drive and put driver in the passenger seat.
  6. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    reasonably safe, although not completely secure. Most problems are around the Nigerian border areas.
    Pleasant enough country if you want to rough for a couple of years: plenty of long term expats who live it up as lords of the manor, too.

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