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Discussion in 'Personal' started by lapinrose, May 10, 2011.

  1. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    I have come home with a DVD and book for teaching the Speaking part of CAE but I can't get my flipping computer to play it. It keeps telling me to insert a disc!! Well I have and there's one in there but it won't play!!
  2. rosievoice

    rosievoice Star commenter

    Hit it with a stick.
  3. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Sorry if you have tried this already, but have you inserted another DVD and tried to play it? If other DVD's play fine, your CAE disc is faulty.
  4. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    kibosh is right - try to narrow the problem down by using other discs. Also there are different types of DVD - not all are compatible with every DVD drive.

    If it's just a playback problem as opposed to a disc drive problem, downloading the K-Lite Free Codec pack (search in Google for it) usually blows the cobwebs out.

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