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GF baking for Suze J...

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by steffiw, May 3, 2011.

  1. Hi Suze

    The James Martin carrot cake is fab with GF flour, as are most cakes and pastry. I have trouble with biscuits and muffins, and bread unless I'm using a breadmaker.

    If you find a fool proof scone recipe, send it my way please!

  2. Hi Suze

    The James Martin carrot cake is fab with GF flour, as are most cakes and pastry. I have trouble with biscuits and muffins, and bread unless I'm using a breadmaker.

    If you find a fool proof scone recipe, send it my way please!

  3. Hi steffi, how exciting....a thread just for me!!
    How thoughtful of you! I do use Dove's Farm flours as an alternative for a roux in lasagne, cauli cheese etc and it works really well. I really can't say the same for yorkshire puddings, they are dire.
    I make cakes with wheat flour as I'd be far too tempted to scoff them! I do make the odd batch of chocolate brownies using the Dove's Farm flour packet recipe and they come out fantastically, my family can't tell the difference.
    Steffi, I think your daughter has coeliac's? I've been tested and don't have it although this was after being GF for two weeks. My paternal aunt has coeliac's and we suspect my paternal grandmother did, however, this was never confirmed.
    Do you have, or have you seen Phil Vickery's GF cookbook? I'll have a look at my copy and see if it has a scone recipe for you. The Bakewell Tart looks lovely!
  4. Hi Suze

    Yes, my 19 year old daughter has coeliac, diagnosed at 4, so she can't remember anything else. I was tested clear of coeliac, but told I have a wheat intolerance, and to follow same diet, which has worked. Have you felt better since giving up gluten?

    Dove's Farm is what I use for everything, crumbles, cakes, sauces but like you not their Yorkshires! Their pasta is not only tasty, but cooks quicker than wheat pasta too - supper literally can be on the table in 10 minutes! Zizzi restaurants use their pasta too, as does Carluccio's, which makes eating out a bit easier.

    If Phil has a scone recipe, yes please [​IMG]
  5. I'm convinced I have had a problem with wheat for a long time. Going gluten free makes me feel so much better, I also coincided it with a colonic (sorry if TMI [​IMG]) and don't really miss any wheaty things (except Waitrose shortbread - heavenly).
    I don't get on with Dove's Farm pasta at all, I find DS or own brand much better to cook with and my family eat it too if I'm making something like a pasta bake and can't be bothered to make mine separately. I found some great pizza bases at Waitrose and use for me if we're having homemade pizzas.
    I'll have a look at Phil's book now.....
  6. <u>Plain Scones</u>
    300g gluten free flour mix (will list at end) salt
    4 tsp gf baking powder butter, for greasing
    1tbsp caster sugar flour, for rolling out
    2tsp xanthan gum 1 beaten egg, for glazing
    100g unsalted butter strawberry jam and clotted cream
    2 medium eggs
    125ml milk

    Preheat oven 200 C/ 425 F/ gas mark 7
    Lightly grease baking tray

    Sift all dry ingredients and pinch of salt in large bowl. Rub butter in to flour mix, make well in centre of mixture.
    Beat eggs and milk together and add to the well in the flour and butter. mix to a soft dough.
    Turn out the dough onto floured surface, press out with palm of hand to about 2cm thick, cut into 12 rounds using a 6cm cutter. Place on baking tray and brush with beaten egg,
    Bake until well risen and golden brown, about 10 mins.

    <u>Gluten free flour mix</u>
    300g fine cornmeal (maize) or chestnut flour
    500g brown rice flour
    200g cornflour

    I've never tried this recipe so am not sure how good it is....I presume you could use Dove's Farm plain flour instead of the flour mix.
  7. Hi Suze, the new Genius seeded loaf is seriously tasty and tastes like proper bread - best GF loaf I've come across. Try if you haven't already. Their new fruited teacakes are pretty good too.
  8. Hi steffi, thanks for the Genius info. I've tried their white and brown and decided I preferred the GF bread from Warburtons. I'll definitely look out for the new seeded, where did you buy it from? Have you tried the Warburtons fruited teacakes? They're very good too.
    There's so much GF choice around now, I notice DS now have a larger range including garlic bread although I've not tried it.
  9. I've tried the DS garlic bread - it's nice for a change. I got the seeded loaf from one of the huge Tesco's at Scunthorpe. Hope your local branch has same.
  10. I'll check out the Tesco Extra near school this week. I don't go in very often so don't tend to keep up with their GF items. Their GF lasagne sheets are brilliant and the family can't taste any difference at all!
  11. I popped into Tesco on my way back from work and bought the Genius seeded bread. It's delicious! Thanks for the info, steffi. I'll definitely be buying it again [​IMG]

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