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Getting up early

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by kstring24, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. This is probably the most ridiculous question I've ever asked, but is anyone else dreading facing the early mornings in September? I can't even get up at 8am at the moment!

    I keep telling myself I'll start getting up a little earlier each day, but it never happens. My eyelids were ridiculously heavy this morning!

    Does anyone else 'prepare' for the early mornings or do they just happen? Give it a few days and I'll more than likely be fine, but the initial settling in period is a pain in the backside
  2. v12


    My problem is that I'm still getting up at 6am even this far into the holidays. [​IMG]
    Of course, two young children don't help matters!
  3. It is tough but your body and mind soon adjust..
    I used to fret that I couldn't sleep the night before term started too. Now I accept the fact and make sure I have a good book that lasts well into the early hours. Obviously when I do drop off, it feels like the alarm goes off five minutes later! I'm usually exhausted after the first day back, even on training days. Too much for the brain to take in. So this means I'm in bed quite early after day one, sleep straight away and feel all refreshed when the alarm goes off next morning!! [​IMG]
  4. I find that getting up a bit earlier each day does work but I have to know that I am going to do it. It was easy this morning to thing 'sod it' and sleep for longer but I got up cos I had decided last night that I needed to. Getting up in the dark of November and January: now, that's a different story - I find it stupidly difficult to get up when it's dark outside. I also find I'm ridiculously tired for the first week or two of term and come home and sleep for an hour and a half before being able to face the evening rather than the 20 minute power-nap I usually have.
  5. I am forcing myself to get up and have breakfast to get used to eating at 7 - 8am instead of 10-11am. Its gonna be hard!
  6. I can totally relate! However, I've spent most of August fasting because of Ramadaan (Muslim holy month of fasting). I've got in to the worst routine of sleeping at midnight, waking up around 3am to have a small meal and then I sleep after prayers at 4am til midday! aargghhh!
    I tried waking up at 8am, and my eye were stinging! ...I go back 31st August which doesn't help matters as that's earlier than most schools! But the first day is a killer, and its true your so exhausted from that first shock to the system that you fall asleep earlier and end up waking up earlier too...eventually!

    But please tell me it isn't just me but anyone else already counting down the days to october half term? (lol!...thank goodness I get an extra week...love academies!)
  7. Sleep with the curtains open for a few nights. You'll soon be wide awake at 7am!
  8. Are you not having Eid days off?
  9. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    Training day's there to get the new routine going.
    I've been loving the sleep!
  10. Mines on a Friday, haha. Right back in the routine and then back out again! Typical.
  11. I've been woken up every day this week around 6.50am. My alarm wasn't due to go off until 8.30am so I'm getting there. I'm ok now but I won't be Friday next week.
  12. Been wakikng up at 6am anyway... but then going back to sleep or lazing in bed watching daytime tv... god im going to miss homes under the hammer and jeremy kyle! lol
  13. I used to wonder why the children always seemed so "sleepy" after such a long holiday....then I thought about it! Shame about the August return, 'though. We did that last year and I don't think I recovered until Christmas! Oh well everybody....good luck! We love it really!
  14. i can totally relate. I have to wake up at 6 am to be able to start school at 8 am. Though I'm dreading waking up so early, I am by far dreading driving through the traffic 7-8. I'm usually completely exhausted for the first 3 weeks, and my voice is always completely strained. On the positive side I look forward to catch up with my colleagues.

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