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Getting to Thailand in Covid Times

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Helen-Back, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. install

    install Star commenter

    Crazy to be there in the first place- assuming they want to be in the UK all along
  2. Bangkokboundornot

    Bangkokboundornot New commenter

    Yes, will be missing the start of school unfortunately, by about 2 weeks! Not a great start but can't be helped at this point.

    Have seen a few posts in other groups about the food in quarantine, seems like it's hit and miss. Some hotels look great, others are dire. I do wonder if standards everywhere will slip as things are bound to get even busier. Ultimately, it's just 2 weeks to get through!
  3. desertphantom

    desertphantom New commenter

    Thank you for the info, that basically sounds like jail... and I'm surprised as usually food is what the Thais take greatest pride in. The issue is we have quarantine booked but unless a flight can be found in the next few days and all the paperwork completed, then nobody is going to be checking in. Would happily teach from here until they realise that the country will be bust if they keep up these procedures for long (even if a few hotels are making lots of baht in the short term) and can move with a bit more certainty and confidence.
  4. ciaraespana

    ciaraespana New commenter

    Desertphantom I sent you a private message.
  5. jrz0711

    jrz0711 New commenter

    The food seems to be of a similar standard in most of the hotels. If you are seeking fine dining, then a tad disappointed you may be. They provide all meals in plastic trays and only plastic cutlery is allowed.

    I go for the Thai options each day as the "Western" food is often very bland.

    If this is like jail, then I would gladly take a few more weeks. It's entirely how you approach it. If you are comfortable chilling, reading, listening to music and chatting with mates you will be fine.

    Personally, I believe the Thai authorities are doing the right thing. Especially when I open up the paper each morning and read of the shambles in the UK, USA and other more "developed" nations.
    Helen-Back likes this.
  6. Helen-Back

    Helen-Back Occasional commenter

    Totally agree. I'm in Thailand trying to get out. It's a pain, but I understand why this needs to be done. I read a lot of the Facebook groups for foreigners trying to get back in and frankly I think Thailand should be trolling through there and crossing a few names off their list. I realize people are frustrated, but continually slagging off the government of the country you desperately want to return to probably isn't the way to go.
  7. Booker_d

    Booker_d New commenter

    There seems to be videos of the Thai quarantine experience on Youtube for anyone interested. Both the state quarantine for Thai nationals and the alternative state quarnatine (ASQ). Quite interesting to watch.

    Anyone I know currently in quarantine has said it can be very boring but not as bad as they expected.
  8. jrz0711

    jrz0711 New commenter

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