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Getting to Thailand in Covid Times

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Helen-Back, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. frodo_magic

    frodo_magic New commenter

    "It really seems to be a case of moving goal posts and lack of comms"

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Thai bureaucracy, misinformation, the right hand being totally clueless what the left is doing, obfuscation and ever-changing interpretations of the latest regulations, depending on who you are dealing with.
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  2. gilderbeast2000

    gilderbeast2000 New commenter

    It may seem disorganised but Thailand has managed the virus much better than Western countries. So they must be doing something right. Another post claimed an anti foreigner sentiment. That is rubbish. The vast majority of Thai people are their usual friendly selves. Just like every country there will always be a few right wing people with different views. Telling new teachers who are arriving in Thai for the first time negative stereotypes is wrong. We were all new expat teachers once and the cynical negatives expats should be avoided by newbies.

    Good luck to all arriving in Thailand. Reports from ASQ are positive with good service and clean hotels.
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  3. Bangkokboundornot

    Bangkokboundornot New commenter

    So I called the embassy and they said the repatriation flights will be released next week and there will be a link on their website to sign up for a waiting list - first come first served. They claimed to have no idea of anyone being allocated flights before this. The guy was very nice and tried his best to be helpful but as someone said above, a case of the right hand having no idea what the left hand is doing. Still hoping our school will sort out the flights on their end but will sign up to the waiting list as well when flights are released. Good luck to everyone, hope we all get out there soon.

    Thanks to Gilderbeast 2000 for his input, was a bit worried about there being some anti-foreigner sentiment. I'm sure some people feel this way but good to hear that it's not that widespread.
  4. grdwdgrrrl

    grdwdgrrrl Occasional commenter

    I haven't seen or heard a whiff of anti foreigner anything. It really seems opposite since so much of the economy is dependent on tourism. Pattaya was empty when we were there, people are desperate for some tourism dollars. I've seen the same in pictures from Samui etc. Empty beaches.
  5. frodo_magic

    frodo_magic New commenter

  6. jrz0711

    jrz0711 New commenter

    I flew in from Kunming on Tuesday. Got news of the flight a week before so was a bit of a panic to get it all organised and the belongings packed up but we did it.

    The ASQ is fine. Got a big room (about 40sqm) and the food is ok. I can also order food from outside so that is keeping me occupied. Did the first Covid test yesterday with another one to look forward to next week. Should have a weeks real holiday on a beach somewhere before I start the job.
  7. desertphantom

    desertphantom New commenter

    How are other people's schools managing this?

    My school asked me to book a regular scheduled flight myself so that they had an arrival date for me in order to book the quarantine. The quarantine has now been booked although the flight has (predictably) been cancelled. The embassy is saying the only way to get a certificate of entry and therefore into Thailand is on a repatriation flight but as far as I can see these are few and far between and probably oversubscribed (I'm travelling from London), clearly someone has missed something here and my feeling is that the school needs to work this out.

    What have others been told re flights, have your schools booked you onto the repatriation flights?
  8. jrz0711

    jrz0711 New commenter

    My read is that admin staff in the schools are overwhelmed with the mixed messages coming from all the embassies. It must be incredibly difficult to get a fixed flight date and hotel booked from Thailand if the embassy in the UK/Canada/USA can't give clear direction.

    In the end, I did everything myself and it worked out ok. Keep all your receipts and hand them in when you arrive.
  9. desertphantom

    desertphantom New commenter

    Thanks and congratulations on getting there.

    I suspect that part of the issue is that the UK (rightly or wrongly) is viewed as a bit of a covid hotspot but the more I run around to embassies, test centres and GPs chasing paperwork, the greater my likelihood of catching the bloody thing Haha!
  10. 24hours

    24hours New commenter

    I made it in today. Seemed to be quite a few teachers on the flight
  11. desertphantom

    desertphantom New commenter

    Pleased to hear that - Was that one of the embassy flights?

    How did you go about getting the required covid certificate?

    Thanks for your help
  12. 24hours

    24hours New commenter

    I don’t think this is the case. They seem to be equally strict regardless of country of origin.

    the embassy contacted me and advised me which flight to be on. It wasn’t chartered by the embassy though.

    I got a private covid test. It wasn’t actually checked until I arrived in Thailand.
  13. Bangkokboundornot

    Bangkokboundornot New commenter

    My school have now booked me on a repat flight. They had previously booked a commercial flight and ASQ but the embassy said that no commercial flights would be allowed. I assume they are re-booking a new ASQ for the new flight date. It must be so difficult for the staff trying to navigate this process. It is a bit strange that your school have asked you to book your own flight there. Are you in the UK? The embassy have said they will release information on the repat flights for August next week on their website. I think there will be a link to sign up for a waiting list.
  14. grdwdgrrrl

    grdwdgrrrl Occasional commenter

    Well done! Welcome to Thailand. Hope your quarantine will be pleasant. It sucks that you can’t just go out and. check stuff out.
  15. desertphantom

    desertphantom New commenter

    Agreed - yes I'm in the UK, everything I was hearing indicated that the flight ban would continue so I was reluctant to book anything to be honest. Piecing things together it seems that the only way is through one of these repatriation flights - is your seat on the flight confirmed? I'm hearing of long waiting lists

  16. Bangkokboundornot

    Bangkokboundornot New commenter

    Yes I think for August at least only repatriation flights are allowed. Maybe for September things might change but I wouldn't hold my breath. My school have said that I have a confirmed seat on the 14th out of London. Maybe check with your school again about what to do. I would definitely look out for the list to sign up when the embassy releases the flight details - might be tomorrow.
  17. blitz18qb

    blitz18qb New commenter

    Have had confirmation that we're on t

    We've also had confirmation from school that we're on this flight.....along with quite a few other teachers, according to Thai Embassy. Got our passports back, just waiting for CofE to come through and we're good to go!......Now just to stay Covid clean :eek:
  18. shazzamac

    shazzamac New commenter

    My friend just arrived in BKK, but from China, so flights were easier to come by than UK. But it IS possible to actually get in! The biggest difficulty was school finding quarentine hotel room. They are very booked up.
    Warning....although her quarantine hotel room is big and nice, and after 5 days and another negative test, she's allowed 1 hour per day in the lobby, or by the pool, THE FOOD IS HORRIBLE! Yes, we were surprised too, since Thai food is great usually! Always cold, no taste, delivered in plastic bags. Be prepared.
    She's still missing the whole orientation week and the start of school, if you haven't left yet, be prepared that might be you too.
  19. install

    install Star commenter

    Erm... is your friend crazy?
  20. GeordieKC

    GeordieKC Occasional commenter

    Crazy in what sense? Assuming they were already in China, very sensible to fly directly to Thailand.

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