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Getting to Thailand in Covid Times

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Helen-Back, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Helen-Back

    Helen-Back Occasional commenter

    I ask this purely out of interest. I'm already in Thailand and trying to get out.

    Have any teachers with new contracts in Thailand actually managed to book flights, have a confirmed arrival date or already arrived?
  2. tigi

    tigi Occasional commenter

    Not that I know of! I know two people who have flights booked but they are expecting them to get cancelled.
  3. taiyah

    taiyah Occasional commenter

    I have two Bangkok bound colleagues. Their flights have been cancelled twice. First as directed by the Thai embassy. Second by the school. They are scheduled to leave this coming Saturday. But that “embassy document” the school has arranged is still yet to arrive. They are not confident they will be flying. It’s the same document they’ve been waiting for for the last 20 days. Their other problem is that their school accommodation finishes this month. Stays beyond that it’s £1500 month rent.

    I can update you if they manage to fly on Saturday.
  4. frodo_magic

    frodo_magic New commenter

    Thailand is going through a funny phase at the moment, with a lot of anti-virus-carrying foreigner feelings being whipped up from different corners, plenty of 'Thais first', nationalist 'Thailand for Thais' reports and plenty of surveys showing Thais don't want so many foreigners in their country appearing in the press. Pretty standard I guess for a corrupt militaristic regime in serious trouble. Last week saw the first big anti-government demo in Bangkok for ten years, quickly surpressed 'because of C19' of course. All this despite about a fifth of their economy and jobs dependent on tourism. I wouldn't plan to enter Thailand before September at the earliest.
  5. 24hours

    24hours New commenter

    Yes, I’m heading over to Bangkok this weekend. I will be spending a few weeks in quarantine.

    There was a considerable amount of red tape to wade through.

    I haven’t heard of many teachers getting through as yet, but think this is changing as more ASQ hotels open.
  6. blitz18qb

    blitz18qb New commenter

    We have just submitted our paperwork to the Thai Embassy in London. From what i've read there are only 2 repatriation flights in July. from LHR-BKK. For obvious reasons Thai nationals take priority. Hopefully more flights will be becoming available. Have also read that most of the ASQ hotels are full for July as well. There are meant to be a few more coming on line shortly. Hopefully school will be confirming everything up and we'll be able to get a flight. Have heard some chat, that schools maybe collaborating to charter a flight...well see,

    Good luck to everyone....I know the paperwork for the embassy is endless!
  7. hotwings1

    hotwings1 New commenter

    So we have a certificate of entry and have been offered a flight (yet TBC), but now have to sort a RT-PRC Covid test and fit to fly certificate within 72hrs of flying. Having done some research and made some calls I can't quite see how to guarantee that I will get the results back in time. Did anyone crack this?
  8. 24hours

    24hours New commenter

    what country Are you based in?
  9. hotwings1

    hotwings1 New commenter

  10. nikki2482

    nikki2482 New commenter

    If you do the NHS test at a test centre, the results are back within 24 hours even though they say 48. You have to say you have symptoms though to book the test in.
    Fit to fly is easy enough as done by your GP.
  11. nikki2482

    nikki2482 New commenter

    Teachers flying in from other countries have managed to get in and are currently in quarantine. The UK is a different story! You have to fly in on a repatriation flight and currently there is 1 for August!!! You would miss the start of term.
    There is a waiting list for Thai people but for foreigners it is first come first served.
  12. 24hours

    24hours New commenter

    the UK is the same as any other country. People are only getting in on repatriation flights.

    It doesn’t matter what country you’re departing from
  13. 24hours

    24hours New commenter

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  14. blitz18qb

    blitz18qb New commenter

    We have booked into here....£250 for test and fit to fly.
    Others in our school have also booked here
    And have seen some people on fb talking about this using this.

    As far as I'm aware the NHS test won't be sufficient as it doesn't provide a certifcate, but have heard conflicting info on this.

    According to fb, people that have spoken to Thai Embassy London, say that more flights are apparently going to be released for August next week. Have seen that Thai are operating 3 BKK-LHR flights in August...so can't imagine they'll go back empty as they're skint!

    More ASQ hotels coming on-line for August as well.... School have said that they are sorting Flights and ASQ so will just have to sit tight and make sure all our paperwork is ready etc.

    This group has some useful information

    We're just packing up and will be ready to go when we get the call!....If nothing else, it proves your determind and want to be there.
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  15. Bangkokboundornot

    Bangkokboundornot New commenter

    Would you mind sharing how you've been offered the flight? Did the embassy contact you? They have told us that the school has to book the flights but have also said that the flights will be posted on their facebook/website and it will be first come first served. Very confusing and disorganised! I am also based in the UK. Went in on Monday and they said they are not issuing COEs anymore until you have a repatriation flight and ASQ booked.
  16. blitz18qb

    blitz18qb New commenter

    Thai Embassy London have emailed my partner today - They said that her name (and mine hopefully) is on a lteachers list and we our names are down for a flight on the Friday 14th August. They have our paperowork (passports etc..) and once they have confirm flight details and ASQ will issue CofE. My advice would be make sure they have your paperwork so they know you wish to travel.

    It's our school in Thailand have organised this....not us, we're just making sure our paperowkr is in order. (Although we haven't heard anything from school yet regarding flights). If you're being asked to sort your own flight, then I think booking will be released sometime next week on the Thai Embassy London website.

    I believe we will be staying here https://www.maitriahotels.com/sukhumvitbangkok .....which is opening for ASQ on the 25th July (from what i saw on a fb post)

    This group has the most up to date information it seems
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  17. Bangkokboundornot

    Bangkokboundornot New commenter

    Thanks for the reply, that's really helpful. We have submitted all our documents on Monday and were also told that our names were on the teachers list that was sent to the embassy but have not heard anything yet. It's great that the embassy have contacted you directly and offered the flight, fingers crossed the same happens with us as I don't fancy having to rush to book the flight myself . The school have mentioned our flight possibly being on the 14/15th so will wait and see what happens, might be the same one! I went in person on Monday to hand in the documents, did you submit yours a while ago?
  18. desertphantom

    desertphantom New commenter

    I'm also due to be starting work in Bangkok next month, I have a flight booked for the 1st August and am using the embassy in London for the visa. I spoke to a consular officer in London today, my paperwork went off with my passport on Monday and the visa has been approved and issued - the issue is the certificate of entry. I've been told that the commercial flight ban is to be extended into August and that my flight is going to be cancelled, therefore you need to be booked onto one of the repatriation flights in order to enter and they stated that the CoE won't be issued until the embassy has confirmation of booking onto one of these flights, a medical insurance document, a letter of employment and a quarantine hotel reservation, a covid test and a 'fit to fly' certificate are also required within 72 hours of flying to be shown at check-in.

    It really seems to be a case of moving goal posts and lack of comms, I feel sorry for my school who have been trying their best to organise and issue everything required on time but it seems like the embassy know things which we don't and these are not being passed on effectively.

    Anticipating further delay and stress.

    Good luck to all
  19. blitz18qb

    blitz18qb New commenter

    We sent by post Monday - recieved Tuesday by Embassy and had the email today. So they are on the ball with it. If you've submitted docs then I think it's just a case of sitting tight, and hopefully all will come good...Just need a big sort out of our studd now!
  20. Solta19

    Solta19 New commenter

    Got luck, it is going to be an interesting few weeks.

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