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'Getting to know you' sessions for parents

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by chelseagirl, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. I work in a school in quite a disadvantaged area, although recently we have got a few middle-class families starting (I am in Reception). These parents are saying they feel a bit left out and don't really know the other parents as they come from other nurseries. One of the parent governors has suggested a breakfast/coffee morning to introduce parents to each other and I was wondering if anyone has got any experience of arranging this sort of thing?

    Although our parents are supportive most of the time, it can be tricky getting them to come to parents evenings, phonics workshops etc so I would like it to be something everyone feels comfortable with. The governor suggested that the parents come stay a bit longer on a Friday morning when they come to look at the children's work but I think it will be quite chaotic if the children are all around. We could do it after school but again it can be hard getting people in (they always have 'an appointment').

    Has anyone ever organised anything like this? In my last school the parents all went to Cafe Nero every Monday but that was in quite a different kind of area.
  2. We used to do a 'stay and play' session on a friday morning.
    The parents could stay in the classroom for half an hour of 'free choice' activities to see the sort of things we did at school. We'd keep it simple and have the activites based around a well known story or a certain area of maths e.g.the three bears, or naming shapes.
    After the half an hour, the TA's would gather all the children up for a story and short input while I took the parents into the staff room for coffee and biscuits. Was always a very popular session.
  3. Depending onyour classes unit you could have a parade/show where parents are invited to stay afterwards. We have just finised a unit on clothes, we had a fashion parade and the parents were invited to stay for coffee afterwards. It worked a treat.
    I am also inviting parents to come in friday afternoons to have a look around the classroom and do some activities with the kids so this could also be a possibility, and just say to the parents to stay a bit after it has finished.
    Hope this helps!
  4. Our PTA invited all our new parents to a coffee morning (at school) near the start of term. It was nice because it was organised by other parents rather than staff so they were more able to identify with them. Quite a few new parents even joined the committe and regularly help at school events so now they really are involved.

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