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Getting things done..

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by kittenmittens, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Shower- my OH has LO (12 months) for 10 mins while I jump in and get dressed. LO will bumble around the landing with the stairgate up while I put laundry away, make beds etc.

    Dishwasher- she likes to pull herself up on the door when it's open, so i give her a plastic spoon or lid to bash about with, and quickly pull anything sharp or breakable out of her reach!

    Hoovering- she chases me round but sometimes gets tangled in the cable so I have to watch her like a hawk. We have a travel cot as a playpen that she will go in sometimes, it's currently filled with leftover birthday balloons which she loves.

    Dusting- don't do it often! Ditto oven cleaning, eugh.

    Bathroom- have to do this when LO is out of the way as she likes to pull herself up on the toilet.

    What a little monkey I have! OH cooks every night- brilliant- but makes a lot of mess so I'm constantly tidying up after him, the baby and our cat who's an avid hunter and mess maker jumping on the beds with dirty feet. It really is firefighting, and I only have one child...
  2. Hoovering - my son was also scared of the hoover and so i bought him a toy Dyson fo £2 at a baby nearly new sale and he loves doing it with me - he nows points and tells me which way to go now! (he is 22months). I also used to put LO in his cot with a load of books whilst I had a shower when he was smaller - now he can get out of cot he just roams about upstairs but we also have a playroom that has a stairgate on which helps. I also aim to unload and reload dishwasher straight after we eat breakfast and do any washing up from the night before as I have more energy first thing in the morning!. He also helps me and with loading/unloading of the washing machine. Ditto on making the beds LO just loves playing with the sheets. I always clean the bathrooms when LO is in bed - I timed myself the other day and its at least a 15min job but I always dread it and think it takes ages so it surprised me that its not that long. I try and clean the floors too with him and he has his own little broom and dustpan and brush! (raising a modern man I must add) The thing I dread and find hard doing is the ironing - i always do it when he is in bed but lack the motivation to do it and it ends up piling up I HATE IT! p.s dusting rarely happens in this house and standards have slipped drastically since the arrival of LO some things you just to have to let hang until another day. It does get easier at 18months++ I must add xxx
  3. Haven't read through everyone's posts but sure there are loads of good ideas! Just wanted to second what trixie said about it getting easier. At 15 months mine just wanted to run, jump, go out on the bike / to park / to walk etc. She hated being at home any length of time and so it was tough getting much done. She also couldn't draw etc on her own - things like that were very much a joint activity. Now (22 months) it is much easier - she loves to clean and help (not always helpful, but at least she's happy and I can potter round with her) and is really into role play (kitchen etc) so plays more independently at home. Also likes to sit and scribble etc and this can be only vaguely supervised as she also is good at not drawing on things she shouldn't and will put all the right lids back on felt tips etc.
    So my house now is a totally different place to a few months ago!
  4. I put cbeebies on [​IMG]
  5. I don't! Can unload the dishwasher - remove the knives from the bottom and he 'helps' washing - he plays in it, tries to pull it off the radiators as fast as I put it on! alot of NO NO NO NO both ways. Do give him plastic bowls/spoons/plates to play with - will keep him occupied for a bit
    hoovering - We have 2 hoovers 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs (this is only because I have back pain and its too difficult to carry it up and downstairs) he will let me use the downstairs one - it is quieter - which is a good job because of dog hair everywhere but cannot use the upstairs one - he screams at it.

    I am really lucky in that OH will clean/iron anything really. I have to hoover downstairs everyday/wipe kitchen down etc/washing but everything else - one of us takes LO out so the other can do the cleaning. I am also part time but on my own could not do a proper clean!
    Sorry this probably hasn't helped at all
  6. Could you put LO in her cot for some 'quiet time' at about the same time each day? If you established a wind down routine, then she might come to accept it as part of the day? Even if it's just 10 mins to start with, it's amazing what you can get done in a short space of time! You never know, she may even fall asleep? [​IMG]
  7. Unfortunately, there's no way she'd happily stay in her cot in the day, she's too keen on company! The only place she's happily restrained is in her highchair where she'd happily stay eating all day if I let her!
    Thanks for all your advice and reassurance. I think I'm just going to try and be more methodical - always clean the bathroom after my shower on a Sat morning, sweep the kitchen fllor and wash/dry up before she's got out of her highchair etc. I have tried to make the kitchen a bit more baby friendly so that she can happily potter around while I try and make a start on our tea or do a bit of washing up.
    The hoovering can wait til the weekend when OH can entertain her elsewhere. I am very lucky in that he does loads - washing, ironing, bins, washing up, sometimes makes us tea. I have also persuaded him to leave for work a bit later (7am!) some mornings so that I can at least shower and get myself ready in peace.
    I already do my supermarket shop online so that's easy as she 'helps' me unpack. I've also tidied away alot of her toys into the understairs cupboard so we're not drowning in toys that we then have to constantly tidy up, I'm just putting a few out at a time.
    Work in progress but I'm getting there! Thank again x
  8. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    I insist on this- 10 mins to have a shower etc without LO trying to pull herself up on the toilet, empty the bathroom bin, climb up the (hot) heated towel rail etc. If I'm dressed and ready I feel so much better than hanging round in my dressing gown til she has a sleep, or lisrtening to her whinge in the cot and having a shower then- and we both like to go out in the morning if possible. On my work days I get ready first, then get her up at 6.30 and we're both out by 7.15am.
    Baby Kitten loves the supermarket- it's literally her favourite activity of the week! She sits in the toddler seat squealing with delight, making friends with eveyrone and pointing at tins of beans etc in wonderment. Whilst unpacking I give her a carrier of 'safe' things (I don't leave her unattended obviously- suffocation risk) so she can copy taking things out and putting back in. In fact she likes to copy whatever I'm doing most of the time. We have a toy hoover too :)
  9. ooh having a shower drives me insane! - he tries to pull the curtain out of the bath - he doesn't seem to understand NO! grrrrr. Much easier when OH is at home!
  10. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    Do you have any family or friends that could take her to the park? To the shop? Even twenty minutes uninterrupted can help you get as much housework done as 3 hours with a child, in my expereince!


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