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Getting started with Chromebooks - got a few queries!

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by minsterley, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. minsterley

    minsterley New commenter

    Hi all,
    We're just get started with a set of Chromebooks in our small (150 pupil) primary school. We're getting to grips with Google Classroom and are using Wonde for single sign on which seems to work OK.

    We have experienced a few technical glitches which I'd be grateful if someone could help me with.

    The main gripe is that the devices want to install play store and permissioned android apps EVERY time a user logs in. I know we can change the settings to erase local settings but this messes up the sign on,

    We're getting to grips with the huge range of options in the admin settings in GSuite but it would eb great if there is a primary school in Powys/West Midlands/South Cheshire that's already up and running with these so we can have a look it there's any tips and tricks we need to know.

    Has anyone come across a good trainer for GSuite admin and support for teachers in using Google Classroom?

    Many thanks
  2. robwilktes

    robwilktes New commenter


    If your Chromebooks aren't being used 1:1 all the time, you are best switching OFF the Playstore in the Admin Console.
    If they are being used 1:1 the Playstore will work fine because it's the same user profile every time.

    There are so many good webapps out there now that we find there is little extra that the Playstore offers.

    I'm a teacher with over 25 years experience. I taught using 1:1 Chromebooks for 2 years and absolutely loved them. They changed the way I taught.
    I now work as a Google Trainer in over 40 schools in York. I'm very familiar with Google Apps and the many other webapps that are available. In addition, I also have a good working knowledge of the admin console if you don't have anyone managing that for you.

    I know I'm quite a distance away, but am happy to offer you any free support or advice to get you up and running.
  3. minsterley

    minsterley New commenter

    Thanks for that - really helpful and thanks too for your offer of help. We're finding our way with these devices at the moment. 1:1 access is definitely the way to go (when funds permit!).

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