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Getting rid of bruises

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Anonymous, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Had someone else posted this thread I'd tell them there's nothing to be done about bruises other than to wait until they go away but my son gets married on Saturday, my outfit means my arms will be bare and they're covered in bruises as a result of the meds I'm on.
    I know about arnica though I'm dubious - has anyone else tried it? Does it work? Any other suggestions or recommendations?
  2. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    Not really a cure, but what about camoflauge make up? Maybe you could have it done professionally, although I imagine it is expensive.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    If the worst comes to the worst I'll certainly be putting a spot of concealer on them in the hope that they won't show in the photos.

  5. The article says arnica every 3 hours.

  6. doomzebra

    doomzebra Occasional commenter

    Arnica works
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Have you got any in your briefcase, doomzebra?
    I'm definitely going to try it. Short of wrapping myself in cotton wool for the last couple of weeks I knew this was going to happen so I ought to have bought some arnica already.
  8. I second arnica, not sure if applied to bruises as cream or taken as tablets is best. Maybe do both!
  9. Yes, I agree, arnica works. I got some for my mum when she fell down stairs. her back was VERY badly bruised but the arnica cream did the trick. I can't remember how long it took though.
  10. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    Get yourself some fashionable arm-length gloves.
    Better still, turn up in bandages, arms in slings and laugh it off as an accident on the way to the wedding.
    You'll find people will be exceptionally kind and in years to come, when your grandchildren look at the wedding album and ask "Why are you all dressed in slings nanny?" you'll be able to fascinate them with tales of interpid adventures you encountered in the days before the wedding.
    If I didn't know you, I might have suggested a ferocious battle between the witches and the warlocks, but as I do, it would probably be better if it was the unfortunate trampling of a kind fairy by me as my dog drags me with little control to the pub.
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I did that when I returned to work after my hip replacement and still had to use a stick - I told the kids I'd had a sky diving accident. They believed me and were super impressed; it was a shame I had to put them right.
    I'll try "modelmaker did it" on Saturday.

  12. Ican't vouch for arnica, but i do bruise easily and always have a few, occasionally i can remember how i got them.

    OK sorry to digress but I'd opt for concealer / make up - the proper camoflage stuff - you should be bale to get it from a pharmacy.

    If you are only bothered about the photos speak to the photographer - they can air brush them out easily.

  13. mandala1

    mandala1 Occasional commenter

    I was going to say these, if they would go with your outfit.
  14. Arnica cream, but it does temporarily make the bruise get worse. It 'speeds' the bruise up if you get what I mean. My dad used it on a black eye, which looked even worse the next day, but it definitely went down quickly after that.
  15. Wear a jumper, woman. It's bound to be cold.
  16. My thoughts too!
    I bruise terribly and had a sleeveless dress for my nephew's wedding, I wore a very sheer three quarter length cardigan type thing, sheer enogh to see the dress but concealed the bruises!
  17. I was going to suggest a gauzy wrap thing but the suggestion of the sheer cardigan is a very good one. Given the way the summer is panning out so far (bleugh) a top would probably be a good idea.
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    The outfit has a wee sheer top which I'll be wearing for the ceremony and the meal so my arms will be covered for most of the formal photographs I suppose. I'd just rather not look like a victim of violence in any pictures - I've caught a couple of people looking sideways at the bruises and they do look a bit dodgy. There are a couple of crackers on my legs too but they'll be covered since my mother would strongly disapprove of bare legs at a wedding!

    The weather has been gloriously sunny for the last couple of days so the chances of it being like that at the weekend are minimal so maybe I should get the arran cardigan out!
  19. joli2

    joli2 New commenter

    I'd also go with the idea of a nice cardi. The discolouration from my bruises never goes.

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