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Getting really downhearted job hunting

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by rjoneslich, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. Hi there,
    I'm currently a History PGCE student with a reasonable amount of experience within the educational world - I was a TA for a couple of years before starting my PGCE course.

    I've applied for 8-9 jobs, all in different geographical locations as being flexible (or so I thought!) would help me! I have not heard anything back from any of them! It is really doing me down at the moment. I got my covering letter checked by my professional mentor at my Placement A school, and he said it was 'good'.

    I suppose all I have to do is keep on applying, but I now reckon i'm not going to get a job - what do people think I could do instead if I were not to get a job?

    Many thanks
  2. katnoodle

    katnoodle New commenter

    I'm in exactly the same boat as you, history jobs are so scarce, especially in the South West where I'm ideally looking.
    I've had people look over my applications too and it has been useful but still ultimately fruitless. If I were you I'd be wondering just how honest my professional mentor was! It's easy to say it's good because it would take time and effort to tweak things they would honestly want to tweak. Maybe you could get a few more people to give yours the once-over, and ask them to be brutally honest: would they put you on the shortlist?
    And I'm sure you're doing this already but be smoking hot on spelling, grammar and punctuation. One job I applied for had 85 applicants ... by the end they were binning any with the most innocent of typos!
    As everyone else is telling me, hang on in there - the recruitment season hasn't yet hit its peak.
  3. [​IMG]Hi
    I completed my cert-ed last year, I did the course full time so it took a year rather than 2 years. It was quite stressful as I have a young family, and a part time job, but I really wanted to teach sooner rather than later. My subject is a vocational one, which I have 20+ years experience in, I have applied for 5 jobs, had an interview for 1 but didn't get it as I haven't got my assessors award, and assessing is usually a required element of of most vocational teaching, and cannot find a college in my area who will allow me to do the assessors course at the moment[​IMG] I do feel at the moment as though have wasted my time completing the course, I believe I can be a great teacher, I received 1's in all aspects on my last observation.
    So I have no job, 8 months after graduating...so my plan is to futher my own education in functional skills, as I only have level 2 in them, I would say perhaps you could do something like that! (in a different subject to widen your choice of jobs) I have also joined an agency, I also plan, asap to e-mail my personal mentor from cert- ed to offer my services at the college voluntarily, as I think that if I did get an interview and they asked what I'd been doing recently and said nothing ...it would look pretty bad, also the longer I'm out of education the harder it will be to get into it...whether they'll want me there or not I don't know...but hey I'm offering to work for free UNFORTUNATELY.
    Best of luck with what you do..fingers crossed you get a job[​IMG]
  4. emids77

    emids77 New commenter

    Please try not to get worked up about it...there are not many History jobs going at the moment (it can seem depressing I'm sure to see lots of Science and Maths jobs everywhere!)- but the only schools that will be advertising for normal teaching jobs before the April budget time are those who are either 1) financially sound or 2) need to replace a key (probably more expensive) teacher with a cheaper, newer one. As you are not in a compulsory subject, some schools will keep their options open for now....but come April and May, out Uni tutors have assured us that the job pages suddenly get a lot longer!
    Just to check- you are checking the County Council/totaljobs pages as well as TES, as not all jobs are advertised here. Also, many academies only advertise on their own pages initially.
    Good Luck!!
  5. Hey, rjoneslich. Have you considered personalising each cover letter? I picked out key things about the schools I liked, (i.e they have an "alternative" sports day) and linked them in with my interests and experience. It is time consuming, but it does shows you are really interested in the school.
    Best of luck!

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