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Getting Ready!

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by nick909, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. wiemaranerlover

    wiemaranerlover New commenter

    So am I, but to go with duck, not goose - 1970s with a modem twist!
  2. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    Christmas Pudding Vodka, from the Hairy Bikers’ 12 Days of Christmas, via the MasterChef Live 2010 showguide
    300g mixed dried fruit
    75g caster sugar
    2 cinnamon sticks
    2 teaspoons ground mixed spice
    6 cloves
    half a nutmeg, finely grated
    finely grated zest of 1 orange
    finely grated zest of 1 lemon
    75cl bottle of vodka (doesn’t have to be a premium brand but don’t go for the really cheap and nasty stuff either)
    In a large bowl, mix the dried fruit with the sugar, cinnamon sticks, mixed spice, cloves, grated nutmeg, orange and lemon zest. Pour the vodka into the bowl, give everything a stir and cover tightly with clingfilm. Place in the fridge and leave for 3 days, stirring once every day.
    Line a sieve with a double layer of fine muslin and place it over a large jug or bowl. Pour the vodka mixture carefully into the sieve and allow it to drip through, then pour the strained liquid into a clean, dry bottle (a funnel helps here) and seal the lid. That’s it. Store in the freezer until you want to get festively tipsy.
  3. Mmmmm. Thursday, Friday, Saturday.....just enough time to get a bottle on the go!
    Now. Re the chocolate vodka. I've had a look at it this morning and it appears to be solid! I think I put far too many mars bars in it. I bought a multipack and used all 10, thinking as they were smaller I should double up. Probably unnecessary........

  4. egyptgirl

    egyptgirl Senior commenter

    We've been very busy too - Turkish delight vodka, rocky road, Christmas cupcakes, mince pies, mulled cider kits, white chocolate, pistachio and cranberry cookies (I'm hoping to give these as gifts but if Mr EG doesn't stop eating them then I won't be able to do this!!!), Dukkau and jars of chutney.
    We've had a lot of fun doing it - Mr EG has been helping me more than usual because of my ribs and it has been brilliant.
  5. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    This afternoon I am going to make some chicken liver pate and the chestnut stuffing ready for Sunday.
  6. lucyrose50

    lucyrose50 Occasional commenter

    I've been having problems today because there's an awkward situation in my kitchen; I did the big supermarket shop today and now there's too much food in the kitchen for me to be able to cook properly in it. I need a giant kitchen with some kind of island in the middle.
    So far:
    3 types of white chocolate truffles (limoncello, rhubarb rum & ginger, blueberry) for presents
    Nanaimo bars for friend's pre-Christmas drinks tomorrow
    Damson gin that's been stewing since summer decanted into a bottle
    Chili jam & orange curd for presents
    1 big Christmas cake & 2 mini ones marzipan-ed and iced
    Cranberry sauce

    Still to do:
    Dark & milk chocolate truffles
    Desserts for Christmas day (chocolate mousse cake, trifle pie & tarte au sucre)
    Nut roast for Christmas day
    Everything else for Christmas day is someone else's responsibility! I'm very much looking forward to a big day of dessert making on Christmas eve.

  7. lucyrose50

    lucyrose50 Occasional commenter

    From a series of sweets-in-vodka experiments when I was a teenager, I can confirm that some of the nicest things to go in vodka (not all at the same time unless you're very adventurous) are After 8 mints or most boiled sweets (pear drops, rhubarb & custard and cola cubes were particularly good). On the other hand, don't even think about wine gum vodka (solidified in bottle, bottle was too big to fit in microwave to remelt it, led to unfortunate and messy bottle-dismantling all over my friend's kitchen) or marshmallow vodka (probably obvious to anyone other than me & my friends why this would be NASTY).
  8. egyptgirl

    egyptgirl Senior commenter

    After seeing Lorraine Pascal last night, we are going to try and make some Bailey's today - can't believe it never occurred to me not to!

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