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Getting ready to ttc?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by saripop, May 16, 2009.

  1. Well I came off the pill about 3 weeks ago now and I have had all the above so glad to hear these are normal symptoms as we are being careful. We have decided to wait and see what my pill free cycle is like. That being said my cycle was never normal before going on the pill at 16 so no idea what it will be like.
    I have also started mortgage process to try and get that sorted asap so we can get settled and start trying properly. From how broody we both are I think we will give in and just try anyway as soon as christmas is over.
    Can't believe how much my life as changed in a year. I'm so happy I could burst lol
  2. Hi trixielou,
    I think that buying a property can be so stressful, so you might not even feel up to the whole ttc thing... It might just be one more thing to worry about, counting days, symptom spotting etc.
    As far as coming off the pill is concerned, I came off in Sept 2009 and had cycles of between 25 and 50 days for 8 months, they now seemed to have calmed down and regulated at around 30 so that's ok. But I had terrible mood swings, spots, aches, pains, you name it! I think we're all different and you'll just have to see what hapens!
    Hopefully I will be joining the ttc thread soon, less than a month to go till my wedding... So excited!
  3. We might be getting closer to starting to TTC too now. Big staffing changes afoot at my school, and it is in my best interests to be able to start maternity leave on or before 31st August 2010 if I can. No pressure there then. MrC is away til tomorrow so we need to sit and talk through our options then, but money would be even tighter if we wait!

  4. I realise it could be stressful as have moved 5 times in the last 3 years and that was just renting. An added pressure on top of moving will be the fact I have just been asked to tutor 3 pupils at my school for ECAW so going to be a busy few months ahead. Guess it will give my cycle a chance to calm down while being too tired to ttc [​IMG]
    From discussions with other half think we are just going to stop being so careful once we have sorted out the mortgage and see what happens. No particular rush as the mo so can just try to relax and see if its whats meant to be right now or not. Due to family history and my problem periods before going onto the pill we are already expecting it to take a long time but if it doesn't thats an added bonus.
  5. Hi all,
    Hope I can join you? I have a few more pills to take in my pack, them am pretty sure that I will stop taking any more, feels a bit scary! I'm another one whose partner was keener to TTC years before I felt ready- mainly due to his closest friends being several years older and starting families already I think. I wanted to wait until my contract was made permanant (was done in September), and we got out house sorted out, which is almost done, it's our second house and plenty large enough for 3 kids if we have that many, and 18 months ago we got married. We've also got the travel bug out of our systems in the past couple of years, which was important to me.
    I started taking Pregnacare tablets for conception (says they can be taken for up to 3 months prior to TTC) for past couple of months, and have lost almost a stone, though really need to leose a couple more, though my motivation has waned last couple of weeks :-( Keeping my weight in check seems to be the one thing in my life I can't control, pathetic though it sounds.
    I have been taking various contraceptive pills over past 13 years, so accept that this may well affect my cycles/ovulation for a while, and I am also 29 and OH 31, so who knows how long it will take. Never mind, I just hope to keep it laid back for a while at least as people always say that stressing and letting it get mechanical doesn't help things.
    Good luck to everyone trying, and it would be lovely to hear from others on the brink of starting.
    Sarah xx
  6. goonergirl2009

    goonergirl2009 New commenter

    I am off the pill, taking my folic acid and we are going to start trying this weekend! It is so exciting! I know it might take a while but we are going to try to stay relaxed and let nature take its course :)
  7. You sound at the same stage as me, Goonergirl! Good luck!!
  8. How exciting goonergirl and little misscurious.
    I'm just waiting for my AF to come and then it'll be our wedding and then the ttcing starts! About 2 weeks to go, and I can't wait. It's not an obsession anymore, it's like a physical feeling that this has to happen, like having to breathe or eat. Do you girls know what I mean. It doean't feel like something I just 'want' anymore, more like it's a thing that must happen. Can't really explain it better than that, but I suspect it's my biological clock ticking!
    Good luck LMC and GG and hope to join you on the ttc thread soon!
    Come on AF!
  9. Saripop - good luck to you too. Hope your wedding goes well - look forward to seeing you on TTC too! I know exactly what you mean about how the wanting a baby feels. I didn't want one at all until about 4 months after we got married, and since then it has been all I can think about. Bizzarly, now we've started trying, I feel different again... a total bag of nerves every time I think about it!!
  10. goonergirl2009

    goonergirl2009 New commenter

    Saripop- good luck with the wedding! LittleMisscCurious- I feel exactly the same! We will have to keep each other informed!
  11. Am getting cramps etc... Come on AF!! Have never so wanted her to come! Will keep checking up on you girls on the ttc thread and will be joining you so so soon!!! I don't need baby dust, I need AF dust! Anyone got any?!

  12. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Thank you Saripop! Don't think I'd ever have reached that conclusion, but it did make me laugh! [​IMG]
  13. Yup, know EXACTLY how you feel. That was me three years ago, right down to my fiancee being a year younger than me! I am 30 next year and as I've said above about to start so chances are even if I fall pg straightaway I'll be over 30 when I have a baby. But I am glad that I waited until I'd done the course and the NQT year as now there's no excuses left for OH! No but seriously, you may be doing the best thing for your baby by getting yourself in a stable position before ttc. Think of the fantastic mat leave that teachers get compared to other jobs and the stability of having a job to go back to etc. In my opinion, and for my situation, waiting was the right thing to do. BUT everyone is different and you have to do what is right for you and don't forget your OH too!

    AF has now ******** off so I may be tiptoeing over to ttc in a bit. Especially since H2b and I particularly close at the mo having just recovered from quite a long rough patch and my having resolved some quite major personal issues. It all feels so right, just hope my body plays along.
  14. Yes, home is Vienna, have a lovely house, staying with his family who could not be more supportive (sometimes too helpful!!) and have made a couple of really close friends. On the job side I feel let down. When I was teaching in the UK I had joined the Fast Track scheme and had real ambitions to get into a leadership role and build a career in teaching. Here I ended up working in a private school with an insane headteacher who had no idea how to run a school and who didn't even pay us for summer holidays. Moved into the public sector after 2 years but now feel that I have been relegated to 'language assistant' rather than class teacher. There just don't seem to be the promotional prospects that we have at home, educational philosophy is light years behind the UK and we have to use chalkboards!! Feel that my career is stagnating, and this is adding to my desire to get on and start a family now, rather than wasting any more of my time in this going nowhere job. Austria has fantastic social security and I could be a very happily paid stay at home mum here for a few years, which is something not everyone can afford to do... why wait when this is the right time for everything apart from my boyfriend's age!
    So happy to have found a space to let some of this out!!

  15. I know Vienna quite well, would be interested to know which school you used to work at? Don't worry if you don't want to put it up on here though!

  16. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    Whatever you do, don't post the name of your school on here - you are likely to be identified and I think might be breaking the T&C of this forum.
  17. Whoops didn't think of that! I only ask because I went to a private school in Vienna and was curious, oh well, I'll just have to speculate!
    Hope everyone's doing well, I'm psyching my little ovaries up, waiting to ov for the first months of ttc!
  18. The school is not one of the big international ones, it's small and privately owned...been around 10 years at most I think... does that help?
  19. Ok, thanks, might not know it as I left when I was 18 which was a little over 10 years ago, but I know the kind of place you mean. I went to VIS, don't think there's anything wrong in saying that is there?! Hope not, it was a good school then, don't know now.
    Anyway... we should probably get back to the more important business of ttc and all that baby jazz!
  20. Sory to be off whinging again, but today has been a killer blow... my OH had promised that March would be a time for us to start trying, and then last night chose to tell me that actually he's not sure any more, and really doesn't know when he is going to be ready. Feel as if the world has been turned upside down, and have nothing left to hold onto anymore. I had pinned all my hopes and expectations on this, had been counting the days, even ordered some books (one for him as well) and a number of cheap pregnancy tests from amazon. Now have to fly home to the UK for xmas, and have this stupid parcel waiting to mock my own foolishness in believing him, and face my ow disappointment, and my parents, and start the new year without a bloody clue where I stand. Really believed this was going to be The Year for us, and no longer have a clue. I am just terrified of missing my chance, frustrated at waiting for the life I want to start, and wondering what he really has to offer me as far as a future goes. Hope your christmases turn out better than mine, and that there are many happy accidents under the mistletoe this year!


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