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Getting ready to ttc?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by saripop, May 16, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    I have been a 'lurker'on here for ages. We got married in Dec 08 but because of new jobs and OH just finishing off his GTP we can't TTC till June 2010. I am stopping taking my pill in Dec 09 and just use condoms till then. Will track my cycle. I am so frustrated we can't start till then, it seems to be taking over my mind!
    Should I start folic acid yet or wait till Dec?
  2. Well I finally got my moment! We are going to start TTC in Dec. He even told me to go and buy some folic acid now - he has been watching the news and knows its best to take it 3 months before! Bless him! All that worrying over nothing, feel sooo relieved! And now so excited until then! Just got to worry about if we can concieve now ...... ah its a never ending worry and I bet it wont ever stop ....!
    i just feel so happy that I know what we are aiming for now, and that we are together on that. So I can really start to prepare myself!
    Jamesmelanie, I would take it now, its not going to do any harm and like someone else already said, if you do decide to have a happy accident beofre June, at least you will have been taking it!!
  3. Very exciting pinkfairy. I'm also going to be starting Dec/Jan and taking the folic acid now. Saripop, will you be TTC straight after your wedding? If so there could be a few of us from here trying at the same time.
  4. I'm so pleased for you pinkfairy!! Btw, I had exactly the same thought process after we decided when to ttc!! First I worried that we would never ttc, then I worried that we would have problems, NOW i'm worrying that I'm actually not ready!!! It really never never stops!
    pippa, yes, we are starting asap after the wedding, give or take ten minutes! Can't wait for all of us to start our very own ttc thread!! How exciting, it's really going to fly and fingers crossed, we'll all be getting our BFP's before we know it!
    Glad everyone is feeling positive, need to after my first day back!
  5. Yeah, first day back was a bit of a shock to the system. My class are great but I teach reception and I forgot how much I had to help them for the first week, like going out at playtime to make sure they don't get squashed by the big children and explaining everything in minute detail as they don't know any of the routines - exhausting.
    I did a PE lesson today and I was lying on my tummy and thinking 'Oh, I won't be able to do this when I'm pregnant!'

  6. I love this thread! I have been an avid reader of the TTC thread for some time now but don't feel I really fit into that category so haven't contributed yet. My husband and I are not trying not to conceive but I have to admit it's pretty frustrating! We have been married for nearly 3 years, I am nearly 28 and he is 25 (I know just a youngster!); we have our own home and both work full time, so are in a pretty good position to start trying. We have had a discussion about what we both want, and basically he has said that he doesn't like the idea of turning into a 'mechincal' type situation, e.g. I'm ovulating, hop on! so can't really say we're trying; however, we're not doing anything to prevent it from happening, so I guess it's just waiting to see if nature takes it's course, but I have to admit it is frustrating! Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of conceiving? Or would that be going against the whole 'seeing what happens naturally'?!
  7. LOL!
    As for helping the situation while still staying natural (this is exactly what we did; no temperatures/ fertility monitors/ OV sticks etc)
    - work out your cycle roughly, then make sure you pounce on him lots during the halfway stage when you are likely to be ovulating (don't tell him you're ovulating though, just make him think his luck's in! [​IMG])
    - lie with your legs up in the air, against the headboard or wall, to help them, ahem, stay in and swim up rather than out...
    - this is one I read on a forum somewhere, and tried it: after he has ejaculated, (TMI) ask him to give you one more O [​IMG] as this squeezes the swimmers up towards your cervix!
    We conceived pretty quickly, and were chilled about it (him more than me I have to say!!) Good luck! xx
  8. P.S. I know how lucky we were to conceive quickly (in third month of trying) as some people have loads of trouble and that's when all the mechanical malarkey comes into play.
  9. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    A point of view from one who failed to conceive.
    Keep it all as fun and relaxed as you can - clematis' advice about mid cylce is spot on. Don't put yourself under pressure at all - you're young and should be fine. Concerns would only arise after a year of trying with no success - by that point 85% of couples have conceived anyway.
    Only other things are to eat a healthy diet and start taking folic acid - the latter is not to help you conceive but to protect against birth defects when you do. Ideally you should be taking it for three months prior to conception.
    I think Ieft it later than I should to start trying and then always felt under pressure when we did. So take it easy and enjoy your life.
  10. Thanks so much for the advice! I have been keeping track of my cycle and have to admit I found a website which estimates your ovulation day but other than that I don't think I'm ready to start tracking temperature and the like, it kind of takes the romance out of it, am guessing le hubby had a point when he said what he did!
    R both of you ttc or are you lucky enough to be pregnant already?x
  11. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    Clematis is pregnant, I'm not.
  12. Ru ttc? Sorry for being nosey, it would be nice to have someone who was going through the same ups and downs as me!x
  13. puffy, try the ttc thread- there are loads of ladies on there.
  14. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    Yes but have been for more than two years. Very different to someone just starting out as my thoughts tend to be along the lines of IVF, adoption or living childfree.
    The TTC thread, as clematis has said, is very good.
  15. Well I am so I assuming we all are!
  16. Well I will admit to be being nuts! lol [​IMG]
  17. goonergirl2009

    goonergirl2009 New commenter

    My husband and I are going to start trying at the beginning of January and we are very excited! We were planning originally to wait a while longer but we are becoming increasingly broody!
  18. Hi ladies
    I popped up on this thread a little while ago but i think i'm now officially GRTTTC! my OH proposed a few weeks ago and we're getting married in June but planning to TTC in January! if we get lucky straight away i might have a little bump on my wedding day[​IMG] but not getting my hopes up too much!
    it's exciting but i'm scared too - lots of friends seem to have just fallen pregnant so easily... what if we can't? trying to keep feeling sexy and stress-free!


  19. Hi everyone

    I thought I would join this thread and see if anyone has any advice. My boyfriend and I have been together for 18 months and was very shocked when he told me he wants to try for a baby. I had never really spoken to him about having kids other than a conversation we had about the fact that neither or us want to marry but one of us would change our name if we ever had kids. I have been broody for a long time (before I met him even) and am so excited but nervous at the same time.
    We have decided to TTC some time in the new year so I have recently come off the pill. I am alittle worried as I have been on a pill called dianette for 15 years and have heard it is difficult to become pregnant after taking this.
    We are also planning to buy a house after christmas so have alot going on. Not sure whether to wait till we are in the house to TTC or to try while looking.

    Any advice velcome

  20. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Hi Trixielou,
    Some women fall pg days after stopping the pill- this happened to two of my friends and took them by surprise! Equally it might take a while for your cycles to get back to normal. I came off the pill 7 months ago to ttc and have only had 2 periods since, current cycle is 92 days and counting, but I've never had irregular periods before starting the pill 8 years ago and my GP says this is a normal state of affairs. Sadly women just aren't informed of the effects of coming off the pill. Be prepared for some side effects too coming off, again this varies hugely and you might have none at all but I had weeks of nausea, metallic taste, altered taste/smell, sore boobs, all classic pg symptoms which caused me a lot of confusion with missed periods all over the place and negative pg tests!
    You could stop the pill but use condoms until you're ready to try, this would give you time to get used to pill-free cycles. Or just go for it when you feel ready! It's a very exciting time, best of luck x

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