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Getting ready to ttc?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by saripop, May 16, 2009.

  1. Hello,
    Seems like time's passing if not flying. We'll be starting TTC in May it seems, so it's not too long now.
    I have been taking Folic Acid for 6 weeks and I cant' wait to get going with TTC [​IMG]

    My sister's bump is starting to show too.
  2. Good luck liliwhite. I'm hoping to convince OH we should start TTC around then as well. Getting married in 11 days and want TTC asap! Maybe I should invest in some folic acid as well!
  3. Hello again! I am on CD3 and it's going to be our first go at TTC in a week or so [​IMG]
    It's getting exciting!

    How was the wedding, Moresparkles?
  4. Hello!
    Wedding and honeymoon were fab thanks. Just settling back into it now.
    Looks like we are going to be in a similar position. Have taken last pill, waiting for af now, then start TTC, or at least see if I ovulate naturally. Good luck with your attempts, keep us updated?
  5. Can I jump aboard this thread.
    Me and my husband have decided to ttc in september,as we just can't afford to be on mat pay till 9months after then!
    Problem is that I just can't stop thinking about it now! Am continuing the pill till end of June and hopefully my body will be ok and regular as have been on the pill for nearly 10years now [​IMG]
    I keep reading the threads on here and on the ttc thread and just wish we were close enough to start trying.

  6. Hello all, I have been lurking on this forum for a while now & am ready to come out! I have been thinking about TTC for a while now. Husband and I have been married 4years & we love our time together & like a drink now & then etc and both of us have been a bit on the fence about children, especially my husband, I can get him really nervous just by commenting on when we have babies.. etc but it seems things have started to change a bit of late.
    I’ve been thinking more of it & lurking on the pregnancy forum and we went out the other night & OH got quite drunk & was telling my friends that we should have babies & then at the end of the night told me maybe we should just get on with it and have babies! We went out for lunch the next day & I jokingly reminded him of his drunken revelations of what he really wants & he actually said yes I think maybe we should just get over ourselves and go for it! Agghhh! Scary! I am still half & half- do really like the idea of having children & would like to be a mother but also really scared & apprehensive about the whole thing, about the effect on us, whether we would be good parents, what I would be like at work afterwards ( I’m a bit of a control freak so don’t know how well I’d fare in a job share, also a tad autistic in that I don’t like change and could get moved year groups etc)
    Also I do obviously like kids but I’m not a massively broody/maternal ‘baby’ person... so my swing towards broodiness is quite surprising.. Maybe my biological clock kicking in ( 32!) I’m not an ogre but some of my colleagues really coo over every baby and I’m just not that person...hope that doesn’t make me sound awful...
    However the thought of having a baby is a now something we can both now see, scary but could be very good. I suppose lots of good things are scary to contemplate e.g. getting married- scary but great. I think we are one of those couples where everything takes a long time to do- we were together for over 10 years before we got married etc so I suppose thinking about children now sounds about right for us- a pair of heel draggers if ever there was!!
    Anyhow, I’ve got 2 packs of pills yet ( should be out by June) & am wondering whether just to go for it.... or do I come off & use condoms, get to know my cycle & then try but it could take a long time. And then there’s the fertility surge which obviously would be great... but and I know this might sound silly we are going on holiday at end of July and I’ve been fantasising about my Cornish pint or 2 .... daft I know. How early should I be taking folic acid etc? If coming off in June should I already be on it? Anyone recommend a good one? I know some posters were talking about well women as has folic acid but not in your face ttc. £7 though in superdrug! Not sure if cheaper anywhere else. Anyway just wanted to say hello & how much I’ve enjoyed reading about everyone else getting ready to ttc & good luck when it comes your time xx

  7. When I came off the pill in April 2010 I was hoping for a fertility surge! Unfortunately, here I am, 14 cycles on, and still no BFP. At least I got to go to New York in Feb half term for my 30th!
  8. That is the scary thing Antoniou, fertility is such a big unknown. I think you always assume it'll work out and the 'fertility surge' also must be one of these things, either happens or it doesn't. Hope it'll work out well for you soon.
  9. Hi
    I see this is an OLD thread, but I feel as though this is the best place for me rather than the ttc thread.
    I may not have posted a lot, but a read as a lurker all the time [​IMG]
    My boyfriend and I started to ttc last July - November on the off chance something might happen, but it didn't really happen for us. We were upset but not like our lives were over.
    I have a few hospital appointment coming up which prevent me taking tablets (for example folic acid) so I am officially getting ready to ttc, then maybe I could join the ttc thread from June/July.
    Anyone else what to join this thread?
    ColdStrawberry x
  10. Hi ColdStrawberry, I'm a bit of a lurker too like you and have been browsing these forums for a few months before even starting TTC. I find it comforting to see what other people are talking about/going through before it happens to me. I've been around on the TTC thread for a few weeks after having MC I felt I needed some sort of outlet as I've had no one to talk to or share my experience with. But we're not officially 'trying' right now due to my cycles being a bit crazy and timings etc so I guessing I'm back to preparing for TTC like you now. I'm just trying to enjoy getting my body back to normal after being on the pill for years and preparing for pregnancy. I like to be organised :) So yeah, just thought I would say hi! And good luck with your hospital appointments. Are you doing anything to prepare yourself for TTC? I'm already taking folic acid and *trying* to do more exercise to get fit and healthy. I don't smoke or consume a lot of alcohol but I have a weakness for coffee so I'm trying to wean myself off. Oh and trying to finish renovations on our house and make it family friendly before we *fingers crossed* get pregnant so that is one less worry for when the time is right. Pops x
  11. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I'm still considering trying for a 3rd around July/August. If I don't try then I probably never will as I'll be 36 in Oct.

    I didn't do a lot different when I tried for my first two. I started taking folic acid once I was pregnant, and switched to decaf coffee. I did exercise a lot before each pregnancy and I exercise loads now.

    I've got a cyst on my left ovary which they discovered when I had an early scan with my first baby in 2008 and although no-one seems concerned by it, the doc has decided to refer me to gynae as I told her we were considering trying for another baby.

    We live in a 2 bedroom flat at the moment but we will have a house next year at some point (currently being built. Unfortunately it means living close to my MIL!).
  12. Hi you both

    Thanks for replying. Sorry to hear about your miscarriage, hope you are ok.
    Wow chica, i am only thinking about ttc with child number 1!!!

    The only thing I really need to work on is getting boyfriend and I living in the same house!! Who knew trying to find one space we both like would be so difficult!!
  13. bristolmover

    bristolmover New commenter

    this seems like a fairly well visited thread and started with similar questions to mine... so I'll post here too.
    Going back to the original question - anything I should be doing to prepare for ttc?
    I am not a planner and couldn't do body temperature thing. I don't even know my cycle.
    But I am healthy and sensible - so have come off the pill a few months ago, given up alcohol, cutting back caffeine and have got fit.
    I'm going to start taking folic acid when I get hold of some this wkd... then start trying in 3 weeks.
    Any other tips on general health and wellbeing for a healthy pre-pregnancy body? Thanks
  14. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I didn't do anything! I got pregnant with my first a month after my wedding and I didn't have a clue about cycles, temperatures etc. I just stopped the pill and got lucky!
    Just exercise and eat well.
  15. chocolateheaven

    chocolateheaven New commenter

    I was advised by a mw to take folic acid for 3 months before ttc to make sure eggs are in optimum condition. Not sure whether there's any evidence for that, but it made me feel like I was doing something! I didn't bother with temps or anything like that, but did start keeping track of cycle length to see how regular I was etc, which made it easier when we started trying as at least I knew roughly whether AF was late or not! I am diabetic, so my pre-conception health is incredibly important. I have to have stable blood levels for three months pre-conception or my miscarriage risks are stupidly high. So I had even more impetus than usual to be as healthy as possibly. I also lost some weight as wanted to be as healthy as I could, so ate well and exercised.

    Also, made an effort to dtd more! Know that sounds silly - we didn't have a bad sex life, but could be a bit lax at making the effort through the week when busy/tired at work. Made more of an effort, just for fun, so that it didn't feel 'forced' when we started for a purpose, if that makes sense.

    Again, not sure how necessary any of it is - there seems to be no rhyme or reason to people's fertility. It made me feel as though I was going something though, which made it easier to wait!

  16. twelvty.weasels

    twelvty.weasels New commenter

    Thought I'd stick my tuppence in too! I suppose I'm getting ready to TTC since my mc 2 weeks ago. What I would say is try not to get too caught up and focused on it. I quickly ended up tracking my cycle using OPKs and it just meant I was a nervous wreck by the time I was in the 2 week wait. The nhs advice is try to dtd every other day through your cycle for the best chance. The month I got my BFP that's what we did and I almost forgot about dates and was late before I realised! I think being relaxed can help so I'm hoping I can do the same whenever my next AF shows up! Good luck ladies! X
  17. Hi guys
    Thanks for all the information. I am worried that I cannot start with the folic acid, but as soon as my last hospital appointment confirms I can take it I will.
    When I say "getting ready to ttc" I think it is more 'getting my head ready'. I love that fact we could become parents within a year, but I just don't want to do it in a flat!!
    Good luck to all x
  18. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I live in a 2 bedroom second floor floor flat with 2 children! Granted it is massive with a 20 foot lounge, but it's still a flat. I agree about relaxing. I know I've been lucky and fell pregnant first month with my son and third month with my daughter, but I think if you get too obsessed it makes TTC so stressful.
  20. Sorry on my phone and cant use this very well!!

    I guess i left out that we are in a flat share, I dont fancy sharing living space with them and my family!!

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