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Getting ready to ttc?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by saripop, May 16, 2009.

  1. Tigsy - it will be great for you to come and join us on TTC. There are a few newbies now.
    Congrats on the temp work. At least it is one less thing to worry about for now. And try not to worry too much about your weight. I did too (and still do) but have joined Slimming World. I have lost nearly 2 stone since joining but still need to loose some more.
    I looked at weight watchers too but if I do get pregnant I want to still keep an eye on my weight and slimming world are the only diet group that GPs allow you to be part of. You need to get your Midwife to sign a form saying that it is ok for you to carry on but there are a few pregnant ladies in my group who have put very little weight on. And one lady had her baby at the end of October and has lost the weight she put on in pregnancy and another 1.5 stone. Lucky lady!
    O x
  2. I'm still waiting! Congrats to everyone who has been able to move over to ttc, a great feeling! I'm getting backache and cramps at 7dpo so af on its way very soon again. I also have a fever so that won't help the backache much. What a lovely start to the holidays. Good luck ladies who are now ttc, will look on ttc to see how you get on.
  3. omega, well done on joining slimming world. I dont have the patience to join a slimming club. The thought of cooking seperately from my H (and he wouldnt be interested in anything from a slimming club menu and he could benefit from it) fills me with dread as I hate cooking.
    I've signed up to closer diets, tesco diets, WW and each time I was presented with menus or a shopping list that I couldnt afford I just gave up.
    Id rather join a local zumba class than learn to cook!

    Its cd20 here, I'm hoping im due either on day 26 or day 28......... have no symptoms that AF is on its way. I still cant figure out what my bodies doing tbh, I get cramps and sky high temps a week after AF, does that mean I'm ovulating then?????
    nice to see you strawberry tart, havent seen you for a while. Hope you get better soon! x
  4. Hey everyone
    Hope you all had a great christmas. I have just watched one born at christmas and now im mega broody! Husband is even worse and he didnt even watch the programme. I just need my job to be made permanent and I wont find out till at least May. I keep trying to tell him that we can't afford it but he says he doesnt care and everyone else seems to be fine with no money and children. I don't think anything is going to put him off. Not long to wait now though. Think we will start trying regardless of job in May. Good luck to everyone who has started already hope you dont have to wait too long for that blue line [​IMG]
  5. Happy New Year! Well after a long chat we decided that I will come off the pill next month! (end of January). Not expecting anything to happen for a while anyway and I guess my body needs to get into a rhythm. We are just going to see what happens. If nothing by May then we will start actually 'trying'. I'm really excited and a little bit scared to be honest. Hope everyone is alright its been very quiet on here.
  6. Hi Sleepy_me. Hope you have had a good Christmas and New Year. Come and join us on TTC soon. There are a few 'newbies' over there. I came off the pill the middle of November and we are just 'seeing how things go' for the moment. I have actually found that my sex drive has increased which has been fantastic.
    Did find myself getting a little obsessed at first but have been charting my temps to see if things have gone back to normal. Seems like they haven't just yet as I am on CD 40 without a temp rise to show OV. That has meant that I know that 'trying' won't work just yet so am enjoying being with OH.[​IMG] I thought that I would find not taking a pill at bedtime really weird, but have been taking my folic acid at that time instead so I actually feel like nothing has changed.
    Omega x
  7. Hi everyone, please can I join you? Took my last pill on 23rd Dec! Am on my withdrawal bleed at the mo and then we are going to use protection for a few months just to see what happens with my cycles. I have been on the pill a while so know that it may take some time for me to get into a normal rhythm. Hubby is very nervous about the whole thing but am hoping that he will relax about it soon.
    What are other people's experiences of coming of the pill?
    All the best for 2011x
  8. So I guess everyone has started to TTC. Only a week to go until my last pill (had to carry it over due to antibiotics). I'm really excited about it all. I know it may take a while but even so... fingers crossed it won't be too long until we are celebrating.
  9. Hope all goes well for you sleepy me. I'm still waiting formy first period since coming off the pill. Hope it's not much longer. X
  10. Hi, I think you are right sleepy me. I have joined ttc but am flitting between here and there-if not pg next cycle I will stop and look for a new job and won't be able to start again until at least septemebr or october. Good luck!
  11. Hi I'm waiting before TTC. I came off the pill in Jan and am just trying to get my body back to normal. I'm an NQT as well so I wanna be sure I pass my first year. My school is also in a bit of a mess at the mo and I wanna be careful and in a secure financial situ as I'm the breadwinner. It's hard though when everyone around me seems to pregnant/having babies left, right and centre.
  12. Hello,
    I'm waiting before TTC too. After a lot of thinking (I am a reformed childfree enthusiast [​IMG], we now really want a family and we decided to give it a go from April onwards. My sister is one month pregnant BTW, and she doesn't know we are planning on trying very soon. It would be great if we could have two babies born only a few months apart in the family! She only lives round the corner too.
    We wanted to go on holiday before trying, and we're now just back from Vietnam (great adventure trip). Now we don't want the baby to be born at the end of the year, that's why we're waiting a wee bit longer.



  13. Hi,
    I have also been lurking on here for a while now, been looking at the TTC thread but not ready to join as we are not TTC yet.
    Me and OH really want to start trying but have not been put in a great position by my school (temp contract etc) so the timing is less than perfect. We have decided to start TTC in April/May, with the hope that if I am incredibly lucky and get pregnant quickly that my position will already be secure. Anyone else feel like they are continually putting their lives on hold because of work?
    My brother's OH is also pregnant (about 2 months) and I would absolutely love for them to be in the same year in school.
    Have stopped the pill and am tracking my cycles to get to know myself, also thinking about starting prenatal vitamins to get myself in condition ready. Any recommendations?
  14. Ooohh good some fellow potential TTC buddies!

    From reading your posts you sound like you could be in a school like mine! But that's probably the case for most of the public sector at the moment.

    I'm still taking my pill and plan to do so for the next month or 2 as we're holding for June as we don't want a baby near xmas ( I appreciate you can't plan these things but there's no harm in trying ;-))

    As for vitamins we used a santogen for conception last time (there was for a pack for me and a pack for hubby and that did the trick for us as we now have an 18 month old! This time though, I couldn't find it in the shops so have just gone for vitamins, plus an extra pack of zinc for OH and folic acid for me.

    Anyone else feel like they are continually putting their lives on hold because of work?

    Er yes defo, hence we didn't try for another September baby as I felt to guilty about being off work again after only being back for a few months...

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend

    C x
  15. I'm definately always holding off because of work - my hubby have been married for four years and have yet to start trying for our first baby - I've been broody for years! All our relatives ahve given up asking when we're going to have ch - I think they think we don't want them as it's been so long. I'm just trying to be sensible - which the majority of people aren't! My husband's brother's wife is expecting in June so we're seeing it in the family as well. She was evry lucky and got pregnant within a week of trying.

    I also have conerns about the pill and what it's done to my system. The first few weeks after i came off, I had all the pregnancy symptons and then I kept bledding every through days which was really annoying, but it seems to be settling down now. I've be taking agnus castus, which si supposed to regualte your hormones. I've also been taking multi-vitamin and iron tablest for years, which have folic acid in them, but when we start trying porperly, I'll be taking the well women folic acid as well.

    Something I'm wondering about and wanna see if you guys are in the same boat - my hubby and I still rent and although we have some money save dup for a deposit for a house, its' nowhere near enough. It seems nigh on impossible to get on the property ladder, which was something I always wanted to do before having children but I'm not getting any younger (I'm 27 at the mo) and I worry it'll be too late to have children if I wait to get a mortgage first. What position are any of you in?
  16. Hi Em,
    Hubby and I bought our house 2 years ago in May, sorry to say this but it was an absolute nightmare to get a mortgage. I fully understand the draw of having your 'own' house before TTC - I wanted it too. We now have a fairly big mortgage and I am in the postion of worrying about job security if I take mat leave. I am on a temp contract, which the head may decide to keep temp (despite telling me it would be permanent after a year during interview). Before anyone says anything about that being illegal, he is very clever and could engineer a need to change staffing to prevent my being made permanent. This is why we are waiting until April/May but I CAN'T wait any longer.
    Oh dear, "me me me me me"! [​IMG] Back to original point.... Unfortunately as much as having your own home is nice, things can go wrong even when people own their own home and they have to leave/move/find a new home. Also think of all the things you may need for a new baby, could you afford them with a new house? Sorry to ask this but which do you want most? Don't forget that our biological clock does not put a time limit on home buying.
    I came off the pill months ago, as I felt the hormones were affecting my mental health. Odd as I had taken it for years before with no ill effects and everything kicked off all of a sudden. I feel great now and my cycles were pretty normal right from the withdrawal bleed. I now use persona, this tracks my hormones and is allowing me to build a picture of my cycle with hope of using it in reverse in a couple of months.
    Oh I swear if someone else asks me am I pregnant (or even hints at it) I am going to punch them in the nose [​IMG]. Why is it now so socially acceptable to have kids you don't want/can't afford, but strange to plan and wait for the time to be right?
    Have come to conclusion that the time will most probably never be 100% 'right', so give it a month or two and I'm going to be joining the TTC thread. I'm soooooo broody and sick of waiting now!
    Sorry for marathon post!
    Good luck x
  17. Thanks Freesia :) It's nice to find someone who I can talk to other than my OH. Obviously I can't tell everyone we're thinking about TTC as it'll let the cat out of teh bag and they'll be added pressure/expecattion on us. And plus you're a teacher too. Most of the teachers at my school are single women so no one to talk to about that either. Having a child is more important to me than a house and it's so difficult to get a mortgage at the mo. We have signed up for that HomeBuy scheme thing but other than that, all we can do is save and wait and it'll be years before we get anywhere with the mortgage thing. Like you said, my biological clock won't wait :)
    My plan is to give it a few more months and hopefully my body would ahve settled down and my school wil be in a more stable position and then we can try. It coudl take us years to get somewhere so I don't wanna lose anymore time.

    Good luck to you too :)
  18. I know exactly what you mean about not being able to tell anyone, family are all too impatient as it is. School is a definite no-go as far as I am concerned, all chances of being made permanent would be down the swanny if it got out! I'm not even sure if OH understands my obsession. It literally is on my mind constantly, do men understand that when women decide it is time for a baby that they <strike>want</strike> need to do something about it NOW?
    Hopefully I will know where I stand in the next few weeks so I can start TTC. It seems like we are in very similar positions with school and it is so nice to be able to talk about this openly. My OH is wanting to TTC, but is more laid back than me. He is able to think about other stuff but also has the "we can't put our lives on hold forever" attitude. I however have a (huge) tendancy to over think/plan things and am torn between my need to be a Mum and the fear of no security [​IMG]. Heart is winning at the moment!
    Hope the home buy thing gets somewhere for you quickly and the agnus castus (sp?) works. Are you tracking to see if you are stabilising?
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. [​IMG]
  19. New to this! Planning to start TTC in the next few months. (September ish if OH has his way) April if I have my way! Getting married next month. We currently rent, and without a lottery win, have no chance of owning a house in the near future, I'm not going to let that put me off. Am soooooooo broody at the moment and hate the thought of having to try for a couple of years with no success so don't want to delay really. (I have PCOS so now there could be problems.)
    I know exactly what you mean. Past few months it seems to be all I can think about.
  20. Hi Moresparkles, welcome to the thread, it's great knowing there are a few of us who are ticking off the days to start TTC.

    With regards to the house buying, we own and I have to say it was something that was important to us, infact we moved in at 8 1/2 months pregnant as got so drawn out but we were desperate to get in our home. Buying a house is so much more difficult recently and I guess you and OH have to prioritise what's most important. Something to bare in mind is that if you apply for mortgages whilst on maternity leave, this may go against you as your wage will be depleted.

    I definitely feel more broody this time around as it was my husband who was the keen one last time - for once he was right - it was the brilliant idea!

    Hope everyone is having a nice evening, I suppose to be doing reports - woops!!!

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