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Getting ready to ttc?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by saripop, May 16, 2009.

  1. Hi all, how is the week going?
    Wel, after reading all about your OHs, I feel a little better. He suprises me sometimes. He can get so excited / stressed / obsessed over some things and then other times there is hardly a reaction and I just can't predict how he will be over things. Sometimes the most trivial thing can seem to be massive to him by the way he reacts.
    O x
  2. [whispers] thats coz hes a bloke............ and thats why we love 'em I guess. :)
    weeks going toooooo slow. I only have 12 days left now and then thats me footloose and fancy free but skint. Guess I can use this time to start prepping house for Xmas and get the spare room looking normal in prep for painting.....
    I have a folder for all my house interior design ideas..... perhaps I should start a nursery section to 'get me in the mood' ?
  3. Nice idea Tigsy. I have been pleasantly surprised, my period only lasted 3 days, the pain before it was worse! Didn't go back on the pill, but having had 1 cycle of 'feeling' ovulation I'm fairly sure we'll be able to avoid getting pregnant this month. All this science stuff with temperatures is very interesting to a geek like me!
  4. Enjoy your freedom Tigsy - and yes you're right - it's cos they are 'blokes' - no idea what goes on in their heads.
    Strawberry - I hope that my first 'proper' period is like yours, really not sure what to expect.
    I am not sure what is going on with my body at the moment. I finished my very last pill last Thursday and and have had nearly a week of dark brown cm / spotting and it seems that today I might finally have got AF. It is so strange that after deciding that this month will be our month to begin to TTC that my body decides it wants to play silly beggers.
    I have got some Ovulation sticks and a BBT thermometer just for something to do. Think I just want to see what my body does after being on the pill for so long.
    Only 2 more days till weekend!! Feels like such a long week.
    O x
  5. Hi everyone,
    How true is that! I wish the weekend was nearer!
    The more everyone is talking at school about it being December (and thankfully pay day) next week the more nervous I am getting. I read on here about people having problems ttc and therefore the more daunting it seems. I am personally still waiting for the holidays to start ttc, which should hopefully fall right with my cycle anyway but I have got to get through this month's fertile period without desperatly wanting to try.
    I know for almost every other reason it makes sense for me and OH to wait until next cycle but this waiting to ttc is emotionally exhausting! It is just the not knowing how the next few months/years will be for us all. Anyone else feeling like this? I am obsessing without being able to sympton spot etc, so ready to start a family. Plus just found out two more babies are due in my family next year, so want to join them. Basically I hate waiting, thank god I have Christmas to distract me and the joys of the Nativity play!
  6. I feel exactly the same, Rainbow. And we're not trying until after Xmas. My sis has been trying for over a year and she's going through IVF at the moment (the 1st IVF didn't work).
    I am going to be 34 soon. Until a couple of weeks ago, my UH hadn't quite realised that it might take a while (and he wants 2 kids).
  7. I am so glad it is not just me!
    We'd be the first of our siblings to have kids but our step brothers / sisters already have children so there are children around. I'd persuaded OH we should start at Xmas as financially it makes sense, maternity leave etc ;-) My excuse to start trying in December is then ruined if we start trying this month so I know I will wait. I just want to get through the next few days without giving in or talking about it too much at home, my OH is very excited but nervous at the same time as I am too...so glad I found this forum x
  8. My AF is due in approx 8-10 days, and then we'll have a better idea of cycles and our best days to try etc......
    anyone got snow at the mo? I would hate to be preggers when its cold n slippy, if i'm honest....i think I'd hibernate!
  9. Ravena

    Ravena New commenter

    Hi everyone,
    I've decided to join this thread for the first time. I've been off the pill since January, and my cycle has only just gone back to normal (I was only having one period every 3 months and was starting to worry!). I am going to start TTC over the holidays, so only about 3 weeks to wait now! Exciting but also scary.....

  10. Hi All,
    Welcome Ravena...I had your plan too but gave in a month earlier. No willpower! Exciting but scary is def right! The first time we tried I was thinking 'i can't believe i'm doing this? This could change my life forever? How exciting? Oh, what the hell am I doing?'
    Will find out in a few weeks if I've been lucky!

  11. Day 2 of a snow-day and CD 28 here. My theory that AF would arrive today, so far, is wrong..... i've not had any indications that its due though.........
    hope you're all well and keeping warm!

    welcome ravena :)
  12. well I was actually right with my dates....... this is good..... so now I guess I'm back to CD 1 and can start planning properly :)
  13. How is everyone? It has been very quiet on hear the last couple of weeks. My af is due in the next few days but my cycle has been all over the place this month so not convinced as I have been known to have very long cycles when I think about it too much. Does anyone get this? Once this af gets out of the way we will be ready to start trying, if I can just get rid of this cold! Bring on the end of term!

  14. Hi rainbow, I'm in the middle of another cycle, second off the pill and we've just started looking at houses so my be 'getting ready' for some time yet! Good luck next month, very exciting. Some of the ladies who were on here are now on ttc and it looks like lots of good news all round!
  15. Hi girls haven't been on here in ages..
    Hope your all well and looking forward to Xmas I know lots of you were waiting till the new year to start ttc not long now!
    Well found out I'm pregnant this morning with a clear blue digital test - So thrilled - Thanks for all your posts on the journey I'll keep my eye out for you all on here. Wish me sticky luck girlies xxxxx

  16. Wow! Good luck S&B, I hope everything goes well. I will definitely follow your journey and can't wait for the rest of us to start ours very soon.
  17. oh congratulations S&B thats wonderful news!!!!!!! There should be a first trimester thread set up for those starting out in their pregnancies.

    I havent been here for a wee whilie either so i'm not sure if theres been any other BFPs??
    This is CD 12 for me and oddly my temps went through the roof last night, I thought H had left the leccy blanket switched on!! I've been getting mild cramps and some lower back ache too. I didnt experience any of this until CD 15 for the last two cycles so i'm keeping an eye on this one....trying to figure out what it means.
    H announced he was going to get me pregnant today (!!!!) but thats not happened, LOL!
    so prolly missed our chances for this month. I must get one of those monitor thingys.....

    and hello rainbow :)
  18. Hi Tigsy, how are you getting on?

    I hope you are all enjoying the start of the holidays! I am on CD4 and suffering a very heavy and painful period. Once this finishes then this is it! We have waited until December, we feel financially and emotionally ready and ready to start the rollercoaster!
    We know it may happen quickly, slowly, need no intervention or rely entirely on intervention but we are ready to see where this journey takes us. Fingers crossed! x
  19. How exciting Rainbow! You should pop over to the ttc thread and join the madness! [​IMG]
  20. hey rainbow, doing alright here. Will be ttc proper in the new year, we aint particularly ready for it but time aint on our side as we are in our late 30s. Though i've been out of work, I've managed to secure some employment for the first few months of the year so thats going to be a bit of a relief....
    just wish I hadnt had so much weight gain in recent months, i feel huge and my clothes arent fitting me which then led me to worry about a whole new pregnancy wardrobe, arrgghh!
    the joys.
    hopefully i'll be over on the ttc thread before too long.

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