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Getting ready to ttc?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by saripop, May 16, 2009.

  1. NOW I'm scared, lol I have nooooooooooooooo idea what any of that meant!!
    i've also forgotten what cd means again!
  2. Don't panic!
    CD - cycle day
    Luteal phase (LP)- the amount of days between ovulation and your period
    Any other you need to know, let me know. All these abbreviations are very difficult at first, but you get used them pretty soon and they become second nature!
  3. ouch! Now have a sore tummy to go with back. It's not like cramps, it just feels really sore. Not used to this real af business. :(
    I thought I might come on today but only pink cm when I wipe and nothing else. It hurts. Have taken painkillers though. Hot water bottle tonight for me.
    Hope things are better for you tigsy. x
  4. a friends suggested that if i'm getting cramps then they could be ovulation cramps and therefore it would not be a safe time to dtd?? I just dont get when the safe times are lolol.....
    Im going through a 'I dont know what I want' phase at the moment, I'm feeling scared by it all. What if i'm not ready to be pregnant?? its horrible pushing away my H all the time :(
  5. If you look back in the thread Tigsy you'll see you're not the only one to feel this way. But the fears pass and the urge doesn't.
  6. cheers becka :) sorry to sound like a moany coo..... lol.
    i'll get over it, i'm sure.
  7. course you will. Are you sure you want to be pushing OH away so often? Why not let him put a smile back on your face? I know you're waiting 2 months but even so there are ways lass!
  8. It is all very confusing Tigsy, I hope things sort out for you. I feel very confused and as af is nearly here am contemplating going back on the pill (I came off due to side effects). I don't really want to but alternatives are not an option (he is allergic and I don't want any other hormonal contraception). Ah well, it's just me getting cold feet and not knowing what is the right thing. Really want a baby but not sure if now is good or not. Have stocked up on paracetamol, not due until monday but been in pain for last 2 days already. Have also taken folic acid as suggested by antoniou. Tigsy I did consider it being ovulation, but temps show that was last monday and had pains then too. I can't do this every month, the pain in tummy and back was so bad I was nearly sick. Good luck, I'm sure you will know what you want soon. x
  9. Tigsy I know how you feel as do many others I'm sure. I was umming and arrhing and was intending to start ttc in December. I changed my mind sooooo many times (which hubby wasn't happy about) because I was scared that I'd never be ready then something just clicked and am now ttc (month 1) even though it's not even Dec yet!!!
    Only you will know when it's right for you xxx
  10. Oh strawberrytart huge hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    But on the contraception front, if you do get pregnant girls you will probably find it necessary to get creative in the mutual comfort department (due to physical limitations both before and after birth) and some of the solutions are not the kind of solutions that would lead to pregnancy. So go on - get creative - and in between the pain make time to smile and make OH smile. I know it sounds improbably but - it's a useful skill for making family life work......
  11. Might need to be 'creative' next month near ov time to avoid this months issues as dtd day before and after ov (didn't quite realise what it was at the time even though I was temping-chart was very funny!). Don't want to be causing any probs yet. SIL recommended OPKs to prevent pregnancy but don't want to go down that route yet-temping is addicitve enough.
    Going to bed with hot water bottle again, light cramps like I'm being tweaked inside but very uncomfortable. Not pleasant so thanks for the hugs weebecka.
  12. hugs indeed!! I havent been in any pain so i'm extremely fortunate, my cramps are very mild. If you go back on the pill you still have to wait for that time till its safe...... by then you might have decided you want back off the pill!
    Your post weebecka was so eloquently put :) I understood what you meant....
    I'm also in talks with my hairdresser about a new look as I cant be arssed having it dyed every 6 weeks, plus I'm a bottle blonde so something needs to give.....I dont think it helps that the spare room is a dump at the moment and I want to get it cleaned out and painted as soon as poss...lots of little stresses, pointless stresses; No perm job, a messy bedroom and my roots, lololol.....disaster!
  13. Hi all, hope all are well.
    (( )) to those in pain, I have been on the pill for 10 years and have had the occasional 'bad' month for pains but nothing like what you all describe. I have had to have hot water bottle sometimes and had the occasional double over for a second but nothin like fainting / being sick. Can't remember if had anything like that when I went on the pill (although I remember that sometimes AF was very heavy) so I am hoping it won't be too bad.
    I had my last pill on Thursday night and have had brown spotting (sorry TMI) for a few days. Once AFproperly kicks in and leaves, it will be all systems go. I have bought 50 cheap OPKs and pregnancy tests off Amazon in the hope that I might catch early and OH can say I have wasted money (Not that I will be in the slightest bit bothered!!).
    Think I might be brave and venture over to TTC for a little peek.
    Enjoy your weekends
    O x
  14. good morning girls
    hows it going?? hows your weekends been so far? Yesterday flew by and theres so much to do today inc planning, bah.
    not much to report here except H has backed down a little as I pointed out if I got pregs before xmas our friends and reli's would be guessing with my lack of alcohol and he didnt want that to happen to me whilst we are entertaining from home so the pressures off just now which is goooooooooood.
    i'm feeling a bit happier :)
  15. I'm having a chilled out weekedn now. AF arrived yesterday, thank god as the worst pain is out of the way now. I'm with you tigsy on the drinking at xmas and have told my oh this too!
  16. Hi girls sorry haven't been on in ages - Hope your all well and getting excited for xmas? Assessment nerd great that were both trying eek hope we get +'s in time for the holidays.
    So ..... hideous AF hit me like a ton of bricks last weekend felt yuck ! Was starting to hope symptoms were because I was PG but not my month I guess [​IMG]
    Stocked up on grapefruit juice and off to acupuncturist (think thats the correct term) in a couple of weeks to see what they say heard it can be really good when TTC?
    Well hope your all having a fab weekend n not too many Sunday blues about xxxx
  17. Welcome back S&B. Really sorry to hear you had a tough time of it last week. I had all my fingers crossed for you. That is one of my worst fears - I have not had a 'proper' period in so long that I have no idea what to expect.
    Well, I am awaiting AF after finishing my final pill on Thursday. Then here comes the scary bit. (been spotting for a few days but that about it - will teach me to mess about with it. Just shows what missing one or two mid cycle can do.) I happened to mention to OH this morning that in a few weeks we will be properly trying and all I got was a very pathetic 'yeah'. It almost sounded like he was getting cold feet. I asked him if he was and he just said it was a bit daunting and got out of bed and went for a shower! Now I don't know what he is thinking. I have waited so long for this and it upsets me a little that he is not as enthusiastic as me.
    It was my 30th birthday yesterday. Had a lovely time with family and met my cousin's 2 month old baby boy. I am sooooo ready now!!!
    Hope your weekends have been kind.
    O x
  18. Hi Omega,
    Just popped over from the trying to conceive thread. Is your OH normally an unethusiastic person? I ask because my husband is very laid back and does not get enthusiastic about much and so I don't read too much into his reaction. I also think that men do not get as enthusiastic about ttc as we do, that just seems to be the way. You just need to ask him whether he is still happy about the situation. It may be that he is just a little scared about the responsibility, which is natural. I found that when I said that to my husband he seemed relieved. I am sh*t scared about the prospect as I see it as such an important 'job' in life, but I still feel ready.
    I hope this helps and makes some sense. I really would not worry too much.
    Best of luck and I hope AF is kind to you. It's funny, you want to see her and I hate that witch!
  19. Same here Omega - my hubby doesn't express excitement about anything - he could win the lottery and would probably just say 'well, that's good isn't it?' in his usual relaxed style! :)
    He's the same about TTC - I know he definitely wants to try for a baby and is completely on board with the idea but shows little if any emotion about it at all. The only time he gets remotely animated about it is if I suggest a potential name for a child that he doesn't approve of! Then he's suddenly interested! I'm hoping he'll be more excited when it's really happening to us (still at the TTC stage at the moment).
    I'm sure when the big moment arrives when we get our BFPs we'll finally see some kind of emotion/ reaction - positive or otherwise! (I think my husband will poop his pants! Lol!)

  20. My H is the opposite! During one class today I get a text asking me for my opinion on a name... sheesh.
    I wish he had the same enthusiasm for getting that spare room sorted.

    how are we today??

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