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Getting ready to ttc?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by saripop, May 16, 2009.

  1. Hey Omege AF was due either Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or today very confused may test tomorrow if still nothing have had pretty mixed up cycles recnetly so not getting excited in the least !
  2. Hi girls!
    After joining forum last weekend and saying was waiting til December I gave in...Am thinking would be very lucky to fall first cycle, especially as this would mean an August baby but got to start somewhere. Feel anxious but excited!!!!!
  3. Yey how exciting AN [​IMG] - Are you actually trying this month then ? Good luck good luck would be amasing to get a PG on here in time for xmas or new year!!!xx
  4. oooo AN, that is exciting. I'm too chicken....lolol. Only had one cycle so far...this is CD 12 and last month it was CD 15 before the cramping started and the sore boobs......so just waiting to see if that repeats itself..... once the AF is out the way then I'll give in..........
  5. So it seems! Doesn't actually feel real saying it though! Suppose I need to move onto the other thread. S&B - test!!!!
  6. You cant leave us!!! You only just got here lololol
    I've started an intor thread if you want to add to it...... hoping some of the TTCers will add to it too.......
    i'm off to do some xmas shopping, see ya later!
  7. Have added to your intro thread, good idea Tigsy! I won't leave yet. Am off now to enjoy a lovely glass of grapefruit juice...yum....;-(
  8. No posts today???
    hope everyones well and there monday hasnt been too bad......
    Im going to have to think about weight loss/exercise. I'm feeling the size of a small whale at the moment. I need to curb my sweet tooth and get moving otherwise i'm going to be enormous once im pregnant!
  9. Hi tigsy, have started exercising again and feel loads better. It's so hard to get motivated though isn't it? I am due af next mon ish and feeling 'heavy' and backachey already so preparing for an almighty time as 1st af after stopping the pill properly.
    Take care, good luck with exercise motivation.

  10. I used to have really heavy, painful periods before - partly why I went on the pill in the first place, but since coming off in April, I've not anything like that! I think it's because of the folic acid; mysister found this too and as soon as she stopped taking folic acid her periods get really painful again. Are you taking folic acid? Even if you're not actually ttc yet, it's good to take it three months before you try and it may help with the period pain. x
  11. Thanks antoniou, I didn't know that! I'll give it a go. Have followed your story on ttc, best of luck to you! x
  12. my first af was a breeze...... nervous bout my second.....
    cd 15 here and last month I was a getting cramps by now but none so far.......so wondering if i'll be diffy this month......

    sounds really silly but I'm reallllllllllllllllly nervous about breaking the news to my parents when it happens. I would hope that the prospect of being grandparents again would outweigh the fact their 'little girl' is preggers?? lol. My father worries about me not having a steady income...
  13. I know what you mean tigsy, it's a scary thoguht. My mum would be over the moon, but dad would say he's too young to be a grandad (he's 47!)
    I have temped and didn't ov til CD23, just thought I was having a random cycle as coming off the pill. Using temping as contraception as opposed to ttc (but not very successfully so far as didn't have a clue what was really going on, lol!)
  14. i'm not brave enough to use the 'safe' days.....mainly cos i still havent really worked out when the 'safe' days are!! tis a minefield......i'm not going to get an ov monitor just yet...
  15. Tigsy, I am realllllllly worried about breaking the news to my parents when we do actually get pregnant.Pathetic really, I'm 30! I will always be my dads little girl! My mum (who is 56) told me last year she's not ready to be a grandparent until she retires. I assumed would be retiring early (she teaches), but no, she just doesn't want to feel old yet by having grandchildren! My MIL is the opposite, every time she sees me it's like she looks into me and is desperate for me to tell her the news she's waiting for!
  16. Morning girls,
    I know what you mean about telling your parents. Even though I have already spoken to mine about the fact we are going to start trying very soon I am still scared. I did sit down with my mum a few months ago and she gave the 'birds and the bees' talk. I am sure it was more embarrassing this time round than when I was a teenager.
    Well, it looks like we might be trying sooner than I thought. With only 1 pill to go, it looks like AF has arrived. Never had her arrive early before but I think I have probably been less careful with this pack. I have missed the odd one - must have been my brain telling me that now we have decided to just go for it that it doesn't really matter anymore.
    Hope all your Wednesday's go well. Only 2 more get ups til weekend. x
  17. well at least im not alone on that score then....... i dont have a relationship with either parent where we can talk about stuff like this and I wont be relying on my mother for advice either, which is sad but the truth, so all I have is a sister in law and the web for information really....
    anytime i've mentioned children I get met with a stony silence. and i'm 37 next summer!!!!!

    anyhooo, tis inservice here so have had a day of various things and tomorrow and friday will be pretty much the same. Its rather nice not having to teach I must admit. After this week I only have 3 weeks left to go. And I suppose that will be as good a time as any to maybe start trying proper.....eeeeeek.
    I did asks H if we could have another cat instead but he said nooooooooooooooooooooooo.
    bahhumbug. :)
  18. Just cried at hollyoaks today. Oh dear, at least pmt plus backache plus cramps means I actually have a cycle. Only ovulated last mon (according to temp chart!) so a very short luteal phase if af arrives in th next 2 days or so. My mum wants me to have a baby so she can look after it some of the time when I go back to work. :)
  19. The cramps have started........just 2 days later than last time..but looks like I'm on track and heading for a 28 day cycle.......
    I might also just give in and get on with it as I've missed my fertile time........and technically 'safe'??? or is there another time just before AF???
  20. If you think your luteal phase is too short (anything less than about10/11 days) then there is a thread a few pages back about how you can lenghten it. I take a vitamin B complex in the hope that it will lengthen my LP as I don't OV until CD19 and AF usually arrives around cd29/30.

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