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Getting ready to ttc?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by saripop, May 16, 2009.

  1. I love KS1 but nervous about anything in upper KS2, I know I am due to be moved in September so always secretly wonder if I will be there by then. No point worrying too much though, whenever I teach year six for the odd day I do some EYFS set up (obviously working at their level) and they love it. We'll be fine, but of course secretly plotting to not have to be there for a few months at least...
  2. I've started an introductions thread if you want to say hello there? Just means we can get to know others beyond the threads we post in.....
  3. Hi everyone.
    Thanks Tigsy, will have a look at your thread in a sec.
    As for you girlies in in EYFS, I don't know how you do it. Give me stroppy teenage wannabes anyday. Just being on the infant yard at playtime with 2 other adults sends me into a panic. I have now taught all of KS2 and much prefer Year 5 & 6 (even with all the marking that comes with it). Though know that one day I should really try KS1.
    Hope you are all doing well.
  4. Hey girlies haven't been on in what feels like ages - so much happens in a few days !!
    Hope your all well?
    Thanks for starting the intros thread Tigsy a brilliant idea.
    Rainbow I like the sound of your book the internet is not a good place to look for info its so conflicting and confusing and DANGEROUS it can make one obsessive especially with an Iphone or blackberry in ones mitt at all times!
    Think I may tootle over to Amazon in a mo!
    So I think AF is coming have cramps and generally feel yuk and surprised by how upsett I feel about it it's only our 1st real month of trying (so hope you dont mind me posting on the getting ready ttc forum?). [​IMG]
  5. Hi S&B - Really sorry to hear you're feeling yukky but you're not out yet don't forget.
    It's lovely having you in here. You are just over a month ahead of me. I should finish my last pill on Wedneday so next cycle should be all go. Feels wierd not panicing over making sure I order more pill in time.
    How have you felt this month? Have you been taking it easy or have you been temping / using ovulation sticks? I so want to be good and not get obsessed but already finding myself heading that way.
  6. Ah thanks Omega love you've made my smile which is not easy today [​IMG]. I still have about 3 packs of pills in my bedside table crazy how life changes used to be so careful not tc !!
    This month I tried oving sticks as Im impatient and also intrigued to see what cycle is like after laparoscopy a little while ago but went away during the half term break with some friends and stopped as wanted to just have fun with the girls - anyhoo to cut a long story short still no idea when ov'd if I did ?
    Think this month I'll try some cheaper ones from Amazon with 30 in the pack as expensive digital test only had 7 and my timings were obviously a mess? May try temping after xmas ?
    Felt quite positive about it all and still do its such an exciting time for us and have so much to look forward to so trying not to let my heart run away with my head thinks thats the best advice. I came off the pill in April so had a long haul to get to this point xx
  7. It seems you have been very patient getting to this stage, hopefully it won't be much longer for you.
    I have just ordered some of the cheap OV sticks off Amazon as I too would like to see what happens with my cycles. Heard so many things about coming off the pill so would like to know if I am actually OVing and when.
    I have read on here that some of you lovely ladies are temping. How does it work and what are you looking for?
    Can you tell I am already obsessed?! Think it must be the teacher in me - have to be in control.[​IMG]
  8. Thanks Omega don't feel so patient but hey I'm trying my best. At least you will be starting tc from a good place and your fully informed x My 2nd period off the pill was horrific how have you been so far hope its all going ok?
    Haven't done it but think temping is to chart when ov, as basal temp increases, but doesn't give you time to plan it that month its more to record calendar days etc if you have a regular cycle may be useful I assume? Could be totally wrong though?
  9. evening!
    I been out all day. Today I was greeted with a 'lets do it' and I had to say nay lol. Just want to get my second cycle out of the way before I venture forth into the unknown lol.
    typically, I bet it takes a while and i bet the chances of me getting pregs now are v v slim..
    hope your saturdays have gone well.
  10. Ah no poor old Mr Tigsy !! Remember those spermies need to come out every now and then to keep the quality tip top [​IMG]
    You might be one of the jamy people who get PG instantly though too tigs !!
  11. oh i know i know.....lol.....call me selfish but I fancy my xmas tipple this year as I might not get to next year lol.
    My neices have a new cousin now, on their mums side, I told them I'd get a wiggle on lol.
    Do you, or anyone, think that they myth about twins is true, skipping a generation and all that?
    My mums a twin and his dad was a twin...... neither had twins themselves, nor did my aunt have twins, nor her daughters have twins.
    what are my chances?????!
  12. No idea chick not one twin in my family and only actually know one set in fact cant even think of any twins at my school weird !!
    Have friends who are twins but they were test tube babies so dont think they would be much help !
    Drinking at Xmas is going to be my condolence prize I thinks :(

  13. Hi Tigsy,
    Not sure about the twin myth. It is supposed to be in my family on my mums side and has skipped a gerneration ever since anyone can remember. My Gramdma had twin brothers and her grandmother was a twin and goes further back than that as far as I can gather. That would mean it should have been my mum's generation but neither her or her brother have had twins so who knows.
    Think twins would be rather scary!!
  14. S&B, was just about towrite the same thing about Xmas drinking. If my 1st cycle settles OK, I should know one way or another by Xmas day!
  15. yup, twins scare me. my neices were in hysterics yesterday as I described myself as a huge whale with a belly so big I'd topple over.........
    H keeps teasing me about it and is glad the spare rooms big enough for two cots,lolol.
    Least we'd get our two kids in one go!
    Our only other problem would be getting planning permmision to build an extension. We bought our wee house with the view of staying here forever, its very purty and idyllic and we've got big plans for it. *sigh* But, thats a long way off yet...failing that I could always stick em in a shed at the bottom of the garden, hahahahahahaha.......
  16. Now that might be an idea. At least you might get some piece and quiet. You're write about getting 2 kids at once, but then there is the added expense. I only managed to properly persude OH to start trying now because ofI presented him with a huge list of 'cheap' or 'inexpensive' ways to have a baby.
    Just wish I could stop all our our friends with the LOs talking about how much they have spent so far.
  17. Do appologise for spellings - was out very late last night and am a little hungover. My fingers don't quite seem to be connected to my brain yet.
  18. I convinced my OH it wouldnt be too exspensive too eek oh well not much they can do when LO comes along he he !!
    Feeling pretty [​IMG] myself Omega ! Really confused had period type cramps for 3 days and no AF yet not lettin myself feel hopeful though ???
  19. lolol thats ok!! its allowed. We dont have to be good at spelling or anything till tomorrow..... I have 2 days teaching and 3 days inset this week - bliss. Well, kinda bliss........
    I dont think H has really considered the financial aspect of it all, I'm technically unemployed in 4 weeks time.....but not going to think about it. Babies only need be expensive as you make them and there are people a lot more worse off than I who manage to bring up children in a loving environment..
    theres a list some where on here on items you should buy, tis very helpful and was posted in response to a question I had... i'll see if i can track it down...
  20. That really sucks. Hope you feel better soon - especially if it for good reasons that you are ill. When is AF due? Are you going to test soon?

    Tigsy, thanks for that link. Very interesting!! I have to admit, I have been having a sneaky peak at some of the bigger baby items online and am actually quite surprised that I really like some of the less expensive prams & cots etc. OH will be please - he has trained me well.


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