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Getting ready to ttc?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by saripop, May 16, 2009.

  1. Hi Girls,
    I too have been thinking of ways to get more healthy. Unfortunately, I am classed as over weight so have recently joined Slimming World. Can't believe how much you can eat and still loose weight (although slowly in my case). I also like the odd glass of wine of an evening and a little more on the weekend so have cut down to only drinking on a Friday and Saturday.
    I have got the Sonatogen Preconception tablets and having a few problems remembering to take them. Not sure why. Have started to set a reminder on my phone. Interesting to hear about the grapefruit juice especially as not really a fan.
  2. Hello, I have been reading this forum for a couple of weeks and would really like to join! I am also at the scary point of starting to consider ttc. We will probably start in the xmas holidays like lots of you, we got married in the summer and I have just got through threshold so now seems the perfect time to start.
    2011 should be an exciting year!
  3. Hey KM welcome totally agree think 2011 will be the best yet xxx
    Lots of people are going to busy busy over the xmas holidays - hopefully we can all keep in touch on here and see how we go!
    Grapefruit juice it is then yummy I'd prefer vino though life is so unfair !
  4. It's so nice to have found a 'home', thanks for welcoming me everyone! I'm trying to cut down on caffeine and alchohol and need to shift a bit of weight, as tbh I haven't lost all of the weight I put on when pregnant with my son! I'm doing ok with the alchohol bit (I think it helps that I'm no longer teaching in a school, and love my new job!!), but am still drinking too much caffeine as people keep making me cups of tea and it would be rude not to drink them! I'm not taking any pre-natal vitamins at the moment but will probably start on them again in the new year. I'm trying to cut out as many additives etc in food as possible and am drinking lots of herbal tea (which is supposed to be replacing the normal tea but isn't so far!). Having 2 miscarriages this year has been a real wake up call for me and I'm convinced that they happened (at least partly) because I haven't been looking after my health as much as I should have been.
    I really can't stand grapefruit juice! I might not be bothering with that one!
  5. hello to sleepy me and rainbow.... how you doing girls? almost the weekend!!! well according to an ovulation calculator on the web im at my most fertile tomorrow and will be for the next 5 days. So does that mean I'm ovulating then?? I dont understand,lol I dont have any symptoms either like cramps or temp rising.....
    H and I are having to abstain (eeeeeek!) coz other methods of contraception doesnt suit us and so i've said we'll start in december after all lol.. chances of me being pregnant in the first month are prolly slim??
    i'm skipping the grapefruit juice too but i def need to curb the sweet tooth,,,its getting silly now!
    i already look preggers without the baby!
  6. Hi Tigsy, I can sympathise with the abstaining part, only temps show I ovd Mon and dtd Sun and Tues cos I just didnt think I would ov as temps had been fairly random in the last little while. Whoops, was meant to abstain though! Like you, other methods don't suit us. I'm fairly sure though that 1st month off the pill it's not likely to happen so not too worried.
  7. Don't know if any of you would be interested but I bought a book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility on Amazon a couple of months ago and it is probably the most interesting book I have ever read. I obviously have yet to find out if it will work or not and but it is a very interesting read.
    (Taking Charge Of Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement and Reproductive Health)
    Anyone else got any tips? Thank you all for being so welcoming x
  8. H has forbidden me from buying any books...lol... hes doing me a favour. Its supposed to fun, right!? i dont want to get too bogged down with facts and figures....the stuff ive read on the net makes my stomach turn! lol
  9. We are having no books either. My SIL husband is completely neurotic after reading the blokes guide to pregnancy. Can't be doing with that! I also don't want to know about gory stuff, placentas, expressing milk or any of that stuff-ignorance is bliss (at the moment!) Also my SIL knows loads about baby development from reading but if it went wrong it would be horrible to think about the development etc. (for me at least, I know others will want to know and I respect that, just not my cup of tea.)
  10. I bought this one before he realised that you could buy books about this! Although he has been quite interested in the whole thing (at the moment this is more because it helps you recognise your infertile times of the month)!
    I am not reading any books about being pregnant yet (nor do I own any),it is just too early to need too know about baby development or anything that may put me off or scare me as you say. This book simply explains exactly how to chart, what to look for etc to find your most fertile days. I haven't done any reading on the internet just found this book with amazing reviews, took a chance and now I really feel I understand what is happening with my body so much more. Just thought I'd mention it incase anyone else was interested.

  11. It does sound interesting, I wish I could read without becoming obsessed, lol! So I'm avoiding it. Thanks for mentioning it, perhaps in a little while when I'm 'serious' I will consdier reading more. A book is probably safer than google! x
  12. Are you temping too? I find natural methods interesting as I do wonder what all these chemicals do t our bodies.
  13. I totally agree, I am nervous of the internet and how obsessed I could become checking websites to see different opinions (in the weeks / days before our wedding we had so many weather forecast sites saved in favourites and would of course only agree with the ones that predicted good weather while becoming more and more nervous about the threat of whole day downpours).

    I think it is safer if I stick to a book, almost managed not to obsess yet... mind you I only came on to forums for some advice about having a mixed R/1 class..somehow I have ended up here!
  14. Just started temping last week. Due to OH interest in finding unfertile times of the month! I discovered that my peak day would have been day 21 which is probably right for my cycle at about 31-32 days but I still always presumed it should have been day 14. Obviously need to chart further to see continuing patterns but we are confident enough to take the chance (if we did end up pregnant now we would be overjoyed, I would just rather finish the school year for/with my class so have decided to wait until the xmas holidays)
  15. Lol about the wedding stuff! Love it, I was similar when I was planning mine. I teach R, they were just lovely today in the minutes silence, so sensible. Makes it worthwhile! Can't imagine mixed R/1 good luck.
  16. We are very similar in the temping thing-my OH is very keen and I would be happy if this was the motnh, but I know the chances are slim so working on the assumption that AF will be here in 10 days and not looking forward to it as it is 1st one properly after coming off the pill.
  17. i was nervous strawbtart but I was very lucky to have it arrive on day 27 and be short and light with no period pain.. its cycle no 2 which scares me lololol...
  18. Mine too, they wanted to talk about brave people for ages and they all chose to make poppies independently. Very sweet. Mixed R/1 so much fun, totally exhausting but now I have just survived Ofsted with them, I can survive anything!
    Are we mad planning all this while trying to cope day to day in Early Years??? Every piece of advice my BF gives me is about how she fell pregnant within a week both times by making sure she was relaxed at home and at work. Relaxing for a minute is a miracle!
  19. Yep we are mad! I too am hoping to see out the year, I love EYFS and I do worry that I won't get back into it after maternity leave and will end up in a N/C year group instead. Well done for surviving ofsted, I have to say I am worried about that!
  20. Hi Tigsy, I came off the pill a couple of years ago because I started to get some side effects, brown patches on my face etc, similar to those you can get while pregnant apparently. I was not looking forward to the TOTM as I went of the pill because of that about 12 years earlier. Within about 3 months I was regular again and didn't have any particularly bad experiences, just went back to being heavy but bareable and preferred to not take the drugs daily and just try to cope without plus avoid side effects. I am sure you will be fine x

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