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Getting ready to ttc?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by saripop, May 16, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    Just wondering if there were any other people like myself out there, who aren't actually ttcing but are lurking and absorbing all of the amazing info on here?
    I'm getting married in December and will be ttcing asap after that! I read on the internet that there was a study on folic acid that showed that women who took it for year before ttc were significantly more likely to get pg quickly and had much lower m/c rates. So.. I have started taking wellwoman supplements which actually have folic acid and evening primrose as my cycles are a bit messed up since I came of the pill in September.
    Anyone else in a similar situation or have any ideas for what else i can do to prepare my body for getting pregnant?
    And btw, thanks to all the ladies on here for sharing their experiences and wisdom!
  2. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I started TTCing immediately after my honeymoon last year (start of Sept). I stopped taking the pill and was pregnant within a week. I did nothing at all to prepare - no folic acid, no vitamins, hadn't stopped drinking alcohol or caffeine.......
    The only thing I had done that year was lose 3 stone and get incredibly fit, and I don't know if that helped or not. I'd done that for my wedding as I wanted to look my best. I think it also helped that i'd just had a 6 week Summer holiday, an amazing wedding and 2 weeks all-inclusive in Cuba so was really relaxed. I got pregnant in the 1st week of term, before the real stress of work started to set in!!!
    I'm now 37 weeks pregnant!
  3. Congratulations! It seems that a lot of people fall pg when they first come off the pill. Well, I'm also losing weight for my wedding and will have a fantastic holiday too as we're getting married in South Africa and honeymooning there as well!
    But, I'm a planner and so need to start doing something now! I'm charting my cycles (mainly because they are really irregular), and as I said before taking wellwoman vits, not the pregnancy ones just the normal ones (not quite that obsessed yet!).

  4. We hadn't done anything special in advance either, we decided at Christmas to bring it forward (we were going to wait as my OH was going to be working away for 6 months until the credit crunch hit and the company stopped secondments abroad - I must be one of the few people pleased about the credit crunch!) and we were pregnant within a fortnight. I think we were successful first time TTC for three reasons.
    1. Fertile genes (I was a first try, he was an accident)
    2. Being relaxed - we'd had the most amazingly relaxed Christmas away at my parents and I'd been off work so stress levels were low.
    3. Knowing my body and cycles - I'd been off the pill for ages as I had to stop taking it due to migraines so I'd been taking my basal body temperature for contraception for 6 months (we'd got sick of using condoms all the time) and knew when I was fertile and when I wasn't.
    Good luck, and have a great wedding!
  5. Hey,
    I'm a lurker and am not TTC yet for various reasons (none of them becuase I don't want to - I am desparate to start!!). I have been thinking about taking folic acid too, but don't want to give husband a heart attack! I have been tracking my cycle for the past 2 months so that when we do start TTC, I know my body and when to DTD! That's about it, not sure what else I can do, other than to keep fit (hmmmmmmmm, boring!!!!). My weight is fine, am probably slightly underweight (what a problem to have I know!) but I am not particulalry fit. Does anyone know what the best vitamin is to take? Is it better to take folic acid on its own or any of the combined ones? There are so many!
    Also thanks to all who have shared experiences, I am addicted to this forum, even though we are not TTC yet! I love to read all the stories and keep up with everyone else's success!
  6. Hi Pinkfairy2,
    Sounds like you're the same as me! I am also desparate to start and have been for years but my OH isn't quite ready and really it would be best to wait till after the wedding, wouldn't it?! I've been tracking my cycle since September when I came off the pill and have had very irregular periods the longest cycle being 50 days. I'm hoping that it's all sorting itself out now, as my last cycle was 28 days and my luteal phase is always 14 days exactly and as I understand it, that's the bit that really matters!
    In terms of the folic acid, if you don't want your OH to 'have a heart attack', then why not try the Wellwoman Original ones? They have the same amount of folic acid as pregnacare ones but don't say anything about pregnancy on the pack. That's why I got them as my OH would also be a bit funny as we're not ttc till December! They also have evening primrose which is supposed to regulate your cycles and hormones or something...
    Have you decided when you will start ttc? How is your OH about it? Mine is a little quiet on the subject, but he is also quite young for a man (will be 28 when we are married) i'll be 29 so for me, I really feel like I want to get one in before I'm 30!
  7. And btw, congrats Whizbit! How far are you?
  8. I did nothing to prepare, as we weren't TTC, and weren't planning to for at least another 3 yrs! It was a total accident, although I don't really drink anyway. i started taking folic acid immediately I found out.
    I think we must be extra fertile!
  9. At last! A thread on the pregnancy page I can join in with! I'm on my pill free week at the mo and we've decided that I'm not gonna go back on them tomorrow. Very excited/nervous/terrified/giddy etc etc etc. I have an 11 year old from a previous relationship and I'm getting married to the man of my dreams in October.
    I'm currently an NQT so we were gonna wait till after we get married and my year was all passed and sorted. We've decided to go for it though. I'm 32, he's 34, I had a cyst removed from an ovary a few years ago which meant me losing most of the ovary and I also had an abortion about 8 years ago which had loads of complications afterwards. On top of that we have two friends (2 couples) our age both of whom are having fertility treatment. All in all I think I've lost sight of why we're supposed to be waiting to ttc and have decided that we're just gonna get on with it! I suspect with my stress levels it may take a while anyway...
    Watch this space. Am trying to pluck up the courage to join the ttc thread

  10. sunshinesarah

    sunshinesarah New commenter

    Come and join us purpleAubergine on TTC we are very friendly and supportive of each other. Hope to see you there soon.
  11. Well I am very young (will be 24 in Aug), got married last year. [​IMG]Havent really decided when we will TTC, my OH is not really ready yet, altho think he is thinking about it. He hates me talking about it, he knows I am ready (suppose he always knew I was ready from the moment we met haha!) and he says the more I go on about it, the longer it will take him. I dont really understand this to be honest, I dont 'get' how he will just wake up one day and decide he is ready!! Men!!!! He says 'soon' which I also dont understand (when is soon? a month? a year? hehe!) but just have to wait and see I suppose. Its not really the right time just now anyway, I have just secured a permanent position (a rareity (sp?) these days!) and want to get settled first before going away to have a baby!! Wouldnt look too good! Everyone keeps telling me 'you're young, plenty of time for all that'.
    I think probably within the next year (seems sooooo long!).
    I suppose your OH is sensible to want to wait until after the wedding, you wouldnt want to be heavily pregnant in the photos (but you wouldnt really show for a few months tho [[​IMG]) so maybe you can persuade him to stop trying to not get pregnant before the wedding, if you know what I mean!!
    I will look in to those wellwoman ones, I have never taken vitamins before so he might be suspicious anyway, but I think to be honest he will be ok about it all now that I have a perm job (I think that was the reason he wasn't keen before was cos I was only temp but now that we have a bit more security he will prob be a bit more ameanable (sp?) to talking about it!)
    I dont think men are that excited about it anyway, not the same as we are anyway. Some people on here have mentioned that thier OH are broody but I cant see mine being like that, as much as he wants it I cant seem him being the one to initiate conversations etc about it! Maybe I am wrong tho, we will see! Nice to be able to talk about it tho on here!
  12. We're not TTC yet, but I think I am ready to start!! I've been lurking on the TTC thread and have been monitoring my cycles for a while to see how I work! We're hoping to move house this year, and have an adventurous Xmas hol booked, so it's looking like 2010 TTC for us!
    As far as TTC before a wedding goes, a very good friend of ours was 6 montsh when she got pregnant and her photos looked fine - you can only tell on about 3 of the official ones as the style of dress she chose really suited her bump - it was only obvious in side-on shots.
  13. Ooh purpleaubergine, how exciting! I'm jealous, I've been broody for so long, but I'm pleased that I can finally start seriously thinking it.

    I bought some ovulation predictors today. Silly, I know, but I just want to see if everything's working and also they were on buy one get one free at Superdrug!
    Am I the most obsessed not-ttcer?!
  14. I know exactly what you mean!! Sounds like our OH's are quite similar!

  15. I wouldn't have wanted to be pregnant on my wedding day. I was very, very sick until 14/16 weeks, my boobs enlarged my 2 cup sizes in first 3 weeks, and I felt generally rubbish.
  16. I may have to challenge you for that title!!!!
    I bought a digital thermometer from boots yesterday (after discussions on the TTC thread). For the same reason as you - I want to check that I'm ovulating - have no reason to suspect not but I just want some peace of mind. We are not TTC yet. I need and want to lose quite alot of weight which is going well so far and there's a few other work/financial considerations. So far I've been charting my cycle (since I came off the pill in October) and it's getting shorter which I hope means it's getting more regular. AF has arrived this morning and she was exactly a month since the last visit. My husband and I have talked about starting a family and we're due to talk about it again - in more detail - in August. Gosh, that sounds really regimented - it's not, it's because we'll both be on holiday and nice and relaxed so it will be a good time to discuss it again. We could realistically start TTC in Jan 2010.
  17. Hi all, thanks saripop for setting up this thread - I've been lurking too but not actually TTC til around October... still getting excited (obsessive??) I've mentioned our plans to my sister but no-one round here knows.
    Maybe I'll get some OPK and folic acid too - I don't know whether my OH would be freaked out but he's pretty chilled and just laughs at my reaction to CBeebies adverts :)
    lovely to meet you ladies - lots of luck to all

  18. Ooh, pippy you're just like me... So nice to know that I'm not the only one lurking here and desparately wish I could post about being on the 2ww or even actually taking pg tests!
    After starting this thread, I had a chat with OH last night just checking whether he really is on board with the whole ttc thing and that I'm not just bull-dozing him into something he will regret. He basically said that as soon as he decided to marry me, he decided that he was going to have children with me, so I should stop worrying and we might as well have them while we're (relatively) young. Perhaps not the most emotion-fuelled passionate declaration, but I was really moved by it, and therefore will stop worrying about whether he wants children and just get on with obsessing about it!!
    Does anyone else have strange cycles since coming off the pill? I'm hoping that mine are regulating now, but we'll have to wait and see.

  19. Great thread!! I've been a lurker too!!! Going on a big holiday in August and will be ttc when we get back. Quite scared and excited about it all. OH and myself haven't told anyone about our plans and although it's nice that only we know, it's really nice to have a place to talk about it. A close friend has been going on and on about ttc after her hols (they came back last week), but she's now decided that she's not ready after all. Still on the pill for now and will stop after our holiday. Been on the pill for 15 years!! so don't really know what to expect when I finally come off it.
    I obviously have a lot to learn. I don't know half the stuff you guys are going about. Hopefully I'll pick it up as we go along on this venture!!!
    cp xx
  20. Well, definitely moving over to the ttc thread now. Was meant to go back on pill today but haven't and erm, things have occured this afternoon without any protection. I know, highly unlikely that anything's happened because of that but feels like a big deal none-the-less.
    Btw, if my previous posts weren't clear, OH is definitely on board with this. We HAD decided to wait until after the wedding but when we talked about it neither of us were sure why. If I get the BFP next month, that'll put me at 5-6 months on our wedding day which will mean I have a gorgeous bump that looks unmistakably like a pregnancy rather than a fondness for cake but without being at the exhausted and waddling stage. It is absolutely no problem for me if I look pregnant in my dress (in fact I'll be showing it off!).
    The thing is, in an ideal and predictable world we'd all do things differently but life isn't like that. I'm in a permanent relationship, have a permanent job, own my own home with room for a baby (although possibly not room for more than one), am healthy. What's holding me back?
    Babydust to all
    Aubergine xxx

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