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Getting ready for GTP Sept 2011

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by jelly86, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Hi all
    I know the general advice of relax, see family/friends etc but other than that does anyone have any practical advice of how to prepare for September in terms of what may be needed, e.g. folders, resources?
  2. I'd also like to hear some practical tips if anyone has any - as you say: what kinds of folders, how many etc.If anyone has a fool proof filing and organising system, or more generally any top tips of making life easier for yourself in the long-term, it would be great to hear them!
  3. Hi both
    I attended my GTP induction earlier this week and we were given quite a bit of information about the year ahead and what to expect.
    The key thing is that, depending on how organised you are, you could need up to 20 lever arch files!
    We were told to:
    - set up QTS files - dividing the standards into 3 lever arch files, 1-11, 12-22, 23-33.
    - set up a training file (they supplied us with generic training plans)
    - a resource file (photocopy all resources and file in this folder for future reference)
    - set up an evidence file and start collecting evidence now if you can (this can be photos, witness statements, lesson plans, observations, videos, notes)
    - set up a base school file and your 2nd school experience file
    - set up a planning folder - one per term, with your weekly planner at the front, followed by your weekly subject plan and then your individual plans.
    - set up two phonics files - one for resources and one for lesson planning
    - a file for the four children you will focus on in your base school and also a file for the four you will focus on in your 2nd school.
    Phew! There were more too but I can't remember them all!
    Hope this hasn't freaked you out! Anyway you may not need as much as I do as you're probably with another EBITT and they could have different requirements...

    Good luck!

  4. jmayhem

    jmayhem New commenter


    I also had an induction day this week and was advised on the numerous files that were going to be needed for the year ahead. The set-up was slightly different from the poster above though so don't get too organised yet! You could buy a dozen files perhaps, along with the dividers, pockets and post-it notes (for writing down scraps of evidence at every opportunity apparently!).
    I've already started practising the literacy, numeracy and ICT tests online on the tda website. You can't actually do them for real until the course starts but it's something you can get up to speed on now and then cross off the list early on - and if it looks like you're going to struggle with any of them, get help now. I have grand intentions of looking at the assignment titles and starting my research before September too...not sure realistically how that'll go!
    Do you have an induction before September? Until you've started looking at your individual training needs, there's probably not much more you can do. Read lots. Do some focussed observations if you can.
    I'm panicking a bit as I have a family life to juggle so I'm just trying to get ahead now as much as I can.
  5. I'm just completing my GTP, and did my final assessment this week. I have just counted, and I used a total of 7 files. Most of which I didn't use until February half term or later. I wouldn't waste time and money going out and buying tonnes of files now (unless you have space to store them).
    Another point - Each provider is different on how they want your files organising. We had a lot of freedom to file the way we wanted. In the end I went for teaching files (2xKS3, 1xKS4) and training files. For me, this was the most logical way to do it, because next year I'll want to know what I taught a certain class so I can do it again, rather than trying to remember which standard I filed it under....
  6. I had organised all my files with all the stuff I had collected so far, and have been told that I need to do it their way - so going to buy a load more dividers and re-do it! I start in September and have already collected 2 lever arch files full of stuff. Good advice from my assessor, collect everything and then weed it out next year to show the best of the stuff you have done!
  7. With my provider they don't require files of evidence. Most of the evidence comes from weekly reflective commentary and planning, which is uploaded onto their network. I used two files to keep copies of plans and one for copies of handouts from courses. I would wait until your induction as each provider is different.
  8. As with some of the others - wait and see a) if your provider has any specific requirements/expectations re folders and b) you'll soon work out what works for you.
  9. Hmm... wish I knew what my provider wanted!
    Just had our induction delayed until Sept 7th, AFTER I will actually start... hmm... Apparently I'm getting a pack in the post to give me holiday homework though, so hopefully will have details on files etc there... still struggling with idea of wether a laptop is needed, let alone home desk and files setup. Ah well.... it will be fun!!!
    Good luck everyone! :)

  10. Crickey - that is a lot of folders. When I did GTP (two years ago) we were told one folder for standards - we weren't allowed to hand in more than one folder!
    A subject knowledge folder (again one for everything, including phonics)
    A working folder - this included planning (I ended up with two of these are one became and archive)
    I also kept a folder with a training sudit and handouts from all the training.
    So much was kept electronically there was no point printing and filing everything.
    And I thought I had a lot to carry round :-O
  11. I had my induction this week and we have been told to buy 11 files (6 A4 & 5 lever arch) along with an A4 hardback notebook. We have a manual with quite specific instructions as to what should be filed where. I have been talking to someone today who is working with a current GTPer who, during her assessment, had to be able to lay her hands on any piece of paper with a moment's notice ("where is your evaluation of the lesson you did on 12 November?" etc.).
    I agree with others that it is definitely best to wait and see what your particular provider expects as they all seem quite different.
  12. I'm going to Staples this weekend to stock up. Can't wait!!! (Other stationery retailers are available)
  13. Someone convince my bank account that I really do NEED a macbook air to store a lot of this filling, it simply isn't agreeing! ;-)
  14. I would suggest waiting until you know whether you a)need your own laptop for your placements b)whether your school uses apple or microsoft.

    My current school uses exclusively macs, and although my school for Sept uses Microsoft right now, the HT is planning on converting to macs!

    You then need to think about conversion.... macs need an adaptor to connect to Smartboards as they were not designed for macs (at least any that I have encountered or read about... this does not however mean it's 100% true)

    I have a Mac and would recommend them... but remember getting Word, Powerpoint etc on a Mac can be expensive compared to Microsoft - where they're often included for free. (Though I would highly recommend the SmartNotebook application on Macs as they are incredibly interactive and you can do so much more than you can on PowerPoint.)
  15. Thanks for you advice... far too sensible though... ;-)

    Long time mac user here, so well aware of benefits and drawbacks, also already volunteer in my GTP school so am also aware that their smartboards all have dedicated PCs and IT suite is all PC, no macs anywhere... doesn't mean I can't consider getting one for my work though... it'd be just to be able to continue work at the school when in non-contact time...
    Highly doubt I'll get one, despite uni discount making the base model £745 and an update coming very soon making them much more powerful... ah well... silly money.... I need a desk and files more. :)
  16. Software for Students sell Office for Mac for students or parents of students (including school children) for £40. I've just installed it because all the documents at WLP for my GTP are in Word or Excel and I was fed up with converting to Pages and fiddling with page breaks etc. Easy to install and £40 is a snip. Not sure about hooking up my Mac to a whiteboard. Will find out!
  17. Our Smartboard adaptors for macs cost £25 each when they were purchased a few years ago not sure now.

    And I gave the sensible answer because I'm trying to justify wanting an iPad2... whilst also tying my purse strings tighter. =P
  18. Stupid question time: is the software that runs on most Smartboards Mac-compatible? Is it just a physical adaptor I'll need or do I need a different version of the software?
  19. I actually don't know the answer to that... we have a Smart Board Tool application, but I don't know if that was because the Smartboard has a driver or whatever inside like most new plug-ins have eg USB memory sticks or what... I've only ever used Apple with a Smartboard I've never used a Microsoft computer.

    But I do know you definitely need a physical adaptor. I'll ask our tech guy tomorrow for you =D
  20. Okay, spoke to the man-in-the-know... he says that just like USB memory sticks, all you need to do is plug it in - with physcial adaptor in the case of macs, =)

    He did say that sometimes projectors need to be "keyed" in... but then your school would have that anyway (when I say keyed... I mean the same as a locked wireless internet with a password to be able to use it)

    Hope this helps!!!!

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