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getting ready as a trainee....

Discussion in 'Science' started by cattyjess, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. I am just finishing off my PGCE in Secondary Chemistry, so a lot of these issues are still relatively fresh in my mind [​IMG]
    First, you don't need to buy the NC as it's all online, although relatively vague. http://curriculum.qcda.gov.uk/key-stages-3-and-4/subjects/index.aspx has both key stages 3 and 4 on there for Science.
    The active involvement will come more with time, I started my course having only done 2 weeks worth of observations at my old school - no marking or teaching done at all. You get training and experience of these aspects on the course and in placement schools.
    The best bit of advice I could give for preparation is to go to your local library and get any books about about starting to teach in secondary schools or in science - don't buy them as they can all be pretty pricey (usually starting at at least 20 quid).
    As for subject knowledge, which course are you doing? If it's a university based-course, some universities offer a subject knowledge enhancement course for a couple of weeks that my friends have found incredibly useful - they also give you some really good resources for lessons in the future. I've also found that buying some revision guides is a really useful place to start recapping your knowledge - and even trying some past papers yourself is useful to ID the areas you need to improve on, many of which you can get for free online from OCR/AQA/Edexcel (along with the mark schemes).
    The best bit of advice I can give you for next year is to be organised and to never be afraid to ask the 'stupid' questions because there will probably be someone else that wants to know the answers too.
    Hope this has helped a bit, and good luck!
  2. Star_Teacher

    Star_Teacher New commenter

    Just enjoy your time with your child. If you have already been firmly accepted onto the course then tere is no need to worry, you will have access to everything that you would and might need for your course when you get there.
    If you are still sure that you want to do some extra preparation, email your tutor and ask him for any advice. After all, he will be the one teaching you how to teach and should be in the best position to tell you what preparations you can make for his course.
  3. hummi7883

    hummi7883 New commenter

    Thank you so much for the detailed answer,and specially coming from someone who has recently been through it,is really appreciated.
    Any other suggestions welcome....Thanks again!
  4. Hello there
    In terms of preparation, you will be asked to teach outside of your specialism - so a little chemistry and biology for key stage 3 & 4. If you need help, try books from the ASE on Teaching Secondary Biology, Teaching Secondary Chemistry and Teaching Secondary Physics.
    Depending on when you completed your degree, at A-Level there are units covering medical science and astrophysics. If you did not study these, be worthwhile doing a little research - the Institute of Physics website is a good starting point.
    When you go shopping, invest in two USB pens to store all your work for school - they will be invaluable!
    Your university should be able to give you a reading list for the pedagogy, but for science there is a chap called Jerry Wellington who has done a lot of research, and download a copy of "Inside the Black Box" as this got referred to endlessly when I was qualifying 12 months ago.
    Good luck


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