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Getting paid over the summer hols before NQT year.

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by lovesmyfamily, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Hi there,
    I got my job sorted for September back in March, I didn't want to seem pushy about being paid over the hols so left that conversation out.
    I got an email this week asking if I can come into school for the last 2 weeks of term (of course I said yes!) and they also stated that I would be paid for my time on the unqualified teachers pay scale. I am very happy with this especially as I did not expect to be paid until September.
    Now I'm wondering if that means I will get paid over the summer as well? Also will I get paid for my 2 weeks at the end of August or with my wages in September.
    Again I don't want to seem pushy in my new school so have not approached them yet on asking.
    I'm just asking so if this has happened to you please reply and let my know what happened when you did this.
    Many thanks guys and gals!!!
  2. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I think it will mean they pay you a daily rate for those 2 weeks (so unqualified scale/195)
    You'd be VERY lucky to get paid over summer, especially with all the present budget cuts but I have seen another thread on here who has managed it...
    Either way all money is good and at it must be a nice feeling to know you have a post secured for Sept x
  3. Hi there;
    When I got my NQT job last year I started in early July and got paid over the summer which was great. Personally... I think if you don't ask - you don't get, its always worth a try.

  4. I was also went in for the last two weeks of term and was paid at the unqualified rate for the two weeks and over the summer. You should be paid over the summer but if you are unsure just double check, you wont seem pushy and you wont have been the first person to ask.
    Congrats on the job and good luck in your NQT year!
  5. Poo, sorry for the poor english in my previous. Being in the middle of writing year 8 reports has fried my brain!

    Good luck again!
  6. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    I'm sorry, but there's no 'should be paid' about it - being paid over the summer is a bonus and there's no entitlement to it at all.
  7. I think that you will find that this two weeks is just that, two weeks pay on the UQ scale and not paid over the summer. I think it is unlikely now for the school to pay over the summer - things like that would normally be discussed and sorted at interview - yes, you can askl but I think the answer will most likely be no and in all honesty I think it is too late now given you agreed to the post startiung in September last march.
  8. You can't read tone here, it was a casual comment not a definite answer. I am very aware I was lucky to paid over the summer and meant 'should be' as in 'it seems that's the way it work in some cases, in my limited experience' <-- you can see why I went short hand with a 'should be'?
    In regards to be being told in your interview I was not told in my interview that I would be paid over the summer. When the school contacted me about being successful in gaining the position I was invited to come in the last two weeks of term but my contract didn't start until September.

    Any way this was just my example of a similar situation [​IMG]. I'd just politely ask and see what they say.
  9. NNS

    NNS New commenter

    If my contracts starts in July, would I be getting paid over summer? I assumed so from the start, but now I started having doubts...
  10. I'm starting at my new school on Monday, I was told i'd be paid as an unqualified teacher on a supply basis. Does anyone know how much I will be paid per hour/day?
  11. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    It depends where on the unqualified scale they place you. The most they can pay is the unqualified point that is just below M1 on the qualified scale.
    They then divide the annual salary by 195 (number of school days) to get your daily rate. Expect between &pound;70 and &pound;100 per day, possibly more if your school is in the Fringe, Inner or outer London areas.
    LA supply work is usually paid at the end of the month AFTRE you did the teaching. Work done in July is paid for towards the end of August.
    Your first month on the qualified scale will be paid for at the end of September
    Once your ITT course is officially over and you have not yet started the supply work, you can be assessed for JSA. Depending on your circumstances, you could get the Personal Allowance of just over &pound;60 per week + rent paid and council tax relief and free NHS dental and optical etc. You can even claim Housing benefit for hall of residence rent, even if you paid it up-front at the start of term.You calculate the weekly cost and claim for thee post-course weeks when you are on JSA.
    yOU MIGHT NOT EVEN HAVE TO SIGN OFF jsa WHEN DOING ODD DAYS OF SUPPLY AT YOUR SCHOOL (stay signed on if you do under 16 hours in any of YOUR benefit Weeks) A school day is 5 hours work for LA supply employment purposes. Your p/t work and pay will not affect yourJSA as you won't get the pay until after you have signed off to start working permanently.
    If you get a week or more of continuous work, you sign off nad then sign back on as soon as the work stops, claiming through the summer if you can't find any other work.
    You must be able to say that you are available for f/t work and looking for f/t work (temporary f/t work if you have a job lined up).
    You can start your JSA claim wherever you are living when doing the p/t work (or where you have been studying) and then transfer the claim to another area's office if you move back home, say, over the summer or move to where your first post is.
  12. My contract starts on Monday at my new school and I have been told by them that I will be paid for the summer holidays. It seems to vary greatly between different schools so I'd give them a call and ask if I were you.. [​IMG]
  13. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    As previous posters have suggested, it's likely that the school will just pay you for thed ays worked. BUT it can't hurt to ask! When I was an NQT I worked for the last week fews of term and was paid over the hols.
    Shy bairns get no sweets.
  14. Hi Guys!
    Thanks for your answers!!
    I found out that i will be getting paid over the summer so happy times for me :)
    So glad i asked and got that sorted now I can concentrate on planning and not have to get a crappy temp job :)

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