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Getting over heartbreak... yeah !

Discussion in 'Personal' started by lamaddalena, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Yes he does have a funny shaped head. There's something about his voice that annoys me, it's somehow too perfect, just like the video. Too clean, sterile and just too perfect. I'm not trying to get over heartbreak but god that video would push me over the edge. I could only stand 30 seconds of it.
  2. A very funny shaped head. If you find out the secret please let me know. I think I am in love but can't do anything about it but admire from afar :(
  3. Broken hearts suckkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Only had one in my life and it was so damn painful.....
    Lots of tears, lots of wine and lots of tlc from family and friends all helps. And time...give it lots of time....
  4. Suppose some good advice...don't remember the good times just remember why its better to move on. Hard to do though.
  5. I listened to a (young, gorgeous) girl in the gym today justify continuing a sh1t relationship to anoher girl on the basis of the lyrics to "Chasing Pavements", a song I had never heard but subsequently looked up the lyrics to.
    Do people really make life decisions on the basis of a pop lyric peculiar to the writer?
    Apparently so.
    No wonder divorce solicitors make so much dosh.

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