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Getting my 14 month old off the bottle!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by frozennorth, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. I am sorry before you start reading, I know babies should be drinking from cups at 1 year old at the latest! Here goes: he is 14 months and drinks from a bottle - has anyone got any good tips on how I can get him off the bottles in a calm and less stressful manner? My baby does not use a dummy (not sure if it makes a difference). He can drink from a cup at lunch time (this is with a little bit at a time at or he pours it all down his front!) but when it comes to night time he (and I) like to snuggle with the bottle. So how do I stop this? Boooooo!please help I feel like a bit of a useless mother! Thanks in advance x
  2. Mrs Music

    Mrs Music New commenter

    Our daughter is 20 months and has a bottle of milk before bed. I think that she would probably give it up ok, as we've just stopped giving her her morning bottle and she doesn't miss it, but obviously we've replaced it with a snack so would have to here. And try as we might, she will not drink milk from her sippy cup (but will happily drink water out of it at mealtimes and the odd decaffinated milky tea out of it!). So I wouldn't feel as though she'd be getting the milk she needs if we stopped it. I know lots of people whose children have still had a bottle until they're 2. We always brush her teeth after her bottle anyway before bed.
  3. You aren't a useless mum - I am breast feeding -LO 6 months old(LO won't take a bottle at all grrr) and so this is not from my own personal experience
    My sister had a nightmare trying to get her 2nd child off the bottle. Her first (girl - don't know if this made a difference) decided that she didn't want one anymore at about 18 months old. Her lad, who is 5 years younger was a little so and so. It was only ever milk at night but she has just got him to give the bottles to 'my son' as he is a big boy and doesn't need it anymore - he is 4! I personally think that this was too late (sorry if offending anyone) but I wouldn't worry about your LO on a bottle at night at 14 months.
    -Do you have a friend with a baby on the way that your LO can give their bottles to? (I just binned them)
  4. My 14 month old still has two 6 oz bottles a day and I am in no way stressed about it. She doesn't suck on them all day long thus rotting her teeth; we brush them after breakfast (I must admit I need to change her bedtime routine so that it's milk, bath, bed, as at the mo I am ashamed to admit she has milk after having her teeth brushed....[​IMG])
    She will not take milk from her sippy cup although she drinks gallons of water from it. Actually I just thought maybe I'll try giving her the milk in a beaker with a straw as she loves drinking through a straw?! Like you I want to make sure she gets enough milk.
    HV recommended at her 1 year check that I try and give her the beaker for morning milk but keep the bedtime bottle for a while as she needs/enjoys the comfort of snuggling with a bottle before bed. I will only start to make a real effort to stop the bottle as she gets to around 18 months but we have a new baby coming when she will be 20 months so I'm not sure if taking away her comfort at that point is a good idea.... just going to play it by ear.
    One of the kids at my LO's childminder is 18 months old and still has THREE bottles of milk a day! You are in no way a bed mum; every baby is different!
  5. Just to add my tuppence worth. Dauhgter is almost 20 months and still a total milk monster! she has morning and night in bottle plus at least three others during the day too (watered down). The only thing that's a pain is that it's inconvenient when out and about etc, but whilst she still requests it, and she does, loudly!, I am happy to give. x
  6. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    Och, you lot are lightweights in the bad mother stakes. I can beat all of you hands down. My middle daughter, who was breastfed til one year and was always obsessed by milk, gave up her evening bottle aged 3 years! Tell you what, her teeth are flipping gorgeous. I think we can sometimes over worry about the advice given by the health authorities.
    My youngest will be 2 in July and although I won't give her a bottle for nearly as long, it's more then my life is worth to give it up just yet!
  7. Although I am not the OP, this thread has made me feel better, thanks![​IMG] I think we will definitely stick with the bottles until after new baby arrives and my daughter's whole world changes x
  8. It's just something else theylike to make people who formula feed feel bad about. I think the guideline is probably so that people stopping breastfeeding wean onto a cup (if they can).
    My daughter started 'sipping' on her bottle aged 17 months and as a result was moved onto cups but most of her 2 year old friends who were formula fed still have a bottle.
  9. OK I'm also guilty on two counts of bottle led crime!
    My first was 2 1/2 before coming off night bottle and my LO is 14 months and still going strong!
    Both have gorgeous teeth [​IMG]
    The do spout a lot of nonsense at you, do what the baby wants. Who needs stress just before bedtime?

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