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Getting medicine into a 3 week old.

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by noeyedeer, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Any help gratefully received!
    LO needs antibiotics. I have a syringe with which to feed them to him. It's not going well.
    The leaflet says that they need to be taken on an empty stomach or an hour before a feed. LO is breastfed on demand and we have no predictable routine yet. SO, I'm trying to wake him about an hour after his last feed to give him the antibiotics. Waking him up enough to get his mouth open is chore enough but then I can't get him to swallow the stuff. He gives the impression that it's gone down then spits it back up [​IMG] I think we managed about a 1/4 of the last lot.
    Can anybody give me some tips to help?
  2. It's so hard getting them to take it, isn't it? I think it definitely works better with an extra pair of hands to hold baby whilst you put the medicine in. Pharmacist told me to try and squirt it down the side of his mouth (we tilted him back a little bit too, though this is probably naughty!) to make it easier to go down. We also did it in stages - a few wee squirts rather than one big one - at least you don't waste the whole dose if it comes back out. Also, maybe use a spoon to scrape the escaped bits back in? Hope your LO gets better soon, take care.
  3. MLT


    With our constant round of ear infections I feel your pain. Although your LO is fed on demand, have you thought about waiting about an hour after feeding. Their stomach is more empty and that should be ok. I had the same dilema and a friend of mine recomended that and it worked instantly (I could tell because it made her very sleepy). I would suggest ringing the chemist who dispensed the antibiotics and ask for their advice. With LO under a month they may say give it to him once you have finished burping.
    The Syringe is the best way to give the medicine,(unless like mine, yours likes licking it off the spoon!). I have tried the corner of the mouth, and then seen the yellow stuff come out. It only seemed to work to the back of the throat in three stages.
    Hope this helps
  4. I would scoosh some in and then immediately put them to the nipple to swallow a bit of milk with them. It would only be a tiny bit and I don't think it would affect the antibiotics horrifically. it was the only way I could stop the sticky nurofen fangs from hell as it dribbled out!
  5. Thanks for the tips. I agree that it's easier with two people.
    Will try catching the drips with a spoon and doing a bit at a time and see how it goes. If he still doesn't take to it then I might have to give him a bit of milk too. I must admit that I tasted a bit and had the urge to spit it out too!
  6. When you think about it it must be worse for LO's taking medicine as all they've tasted is yummy milk and then along comes this weird tasting sticky stuff.

    Shouldn't laugh, but "nurofen fangs from hell" made me giggle!
  7. I agree with glitterkid - Our LO had to have antibiotics from 3days old - syringe side of the mouth little by little!!! some did escape but definitely two person job
    He is 3 months old now and takes calpol from a spoon (he has an awful cold - small nasal passages apparently!)

  8. don't know if its just my LO but I have to hold his head still once its in then tickle under his chin then he swallows it. If its Amoxacillin - it tastes DISGUSTING so I really don't blame them!
  9. Baileysgal, Yup - foul stuff! We're having to do the same with holding his head and chin. The looks we get are heartbreaking!
    Thanks everyone for the tips - we've swallowed most of the last few doses, but it definitely takes two people.

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