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Getting into supply teaching in Herts and Essex - any advice? Good agencies?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by missroberts78, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Hi, I am a primary teacher with 7 years experience and want to now teach in secondary. I want to start supply teaching in Jan 2011, but would really like some advice from other professionals on how to get into it? reputable supply agencies in Herts/Essex area? any other advice that could help???? Thanks
  2. Supply teaching is finished. Don't do it if you expect to make a living out of it.
  3. Sorry to be negative but I have been doing supply teaching in Essex for about 12 years, almost exclusively in Essex. I used to have regular work, sometimes being given a choice of schools but that is no longer true; I have not worked at all since September and I work through several agencies. Every time I contact them I am told that everything is quiet and that schools are not asking for supply teachers.
  4. Just read the messages on this forum to realise that secondary supply is VERY difficult to come by. Primary isn't quite so bad but still not good if you are relying on the money. And you need to know that most agencies pay appreciably less than any pay to scale. In my case I'm on less than two thirds of what I would be on if paid by permanent contract.
  5. Sorry Luv, you are too late with the supply and the jobs! Supply has dried up and staff turnover in most areas of the country has totally ceased.
  6. 1ag


    I am on the Essex/Herts border. I am on day to day Primary supply. I get 2 to 2 1/2 days a week through Protocol and Randstad based in Chelmsford. I get most work through Protocol and they seem to be a good agency to work for. Hertfordshire run their supply system through an agency but pay pension conts and pay at scale! There doesn't seem to be a lot of work through them unless you know the schools personally though. The primary teachers I know have been on the list for several terms ,but have onlty been offered a couple of days work.

  7. Hello,
    I agree with this post about Protocol they have kept me ticking over since July, I have also recently joined another agency called..Teach In which are based in Havering and Thurrock and they have been fantastic just found me a long term post :). It's not like this everywhere or for everyone but when I read the above post I had to post as I have found both these agencies to be fantastic...personally!!!!!.[​IMG]

  8. STEP teachers has been very good for me. In the area. Easy to find on the web.

  9. Hi Miss Roberts, i know i'm a couple of years after your original post but i was in exactly the same position as yourself. Having previously taught in primary education, i was looking to get in to secondary education, firstly by supply teaching to gain experience. I signed up with an agency named 'Headline' based in Chelmsford, Essex. They have been brilliant, working to exactly what i want and provided me with quite a bit of work. I believe they have offices in various other places such as Cambridge but all my work that i managed to get was around the Essex area :)
  10. As I have said on another thread, I joined Headline over four years ago, at its Uxbridge office and I had to wait over a year before I was given any work, which only amounted to a couple of days. Since then, nothing.
  11. I am in Essex and for some time I could get 180+ days of work a year. But then came PPA and the Rarely Cover Initiative and the last straw was when I lost the use of my car. Since then I have had nothing so I would not recommend any especially since some of them now provide cover CS instead of supply teachers.
  12. Ben Farrow... It's no wonder you are being derogatory towards other agencies. It doesn't take much research to see that after teaching English as a foreign language for 12 months (many moons ago), you are now manager of a recruitment agency based in Chelmsford Essex. Perhaps instead of being sly, pretending to be a current teacher who can't get work with any other agencies, just grow a pair and suggest your agency as a better alternative. Perhaps you know your agency isn't particularly successful, so you have to try and bring others down to your level. Headline have been fantastic for me so far!! I will definitely be avoiding your agency and would suggest other people do also!!! Agency name is pairs without the letters a and i!!!!

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