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Getting into an argument about pensions/striking.

Discussion in 'Personal' started by impulce, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Ive a cheeky habit of sticking a fiver on online bingo now and then, and happened to enter a chatroom as they were discussing teachers on strike. I explained why we were doing it, and was met with this response "Welcome to the real world. Teachers are already on good wages and still moaning, and now the kids are missing out. All of us are having to pay more into our pensions, work longer, and get less out." (Though much poorer sentence structure/spelling).
    To this I explained that they should also be fighting against the government if that is happening - though I wasnt aware of this to be honest.
    I responded by explaining that I was not a babysitter, I was a teacher, who worked long hours, and put 200% effort into my job. I explained that we were promised good pensions and now they are being taken away from us unfairly, and that the government have no respect for those who do the most for the country.
    I was called a snob who didnt appreciate my money, and told that plenty others would happily do the job for the cash.
    I nearly got banned.
    How would you argue the case?
  2. doomzebra

    doomzebra Occasional commenter

    I wouldn't
  3. Maybe im just too defensive.
  4. I wouldn't even bother. For all you know you are trying to argue the case with ill informed people who will not listen to or appreciate anyones views that differ from their own. You know, the type that would argue that grass isn't green.
  5. Blue grass? Yellow grass? Brown grass? Red grass? Grey grass? White grass?
  6. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Like dealing daily with their ill-mannered offspring is somehow not part of reality.

    Always makes me laugh, that one.
  7. Brown - definitely - especially with weed n feed doing it's stuff on the mossy bits.

    But more seriously I am happy to debate the ins and outs of teachers exercising their legal entitlement to withdraw their labour face to face where I can judge the nature and intent of comments from all the non-verbal cues and intonation etc
    Arguing this stuff with total strangers on a random platform is always going to end up badly because someone will always be deliberately belligerant (sp?) in order to have a fight!

  8. Agreed!
  9. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    You are argueing with people who play bingo, not even real bingo but virtual bingo! I bet the time they are on their keyboards is the only time their knuckles are off the floor!
  10. Wot ee sed.[​IMG]

    cyolba, doin time if thoze effin teechas rooin my kidz educashun :)
  11. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    The teaching profession has been the target of media lies for years. The public believe what they read in the sun, and what they see on the television. I dare say that on the 30th the BBC will dig out that "independent spokesman" for non-striking teachers, who is, of course, nothing of the sort, and put him on the sofa together with some spotty faced nerk who will be whining about missing school.
    The right to strike was won by our forebears as a way of effectively negotiating better terms and conditions in the workplace. It is only right and fitting that the unions should still be allowed to exercise that power. The fight is on for a just cause.
  12. If you are happy to comment on the sentence structure and spelling of others then I only feelit right to point out that you are unable to put than 100% efffort into your job

  13. 1) You have a space bar for a reason.
    2) There are only 2 f's in "effort".
    3) You missed out the word "more".
    And I put 300% effort into this post.

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