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Getting excited about...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by whodbeateacher, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. ... next year in year 2 as I'm increasing my hours and having (again) my own whole class!
    Rather sadly, I'm beginning to think about how to organise books for next year and was keen to hear how you do things. I've inherited a system which always had a separate Literacy/Numeracy book plus folders and folders for everything else but want to move away from this into just using books (eg topic books or a single writing book without folders).
    How do you organise it? I know higher up the school they just tend to have books into which children write directly (or stick paper when completed in).
    Office staff start ordering soon so pressure is on! We use ESPO - anyone have a particular supplier/type of book they love?
    Sad I know but I secretly get excited about stationery !! [​IMG]
  2. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Year 2s can easily be trained to stick sheets into books neatly.
    I use 4 books. English, Maths and Topic (which covers RE, DT etc. as well) and a reading journal. There is a fair amount of crossover between the books as and when appropriate.

  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I have the same four books, but mostly they are there to stick bits of paper in. I'd rather have folders to be honest. We laos have a learning log book for homework.

    But yes, year 2 can definitely stick their own sheets in neatly.
  4. Sticking sheets in is also much easier if you trim them up first and include the date and WALT on the sheet.
  5. upsadaisy

    upsadaisy New commenter

    We have a4 literacy and maths. We also have topic books, but the kind that are slightly bigger than a4 and they are lined paper and sugar paper. Mine are year 1 and I have trained them to fold their paper in half and stick it in.
  6. pachamama

    pachamama New commenter

    I'm just impressed you know where you'll be next year.
    We tend to find out a day before shuffle up day!!
    My year 2's could stick in books, but they had to be trimmed well and trained to do so!
    We just use books and no folders.
  7. elizabeth there do seem to be a lot of similarities but we don't have your ridiculous planning requirements. School used to be ISP but I don't think we have this in our LA any more, but we are a challenge school.
    Minnie we are expected to do the book AND have the children record for every lesson. So many ridiculous requirements that don't help the children learn and detract from the process of just teaching well that I feel I've forgotten the basics of good teaching I had as an NQT. I'm leaving to do supply and hopefully experience some "normal" schools...
  8. We had barely any written evidence in our topic books but photos, planning and art to justify our time to Ofsted last term and it was fine.

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