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Getting able but lazy students to write in full sentences in PSHE

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by dottysbird, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. I work in a Young Offenders Institution with males aged 15 - 18 teaching the prison equivalent to PSHE. Many of my students are working towards Level 1 and 2 NOCN qualifications in topics such as Sex & Relationships Education, Rights and Responsibilities and Healthy Living. Due to the "gang mentality" of a large proportion of our students they are losing the ability to work independently and will write the minimal amount in lessons. As a result, several of the qualifications are not up to L1 or L2 standard. I'm in the process of creating a display for my classroom about writing in full sentences and I'm forever reminding the students to use them. I've also written the beginning part of the sentence for them on the board, for them to complete the sentence. However, what they really want is to be spoon fed the answers to the questions!!
    Does anyone have any tips or advice that might help me?
    Thanks in advance. [​IMG]
    PS: I have also posted this on the English board.
  2. Robfreeman

    Robfreeman Occasional commenter

    Am i correct that the NOCN still requires a portfolio of evidence to be produced in order to gain the qualification and if that portfolio is not legible it will be rejected at either the assessment stage, the internal verification stage or by the external verifier (with severe consequences if its by the EV).

    So you could just tell them that they are going to fail is their work is not wrote in full sentences and they will have to repeat.
    Either that or your going to have to write a hell of a lot of witness testimonies and writing frames for them to use.
    You could also try breaking up the groups regulary to disrupt the gang mentality.
  3. Initially from direct experience I would go down the route of writing frames tbh - with minimal amount of written work actually needed - or even question/answer styled work... then I would orally go down getting hem to explain their answers - I know its hard work for you - but you can fill in testimonies/evidence forms for this - then work up to you demo writing their responses on the board - then perhaps one totally independent one per session - increasing in number...
    I know its hard work - but they lack independence and are not going to suddenly do it...
    Re the gang mentality - its an estate issue IMO and you are not going to be able to solve it - and probably trying to will not at this point in time will not result in any improvement for your classes - the YOI need to have this as an issue on their SAR/OFSTED/HMP action plans.... it is bigger than you ....
    I love the idea of the sentence phrases around the room - do your YPs not deface - you'll be continuously renewing them - as long as you don't mind and think it's worth it longterm....
    Do let me know what happens.....and progress made....
    Is PSHE your specialist subject or just one of the many you teach?

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