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Getting a mortgage on claims hours?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Laurajanelolly, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Laurajanelolly

    Laurajanelolly New commenter

    For most of us FE teachers it comes as no surprise that it's impossible to be on a salaried contract anymore. The majority of my department are claims lecturers, like myself, sold a false impression that teaching is a secure career. In fact I have the most contact hours out of the teachers in my curriculum area but that could all change come September due to my "0 hour contract.'

    My current dilemma is how can I apply for a mortgage with my partner if in the eyes of the lender I don't have a stable income? There are teachers where I work that have been on these fluctuating contracts for years and in the current climate are still unlikely to see change. I've only been there a year so am guessing there is no hope anytime soon and jobs in my area are so thin on the ground I couldn't get one anywhere else.

    Has any one got any advise on this or been through the same problem?

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